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NOV 27 1914


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horrid outrage, justice to 149; bonds of 160; state bonds, relative to 334; bill allowing the of District of Columbia
Aberdeen Loru--correspondence with American min. 274; Indian murders in

319 ! another year of suspension passed 339; of Michigan), of
ister on detention of vessels

217 Armed forces, con lakes) treaty concerning 63 Keniucky 400; adjuurned general meeting of stockhol-

2:24 Armory, western
Abilicionirialin Missouri 74; movement in Connec-

161 ders of United States of Pennsylvania resolutions there.
ticut 80; Mr. Sade's speech 0: 135, 136, 137, 133, 139, ner to Col. Bankbead and oflicers, reneral orders, tri. Columbia referred to district committee 413, 414; re-

Army--general orders, sickness ai West Point 3; din, Mr. Jaudon 101; bill in relation to, of District of
110, 141, 142, 143; speech concluded 154, 155, 156, 157, bule to worth 19; general orifers, death of leui. Jones, sumption
155, 159; Mr. Rayner's speech on reception of petitions quartermasier de pari meni 37; Gen. Scott, Cul. Churchill



Bank bill, debate on veto of
from 170 to 175; ticket in N. York 221; petition pre- Capi. Brewerton, orduance department regulations 56;

6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Bank otiers, arrested
senied relative to repeal of rule of house, relative to reso. Brigadier General Wool, extract of lener from Florida ib;

lutions on petitions 26!; conversion in U. S. Senate, on Gen. Wool, northern frontier, forifications, operations,

Bank robbers, sentenced

suspending rule in reference to 39); debate 302; laid on survey, suicides, Wild Cai, capt. IJarrison 69; 'maj gen.


iable ib.; petitions 335; meeting held a Buston, conven. Sovit iri Washington, general orders, topographical en ring bill to postpone operation on, to cominiitee on ju-

Bankrupi bill-contents of ihe 4, 5, 6; vole on reter-
tion in N. York

314 gineers, death of lien. Alleis, medical sinfi, first ariillery diciary 273; memorials against postponing or repealing
Accounts-standing com. of H. Rep on 255 at Fori Fairfield, 3d artillery movement, first infantry, 330, 331, 332, 333; considered in scnate 353; voie of the
Acqueduct 238; of Croton
365 transfers, recruiis, news from Florida 80; obituary no United States senate on

Acts--to appropriate proceeds of sales of public lands, tice of death of lieut. Jones, order by superintendent of Bankrupt law-history of 2, 3, 273; memorial of New
&c. 39, 40; on duties and drawbacks 62; Texas of land armory at Springfield 87; general orders, 1st dragoons, York merchanis rela:ive io, in United Stales senale 276;
grants 66; navy pension 70; authorising issue of treasury resignation, majør Gardner, 24 infantry, titih infantry, memorials 279; Mr. Benton on postponement of ope-
Holes 333; establishing treasury department 403, 409 Gib infantry, court martials, murders in Florida, Indian ration of it.; referred to committee on judiciary 250;

Adams, J. Q.--relative to le's-ening diplomatic agen- movements 101; Florida, Little Rock 116; general oro vole on 293, 311; repeal of asked 312, 316; committee
cies 14; on Smithsonian bequest 27; on citizens of U. ders, movement of troops 123, 132; St. Clair Denny apo instructed to report bil to repeal ih; petitions of Louisi-
Sales contined in Van Diemal's land 31; speech on pointed paymnaster 145; deaths in Florida, lieutenant co- ana for repeal of ib; yeas a'id nays on reference and illi-
M Leod 60, 61, 62; on rules of house 333; resolutions of lonel Grand at Tanpa 146; general orders, Floridian struction for repeal of 317, 320; remonstrances on 331;
reference of president's message, submitted by 3.)1; leo news, lient. Sprague, Norm desin sing camp 164; reo amendments proposed 333; ball reported and read to re-
ture by, on war lietween G. Brit. and China 326 3:25. cruis, military academy, companies ordered to Buton peal the debate on 334; repeal ot in house of represen-
pentions presen:ed by, 349; on petitions to move from Rogue, co!. Hurney commander in Florida 165; general tarivis 335, 346, 317, 318; pe:itions for and against 355;
Chairman of committee on foreign affairs 350; debate srders, arrivals at Detroit, detachment of Ist regiment, petions against repeal or pos: ponerneni 359, 371; 372
351; pelition for dissolution of Union presented by 351; fortification armaments 1.0; Florida movements, a cap. 6, 395, 397; on engrossment

ib, 412, 113, 115
vote and proceedings on censure of 359; debate thereon size, death of Dr. Weightman of, interesting facis rela. Barker, J. N. nomination of rejected

360 to 367; furiber debate 373 ic 333; Ohio vue of cen- tive to 191; resultul scout in Florida, yellow fever, fevers Baule of New Orleans, facis in relation to

386, 357
33410 412 201; decision on aliens enlising 202; extract of letter Beacon light

Adjourninent-roie in U.S. Senate 11, 319 397 from capt. Wade; 41h arullery stations. 2d intaniry, 5:h Belfast, (Ireland) cenens of
Auten-fire in

253 infantry, death of col. Tlouk avd Frederick Dunn 211; Beigrum-purchase of seamer by, union of with
Advent conference-in New York

160 general orders, topographical engineers, ordnance de France, 17; ecomomy incrodured into 53: resolution re-
Afiica-account of expedition to the Niger in 231; Parmens, Florida news, death of Dr. M1cKinley, Fore lative to correspondence with on indemnity for lusses
ohject of expedition 1083; traurk of Dr. Matthews in Vitin 227; bill introduced in United States seriate for susiained! during sege of Antwerp 372; adupred
131; seizures on coast of 146; intelligence from 256; equalizing pav of 263; resignation in 273; major general Be!, John, (secretary of war,) letter on resigning 52, 231
emigration from ih.; Algiers skirmishes, &c. 333 Gaines authorised 10 remain at \Vashington, 20 dra- Belleville, burnt
Ayenis--iur Regisier

101 goons, five companies for Baton Rouge 259; major R. Benjairin, Jonathan, death of
Ages--of newspapers

285 A. 2011 zinger's death, sites for western armory, search Berrien, judge report of committer instructing 213
Agricultu e--table of comparative value of states in

for Florida Indians, emigraling Indians, death and biog. Beverlev, Carler correspondence of 401, 402
70; sianding committee of U. S. Senate on 254, 255 raphy of major Wilcox 322; inajir Plympion's encounter Back, 11. hon. death of 226; in the house of reps 251
Agricultural convention-resouion of II. reps.
with Halleck Tuskennysee 335; bill reported in U. Siales Bleaching powder, duty 11; petit.ons on

Agricultural society-national ...0; organi ollicers 273 senare, inaking appropriations for

Blossburg coal

Aids-de-camp of Gen. Washington

Arts and sciences of Italy

Bibles, number printed in Sandwich language
Algiers--intelligence from
Ashburton Lord, special mission of to U. States 337; Biddle, N. suit against 16; arrest of

320. 336
Alabama-supreme court of 22, general ticket sysiom
account of

Birchard. M. elected judge of sup. court of Ohio 323
of electing members of congress 39; penal code of 119;

Assessment of NY. city 147; of Cecil co. MJ.

Boling, Edward sentence against

legislature of 167; assembled Gov. Bagby's message to Mr. Le care appointed
Attorney general, resignation of J. J. Crittenden 33; Bulion, capt, sentence of court marial on

201, 205; legislature adjourned. opinions of, public land

53, 93. Bunds-faci relative to 90; state 213; letter relative to
sales 213; 229; extract from literary address in 211; billed 52; army reduced, Prince Meternich 83; minister of ceedings in Indiana, amount of Illinois

Austria-finances einbarrassed, insurrection suppresso che of Illinois 212, 243; of state of Arkansas 274; pro.
for additional land district in 254; memorial of legislature 113; railroad contractors, disposal of horses
of, for land office, 268; will in U. S. senate, authorising

Book trade

payment of certain claims of and for relief of certain seis

Buraic acid. exempted from duty
tlers ib; l'esolutions adopted against land distribution bill


Border troubles
by legislature 274; land office bill engrossed 299; act for Badger, G. E. (secretary of Davy) letter of resignation

Boston--city debt 61; coasting tra le 176; imports of
early disposition of lands acquired from Cherokees 393 from 53; address by

217, 219

grain during the year 336; mortality of
Americans-capiured near Sante le
Bagby, governor, message of

Boits, Mr. remarks by 44, 45; on second veto 74 10 79

204, 205
American antiquities
Bazby, A. P. elected United States senator from Ala: on 202, 210; communication on the, of Texas and Unit-

Boundary-north easiern 180; resuluiions of Vermont
Ainerican colonization society-25th meeeting of 355 | bama 223; qualified
American ministers-in Europe 273; Mr. Evereit 337

Bagot, Sir Charles, sails for Canada

ed States 331; report of secretary of state relative to

American revolution-Sydrev Smith 01
32 Bahama waters, novel notion relative to Bri:ish laws to the of Wisconsin and Michigan 319; relative to the

rorthern of Missouri 331; resolution of enquiry relative
American scamen-bill reported making appropria-on
tions for relief and protection of, in foreign countries Baker, J. N. acting comptroller of treasury

betweeen the U. Sates and Texas 349, 395; message

381; reporied in U. S, senare 395; laid aside to house of

ib. Virginia

Baldwin, Gen. B." G. jiidge of couri of appeals of from president relative to N. Hampshire & Maine
reps. 393; bill passed house of representatives

Bradford. T. numinated district judge in Pennsylva.

American trade--in Pacific 19; with Great Britain ib.
Billimore-rommerce of

nia 331; rejection and vote of sennie


96, 144, 224
Bank-orional, petition of North Carolineans for

Bridge, prition for over E. branch of Potoinac 33, 30
Ancient wrong redressed
402 114; suit of the Used States of Pennsylvania, against

Briggs, Mr. on post office appropriations

British colonies--memorial in relation to trade with 397
Animal magnetism

112 N. Biddle 16; of Connecticut 20; penuons for a, of U. Brown, Mr. A. V. excused from serving on committee
Annuities, Indian
164 Stries 23; resolution adopted relative to the Pennsylvania

of electio!18

Anthracite--furnace 118; coal trade
285 dues 25; of Pennsyivania 32; of the Metropolis, North

Brown university
Antigua--scarcity of provisions in
176 | American Trust and Banking company, suit against

Buchanan, gov. death of

Anti-slavery convention 125; society of Pennsylva: editors 32; treasurer's communication on amonist of

66, 131
nia present memorial to congress

Buenos Ayres--engugements anticipated in
299 lunds in the, of Pennsylvania 42; feins 48; stuck of U.
Anii-slavery society-question of reception of resolu. States of Pennsylvania, farmer's of Canton, Ohio. lusses citizens prisoners at Australia 300; tonnage of

Buffalo-petition from citizens of relative to American

tions from house of representatives

319 of, of Louisiana 64; statement of the, of South Carolina
Appointments by the president = 1, 19, 33, 53, 67; 74; Herkimer, Commercial of England 89; C. Sates

Burleson, Shadrick, (vice president of Texas) account

84, 93, 113, 164, 171, 239, 305; Mr. Clay's resolutions be agency 96; items of England 112; effects of stoppage in Burr Aaron's papers

fore United States senaie for transferring power of, in Philadelpbia 118; of Georgia, of Ohio 119; items 123;

certain cases
299. 322, 353, 394, 490, 416 ite vs 144; of the, of Vermoni 147; the, of New Orleans

Bustamenie, (president of Mexico) exile of

Apportionment-report on bill relative 10,03.19; read 149; items 160; items, Mr. Jaucio', met uing of presidents
and referred 350; resolution relative to 393, 399; Mass of in New Orleans, correspondence of convention of, of

chusetts and Ohio movements relative to

416 Baltimore, iable of circulation and speci of, of Baltimore, Cabinet--rumor of dissolution of 17; dissolution an.
Appropriations-bill passed making, for civil depart

. Jacksonvilic, of Florida resuned specie payments 176; nounced 33; appointment in declined 67,84;ew.coin
meni 263 269; bill introduced in house of representatives i verzus United States 201; of United States 2013; jsetas pleted

98, 99, 100, 131
for congress 269; resolutions adoped in US renate on 203, 221; Cayle Bank (Biision of Enzland, itein, New Cairo Ohio)

resolutions adopted 313; asked for survey of Tennessee profiis, and suspensions 283; chamber of comnirce ask Canada-improvements 18; death of governor
river, 316; bils reported making, for civil and diplomatic appropriation for purchase of the Un ted States fir cus general of 53; norih easier boundary ch; legislative pro
expenses, for army, inilitary academy, navy, Indian de- tom house 312; r: port of stockholders of Uni-ed Sales ceedings 81, 236; gov. gen. of arrives at V. York

Cavals-of Illinois 3; Canadian 18; statistics of Nw
internal impiovement 371; for Milwaukie harbor ib; bill of the United States bunu over 336; the union of Mis York 20; boats at Philadelphia 32; 1 N York 80; rolls,
reported making, for relief and protection of American eissippi 336; mobbing of in Cincinnati ib; condition of New York state ils; of Illinois and Michigan 119;
seamen in foreign countries 331; bilis passed senate ma- the of Baltimore, resumption of demanded by Mary. Butler appointed cominissioner in Penn. 166. items 192;
king, for seamen and pensions for 1842 396, Mr. Mer- land legisluture. notes of certai: refused, failure of the the Delaware and Hudson 202; Dismal i amp 203;
rick's resolution relative to 397; bill for for pensions, for Girard, the of bluine 352; topics on ibe of New Jersey, close of the Erje 2:0; s'anding committee of i). S sonaie
civil and diplomatic 393, ib., 399; bill cosiddered

415 of New York, the state of Illinois, the of Ohio, o Mi on 34; resolution für transfer of U. S. stock to Chesa.
Arkansas, lynch law in 3; fucts relative to bonds 90;' cluigan 368; reporis of New York ii; law of Louisiana peake and Ohio 263; of Disinal Swamp 233; toils on 28.3;












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ate on


navigation and commerce 0!), tonnages rates 339: report Connecticu--banks 20; Tyler convention, history of 57. earl of Elgin ib; major Zanizinger, major Wilcox 322;
of Chesapeake and Ohio 352; of New York 363; aid abolinon movements 80; discovery 91; thanksgiving 102 honorable D. Dimuck 331, 335; in New York 34:2; Na-
asked for the Illinois and Michigan 414; ib; resolution re- Constitution of Maine 57; vote on amendment of 133; than F. Dixon 359; in Philadelphia 30; colonel Cum-
lative to Chesapeake and Ohio

415 movement in Virginia for alteration of 213; amendments mings ib; number during January 100; hon. Lewis Wil.
52 proposed to the of U. Slates 273; pelition of J. Wright & liams 401; Charles Scott

Canon, Newton (cov. of Tennessee) death of 90 others relative to 277; new one in Rhode Island 320; Mr. Debts-of states 2:2; of Illinois 212; of Ohio 320; pe-
Canton-excitement in

65,97 Clav's resolutions in United States senate for amendment tition io repeal law abolishing imprisonment for in Dis-
Caroline, the-Liri Kussel on the destruction of, Col. of the of United States 299, 331. 319; voie on amendinent trict of Columbin 335; vole of Mississippi relative to 354;
Nipier on $2; a card concerning
178, 414 397; petition for amendment of

311 of Virginia ib; of Illicis

Casey, Z. (Illinois) in house of representatives 27 Consuls, recognition of 1, 85, 99, 131, 145, 177, 209. Declaration of Independence of Yacatan

Cass, Geni---purport of letter from
80 256; recognitions

273, 416
Defences of New Nork

144 Contested election (of Florida)

28 Delaware, on freedou from debt of, farm in 304
Cecil county (Maryland) assessment of
354 Cortinenial arny, sketch of lecture on

230 Depariments of staic, tenporary appointments to 53
Census-report of committee of congress on distribu. Contingent expenses 29; report of secretary of state on

Digest of Patents, resolution for distribution 13, 15
tion of printed returns of 10; house of representatives on 251; standing committee on

234; 415 Dimock, D. death of announced

331, 335
14. 15; niessage relative tu 29, 37; of Great Britain 80; of Contingent fund, rept of secretary of senate 263 Diplomatic agenis--bill for appropriations fur, referred
United Siates 113, 114, 115; noies on ib; of Charleston Controversy, South Carolina memorialised congress on !1; proceedings in house representatives on 13; passed
125; of Belfast 141; of Great Britain 193; returns of sixth the between New York and Virginia

372 in house represeritalitt's 14; Nir. Adanis' motion relative
printed 290; transmitted to congress 257; of Ireland 253; Convents, suppression of

401 10 ib; reiurn of 19; bill reported in senate for appropria-
apportionnent bill according to oth in congress 349; of Conventions, called in Connecticutand New York; 57 tions for 24, 25; annended and passed 26, 27; colonel
China 353; communication relative to

412 slaveholders 58; Universalis general 102; Protestanı Tudd minister to Russia 33; in United States senate 11;
Centenary at Lutherisin

221 Episcopal 103; mechanics of Maine 116; great suffrage passed ib; discussion on 43; amendinents, bill reported 44;
Central America 93; earthquake in 257; General Moro v Rhode Islanit, Van Buren wass, home indusiry 118; approved by president 17; C. Hughes 53; Mr. Camber-
piv arrives in 30t; attempt to assassinaie Gen Carrera whiyof New York 125, 126, 127; anti-slavery 123; mili leng Mexican comiussioner 53: Austrian minister 113;
177; minister fion United States to ib;

tary of Maryland 133; home industry 134, 135; whigsale items 145; correspondence 178, 179, 196; arrivals of
Champagne wine

96 of New Hainpshire 1-17; military of N. York 148; south American in Europa 273; passage to ib; winister exrra-
Chantry, Sir Francis (sculptor) deaih of 273 western 179; of whigs of Vermont 152; in Virginia fuor ordinary 337; correspondence relative to Santa Fe traders

Chaplains-resolution in U. S. senate relative to 237; road 18:3; colored held 22); history of the Harrisburg 23:2; 312, 313; bill reported making provision for expenses 35:);
in house of representatives 251; choice

255 in lilinois 274; of slaveholders in Maryland 320, 356, 357, correspondence between Messrs. Webster and Everete
Chapman, R. lerier from declining 10 serve on com- 358; abolition in New York 331; resolutions adopied bv 403, 401, 415; bearer of despaicies to Anverican minister
mir:ee if foreign affairs
399! the national for encouragement of home industry 394; ac Mexico

Charleston-census of
125 Van Buren in Virginia 331; national repeal
416 Discovery in Coase clicui.

Chesnpeake and Ohio canal-resolution for transfer of Cooper, hon. M. A. qualities 331; letter from 393 Dismal Swamp canol, abstract of produce through 298
stok 10 265; report of president of
352, 415 Copyrights, leave asked to intriduce bill relative to 311 Distilleries, stoppevas Sandy ich

Chicago--leave io establislı port of entry 299, 300

Corn-laws of G. Britain 1, 16; crop in Florida 48.210

Dissolution or univii, peilion for, presented
China-British tleet sail for Canton 97; attack on Cau- Correspondence, letter from Mr. Critienden on resign- Distribution), ieee pre e mprion)
ton.proceedings 130; forces of expedition to 131; repair. ing 33; from T. Ewing resigning secretaryship of treasure

District of Columbia -- i to extend limits of corpora-
ing defences on river, paragraphs from Canion press, sir ry 33, 31; from D. Webster io editors of Intelligencer 34; tion of Georgetown 15; Comitee of U.S.
H. Poringer expected, ralisou money, angry edirt from tó H. Ketchum ib; G. E. Badger, John Bell 53, 54; Mc. 254, of house representatives 255; petitio:s for abolition
einperor. surrender of Nusseer Klan 163; -ir H. Poitin- Webster 51; extract of fron Florida 56; Henry Clay's to of slavery in, or remaal of seat of government 269; ines:
ger's arrival, nouification, news 225; island of Amoy pos- whigs of Palemore 67; Gen. Jackson 91; Mr. Tulladge sage referred 301; perllions to repeal law abəlisling impri-
sessed by Great Britain, Mandarins feeble, populace of 103; the Grozan 146; Gen. Jackson 151; M. Van Buren, son meni tur debt in 335; resolution relative to sale of loties
bold, exasperation, junks arracked, Wang Tung destroy- T H Benton, J.C. Calhoun, Tennessee senators and ry tickets in 372; on suspension of specie payınents in 399
ed, Cow Loon destruction, report of recapuure of Chusan Mr. Foster 152, 153; letier froin Gen. Scott 169; Tyler Divorce law of New Hamp hire

321; island of Amoy captured by British, statistics, cen. and his neighbors 177; diplomatic 178, 179; from Sania

Dixon, honorable rir. leiver from read in senate 312
sts, classes, lands of, amount of revenue, lases &c. con. Fe. from H. Clay to citizens of Dayton 209; Mr. Bell 231;

Dixon, N. F. deais of announced in United States se.
tributions 353; news from

334 William S. Wait on Illinois bondy 242; relative to deten naie 339; funeral of 37l; announcement in iio. reps. 381
Chinese collection
224 |tion of American vessels 244, 245, 246, 247, 218, 249; on Dodge, J. A. address from lo tobacco planters

Chloride of line, petitions for duties on 11,23 lake trade and commerce, canal navigation &c. bv J. Dodge, Mr. (of Iowa) M. C.
Choctaw reservations 11; bill passed U. S. senale 23 Tallmadge 33.), 310; relative to Santa Fe capture 312, Doorkeeper, assistant, abolished by ho. reps.

28; referred to house of representatives ib;

343; political 402; Carter Beverly ib; Mr. Webster to Mr. Drawbacks, petition from New Yorkers on 414
Christianity, account of in the Sandwich Isles 66 Evereit

403, 404

Chrisimas day
283 Corton-prices, crops 16, 48, 61, 96, 100; goods 112,

Duiy a:id exchange

Cincinnati-riot 32; mobs in
336 | manufactures 160; Bombay prices current, Texian, crops

Dulies and drawbacks.-debate on 10; amendment
Circassians victorious over Russians

983 176; remarks and important stalement concerning 179, adopted, billinformally passed over 11;debate and amend-
Civil expenses, appropriations for 359, 398, 415 180; imports of in France 195; trade of 197; market 203; menis 11, 23; debaied 26; signed by president 47; an
Classes in China

353 240; cultivation of in East Indies 337; crops of Egypt 333 act relating 10 62; tuill in United States senate allowing
C.C. Clay, resignation of
219, 401 Colton fluater, account of

240 in certain merchandise 254; memorial for increase of on
Clay, Henry, letter from 67; on present of plough 209 Couri, procredings in McLeod's case 90; McLeod's certain articles

Clinale of different countries
80 ca-e in 101, 119; trial in I'limvis 119; de-ision of case in

Coal 32, 61; in Cuba 66, 160; trade of Pennsylvania Louisiana 205; decision of supreme of Ohio in case of Earthquakes, nlVartinique 50; Cartago

203, in 336; quantity in port of Busion,
352 insurance company

274 Editorial remarks on trade and commerce

354, 355
Coast, report of survey of transmitted to senaie of U.S. Cranberry case

Edwards, the lurer

301; select cominittee on uppointed

Cream ofiartar, exempted from duty

Eg market

Cochineal insect'

16 Creole, brig 295; resolution submitted in United States Egypapasha recovering his influence 52; pasha's
Cuffin Wisiram), account of

176 senate 312; ile bale on ih; mutineers of 304; protest of off. amuisemeni, crney 84; new tariff, cotton crops 333
Colonial bistory of New York, inquiry relative to 393 cers and crew of 223, 224, 325, 326; report on referred to Elecrions 43, 260, 192, 203; committee of ho. reps 255;
Colored population-sketch of laws of Maryland rela: committee on foreign relations 372; information of requir. in Georgia 36s; special in Pennsylvania

tive to 215, 10 218; convention in Ohio, colony proposed ed 412; report
229; peition from the of Mass. 10 naturalization law 319

Electro magnetic telegraph, inguiry into expediency of
Crittenden, J. J. letter from resigning situation of ar. establishing system of

Colonization 224; 25th meeting in Washington 355 torney general 33; complinent to

Elgin, earl of deaihof

Colquiti, hon. Mr. (of Georgia) qualified

Cross, Mr. imprisonment of


Elssler, Fanny
Columbia river, accounts from

192, 401
2:26 Croton acqueduct


Emancipation, law in South Carolina to prevent 320
Commerce-see trade, 1; resolutions by committeee on

Cuba---slave vessels fitted out from 256; order for sup. Emigrants, act important to 66, 112; to Illinois 304 -
*; laid on table ih; resolution on relations of U. S. with pressing monasteries in, begging orders proliibited, tarifi

Engrossed bills, committee of U. S. senate on 251
other nations, 29; annual report of of United to be reduced 289; political opinion concerning 331

Enlisting, aliens

States 85; regulasiins 100; stasisiics of 132; sketch con.
Cumberland road-bill making appropriations for in- Espy, Proffessor

tiruert 197, 198, 199, 200, 201; sketch continued 210, 226; troduced 263, 269; petitions for appropriations for 311 Estate

banding committee of U. S. senale on 254; of house of

Currency, sanding committee of liorise of representa. Europeair treaty for suppression of slave trade 337
tepré-seulanves 255; resolution that cominiiiee enquire lives on 255; ready to repori 3:19, 352; report on 401, 405, Evereit. Mr. miniscer to Great Britain, arrival at Lon-
Try the expediency of appropriation conducive 10 269; 406 407 408, 409, counter report on

415 don 273; leiter froin Mr. Webster to

403, 404
of Baliimure 336; bill relating to with French Guiana
Cushing, Mr. address of tu constiments 109, 110, 111; Everglades

93; chamber of present memorial for appropriation 312; report of on currency 401, 405, 406, 407, 403, 109

Ewing, Mr. lerrer resigning secretary of treasury 33, 34
of Boston 320; b:ll in senate regulating with Cayenne,

Custom house (of New York, resuk of investigasion of

Exchange 16, 93, 19, 61, 96, 112, 144, 176, 192, 203, 256,
French Guiana &c. 299; cominiitee on instructed to in 1; resolution relative to expenditures for 30; resolution for

Exchequer bili 273; question on, and decision in con-
quire into the necessity of appropriation for constructing full information relative 10 affairs of the of New York gress 305, 313; remarks on 330; referred 331, 415; ex-
euzon honse at New Orleans 300; of Baltimore, of Wes- 353; considereil in senate 395; Mr. Pierce con question of cheqner board' 312, 313; Mr. Mangum's speech on 343
tern Lakes, of Northern Lakes 336; trade and on lakes investigation concerning 396; laid on table 397; executive to 3 16; exchequer fraud, in G. Briain 210, 337; exche-
331, letter on 3.53; of of cotton crops of 0. States 369; of communication relative to 399; resolution relative io 415

Cleveland 370; committee on to make inquiry into the

Culler service, register of officers of


Expenditures-of !o, repe letter from clerk of, 255;
expediency of excluding British vessels frani certain


comunittees on the of departments and public buildings,


Dakotes Indians, reject treaty.
Commercial emporium

55 , comunitee on, to make certain inquiries 316, 347; bill for
304 Davezac, Major, resulutions in New York legislature of house of representa:ives discussed

Commis-ary of purchases
312 relative to fine imposed on Gen. Jackson

386, 387
Exploring expedition

91, 112, 320
Commisjoncrs, board of, bill to establish
254 Davidson, James death of

224 Explosion of brandy
Committees standing
25 1 Davidson, general bill fur erection of inonument to 312 Explosive sbells

Common schools, of New Jersey,


Deaths 16; Joseph Gales in; Mathias ib, 32; Cyrus Exports, of Virginia 149; resolution for general state-
Comparative table, of agricultural industry 70 Wingate, Joseph Nourse, colonel E. Brown 32, 43; Ca. ment of 278; statement of. for 1841 230; of gold and sil.
Compromise act, memorial from Pennsylvania oppos. det Mason, captain Dide, R. Bogardus 49; S. Wells 52; ver since 1320

13 Lord Sydenhain 53,61; Edward de Wolf 85, lieutenant Expinging, resolutions relative to

Constellation frigate

123 Jones, lieutenant colonel R. D. Wainwright 87; govern. Exvaci froin Lady Blessinglon on American navy 57
Cunesliga, recommended as site for nati. foundry 372 or Cannon 90; Louis Cornelius, general Paine, rev. E.

Congress—list of acts of 27th, 47; joint resolutions of ib; Ripley, rev. J. Elliott, E. Squier, iionierant col. Wain.; Facilities for travel

Penation of two members of 119, 197; chaplains to 254; wright 96; John Owen 104, 112; Mr. Forsyth, J. Mur- Faneu! Ilall, sge of

Mr. Clay's resolution relative to members of being re: phy, in New York 123; captain Whitney 133, 144; ma: Festival, of churntable association of Maine 116, 117;
Ericted from civil appointments during official termi 299; !jor Brown, captain Garner, colonel Downing 146, 160; of anniversary of reformation at Wirtemberg 273
o amending journal of senate 303; privilege questios capiain S. B. Griffing, T. Dungan 176; Dr. Weightman Finances, or Verinont 202; of Indiana 229; committee
diebused of, vole thereon

369 181; Jonathan Benjoinin, bishop Moore 192, 203; James on in United States senale 254; select comınittee of bo.
Congressional temperance society

4001 Davidson, governor Buchanan 224; James H. Hook, F reps. on president's plan of 255; committee on in ho.
Congressman, resignation of 178, 197; resignation of Dunn 211; H. Black 226; Dr. McKinley 227; rev. Jacob reps. ib; part of president's message referred 268; resolu-
C.C. Clay 219; death of H. Black

226 A. Burton, Hezekiah Niles 256; sir Francis Chanıry 273; tion adopted by ho. reps, relative to the president'e plan

quer plan

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