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To employ teachers.

the district property without the authority of the board of trustees;

Fourth, To employ all qualified teachers necessary for the several schools, and to determine the amount of their compensation and to require the director and moderator to make contracts with the same on behalf of the district, in accordance with the provisions of law concerning contracts with teachers;

Fifth, To employ such officers and servants as may be necessary for the management of the schools and school property, and prescribe their duties and fix their compensation;

Sixth, To perform such other duties as are required of district boards in other school districts.

To employ officers, etc.

Other duties,


[Page 21. Amended by act No. 84, adding a new section, to stand as section No. 6. Takes

effect May 20, 1891.]

Duty of trustees


In case of vote to change from graded school district to primary.

SEC. 6. Whenever the trustees of any organized graded in certain cases, school district shall be presented twenty days before the

annual meeting thereof, with a petition signed by ten electors of said district, stating that it is the desire of said petitioners that at the annual meeting of said school district there shall be submitted to said annual meeting the proposition to change from a graded school district to one or more primary school districts the said trustees shall, in their notice of such annual meeting, state that the proposition set forth in said petition will be presented to said meeting, and if two-thirds of the qualified voters present at said meeting shall vote to change to one or more primary school districts such change shall be made, and it shall be the duty of the board of school inspectors of the township or townships in which such district is situated, upon being duly notified of such vote, to proceed to change or divide such district as determined by such annual meeting, and they shall provide for the holding of the first meeting in the or each of the proposed primary school districts in the same manner as is provided for by law for the organization of primary school districts, and whenever a fractional graded school district shall be so changed, the township boards of school inspectors of the respective townships where such graded school district is situated, shall organize the said district into one more primary school districts, as provided for by law.


[NOTE.- Page 69, second paragraph.]

Act 141 of the Public Acts of 1891 repeals Act No. 214, Public Acts of 1889 providing that, if in any city and any township or part of township adjoining thereto (the same being within one county) any money remains in the fund for payment of losses by killing of sheep by dogs “after the payment of the orders payable out of the same and the amount of said money shall exceed the sum of two hundred dollars, the sum in excess of two hundred dollars shall be apportioned by said county treasurer to the said township or part of township and said city in proportion to the amount contributed to said fund during the preceding year, and the amount so apportioned to any said township or part of township, or said city, shall be respectively apportioned among the several school districts of said township or part of township and said city, in proportion to the number of children therein of school age.

The distribution of the surplus will hereafter be made in accordance with the provisions of section 6 of Act No. 198, Public Acts of 1877, as amended by Act No. 283 of the Public Acts of 1881.

[ACT No. 119. ]

[Takes effect Oct. 1, 1891.]

*AN ACT authorizing the introduction of the kindergarten

method in the public schools of this State.


SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, Duty of district That in addition to the duties imposed by law upon the district board of every school district in this State, they shall also be empowered to provide a suitable room or apartment for kindergarten work, and to supply their distric respectively with the necessary apparatus and appliances for the instruction of children in what is known as the kindergarten method.

SEC. 2. In the employment of teachers it shall be compe- Qualifications tent for such district board to require qualifications for of teachers, etc. instruction of children in kindergarten methods, and the district board may provide by contract with the teacher for such instruction, specifying the hours and times therefor under such rules as the district board may prescribe.

SEC. 3. All children residing within the district between What children the ages of four and seven shall be entitled to instructions instruction. in the kindergarten department of such district school.

SEC. 4. The powers and duties herein imposed or ferred upon the district shall also be and the same are here- schools. by imposed and conferred upon the school trustees or board

* This law permits the introduction of the kindergarten method, but does not make it mandatory.


Act to appiy to certain other

of education or other body, by whatever name known, managing or controlling the public schools in each city and village of this State; and this act is hereby made applicable to every public school organized by special act or by charter as fully as if they were named herein.

[ ACT No. 144. ]

[Takes effect June 19, 1891.]

University may

AN ACT to authorize the faculty of the department of

literature, science and the arts, of the University of Michigan to give teachers' certificates in certain cases.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, issue certificate That the faculty of the department of literature, science and

the arts, of the University of Michigan, shall give to every person receiving a bachelor's, master's or doctor's degree, and also a teacher's diploma for work done in the science and the arts of teaching from said University, a certificate, which shall serve as a legal certificate of qualification to teach in any of the schools of this State, when a copy thereof shall have been filed or recorded in the office of the legal examining officer or officers of the county, township, city or district. Such certificate shall not be liable to be annulled except by the said faculty of the said University; but its effect may be suspended in any county, township, city or district, and the holder thereof may be stricken from the list of qualified teachers in such county, township, city or district, by the legal examining officer or officers of the said county, township, city, or district, for any cause and in the same manner that such examining officer or officers may be by law authorized to revoke certificates given by himself or themselves, and such suspension shall continue in force until revoked by the authority suspending it.

Of annulling certificate, etc,

[ACT No. 147. ]

[Takes effect June 19, 1891.]

AN ACT to provide for the election of a county commis

sioner of schools, for the appointment of school examiners, [and] to define the duties and fix the compensation for the same, and to repeal all existing acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, Sioner or schools. That at the meetings of the several boards of supervisors of

the different counties of the State, to be held on the fourth

Election of

of school exam

Monday in June, eighteen hundred ninety-one, the said several boards of supervisors shall elect a county commissioner of schools for their respective counties, whose term of office shall commence on the fourth Tuesday of August next following, who shall hold his or her office until the first day Term of office. of July, eighteen hundred ninety-three, or until his or her successor shall be elected and qualified. Said boards of super- Appointment visors shall also on said fourth Monday of June, appoint iners. two persons as school examiners, who, together with said commissioner of schools, shall constitute a board of school examiners. One of said school examiners shall be appointed Terın of office for a period of one year and the other for a period of two years, from and after the second Monday of October next after their appointment, or until their successors have been appointed and have qualified; and thereafter such boards of annual apsupervisors shall, at each annual session, appoint one examiner printment of who shall hold his office for a period of two years, or until his successor shall have been appointed and qualified. Within ten days after such commissioner or examiners shall Oath of office. have received legal notice of his or her election, he or she shall take and subscribe to the constitutional oath of office and the same shall be filed with the county clerk. The said county commissioner, so appointed, shall execute a bond with Bond. two sufficient sureties, to be approved by and filed with the county clerk, in the penal sum of one thousand dollars, conditioned that he or she will faithfully discharge the duties of his or her office according to law, and to faithfully account for and pay over to the proper persons all money which may come into his or her hands by reason of his or her holding such office; and thereupon the county clerk shall report the county clerk to name and postoffice address of such county commissioner to etc. the State Superintendent of Public Instruction.

SEC. 2. There shall be elected at the election held on the Biennial election first Monday in April, eighteen hundred ninety-three, and every second year thereafter, in each county, one county commissioner of schools, whose term of office shall commence on Term of office, the first day of July next following his or her election, and who shall continue in office two years or until his or her successor shall be elected and qualified. The county com- To file oath missioner of schools elected under the provisions of this section shall file with the county clerk for the county for which he or she is elected his or her oath of office and bond, the same as provided in section one of this act, and the county clerk shall make the same report to the Superintendent of Public Instruction in all respects as provided in section one of this act.

SEC. 3. No person shall be eligible to the office of county Eligibility to commissioner of schools who shall not be a graduate in the office of, etc. literary department of some reputable college, university or State normal school, or hold a State teacher's certificate, or who shall not have held a first grade certificate, within two years next preceding the time of his or her election, or shall


of commissioner, Board to hold regular examinations, etc.



Schedule of

have held the office of county commissioner under this act: Proviso as to Provided, That in counties having less than fifty schools subcertain counties.

ject to the supervision of the county commissioner, a person holding at the time of his or her election a second grade certificate shall be eligible.

SEC. 4. The board of school examiners shall, for the purpose of examining all persons who may offer themselves as teachers for the public schools, hold two regular public examinations in each year at the county seat, which exam

inations shall begin on the first Thursday of March and Special examina. August in each year; and for a like purpose the board of

school examiners shall hold not to exceed four special public examinations at such times and places as in the judgment of the board of school examiners the interests of the schools and teachers of the county may require: Provided, The first and second grade certificates shall be granted only at the regular public examinations provided for in this sec

tion. It shall be the duty of the county commissioner to examinations.

make out a schedule of the times and places of holding special examinations and to cause it to be published in one or more newspapers of the county at least ten days before each special examination, and he or she shall send a copy thereof to the chairman of each township board of school inspectors in the county at least ten days previous to the

time of holding any special examination. Meeting of board SEC. 5. The board of school examiners shall meet on the

Saturday following such public examination held by the county commissioner and shall grant certificates to teachers in such form as the Superintendent of Public Instruction shall prescribe, licensing as teachers all persons who shall have attained the age of sixteen years, who have attended said public examinations and who shall be found qualified in respect to good moral character, learning and ability to instruct and govern a school, but no certificate shall be granted to any person who shall not pass a satisfactory examination in orthography, reading, writing, grammar, geography, arithmetic, theory and art of teaching, United States history, civil government and physiology and hygiene with reference to

the effects of alcoholic drinks, stimulants and narcotics upon Signing of cer

the human system. All certificates shall be signed by the county commissioner and by at least one other member

of the board of examiners. No person shall be considered qualified teacher. a qualified teacher within the meaning of this act, nor shall

any school officer employ or contract with any person to teach in any of the public schools, under the provisions of this act, who has not a certificate in force, granted by

the board of school examiners or other lawful authority. Of examination All examination questions shall be prepared and furnished questions,

by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to the county commissioner under seal, to be opened in the presence of the applicants for certificates on the day of examination.

SEC. 6. There shall be three grades of certificates granted by the board of school examiners, in its discretion, and

to grant certifi. cates, etc.


Who deemed

Grades of certificates,

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