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B. P. Dry Brown, . cwt.

Mid. good, and fine mid. Fine and very fine, . . Refined Doub. Loaves, .

Powder ditto,

Single ditto,

Small Lumps, . . .

Large ditto

Crushed Lumps, . . MOLASSES, British, cwt. COFFEE, Jamaica,. cwt.

Ord. good, and fine ord.

Mid. good, and fine mid. Dutch Triage and very ord.

Ord. good, and fine ord.

Mid. good, and fine mid.

St Domingo,

Pimento (in Bond,) . . .

Jam. Rum, 16 O. P. gall.



Grain Whisky, . . WINES,

Claret, 1st Growths, hhd.

Portugal Red, pipe.

Spanish White, butt.

Tencrlffe, pipe

Madeira •

LOGWOOD, Jam. ton.

Honduras, ....

Campeachy, . . . FUSTIC, Jamaica, .


INDIGO, Caraccasfine, lb.
TIMBER, Amer. Pine, foot.

Ditto Oak,

Christiansand (duUpaid.)

Honduras Mahogany, .

St Domingo, ditto, . . TAR, American, brl.

Archangel, ..... PITCH, Foreign, cwt. TALLOW, Rus. Yel. Cand.

Home melted, .... HEMP, Polish Rhine, ton.

Petersburgh, Clean, . . FLAX,

Riga Thies. & DruJ. Rak.


Irish, . .
MATS, Archangel, . .

Petersburgh Firsts, cwt.
ASHES, Peters. Pearl, . . Montreal, ditto, .
OIL, Whale, . tun.

Cod, ....
TOBACCO, Virgin, fine, lb.

Middling, . . .

COTTONS, Bowed Georg. Sea Island, fine,

Middling, . .
Dcmerara and Bcrbicc,
West India,

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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in the Obiervatory, CaUon-hill.

If .B.—The Observations *re made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, after noon.—The second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register


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Capt. Hall, 3 R. Vet. Bn. Maj. in the

Army 4 June 1814

Cor. St Quinnn, Lt. by purch. vice

Coney, 17 Dr. 8 Jan. 1824

H. S. Phillips, Cor. by purch. do.
Cor. Hare, Lt, by purch. vice Part,

ridge, cane 30 Oct. 1823

Lt. Stones, Capt. by purch. vice Craw-
ford, ret. 25 Dec.
Cor. Strange, Lt. by purch. do.
C. Bigg, Cor. by purch. do.
Ens. Dodd, from 53 F. Ens. vice

Brooke, 27 F. 8 Jan. 1824

CoL Sir R. Travers, Inspec. Field

Officer of Mil. Ionian Island, Lt.

CoL vice Stewart, h. p. do.

Ens. Buckley, from h. p. Ens. vice

Frankland, 67 F. 25 Dec. 1823 Brooke, from 5 F. Lt. vice

Drewe, African Colonial Corps

8 Jan. 1824 Burns, Lt. vice Baynes, African

Colonial Corps do.

W. S. Coke, Ens. do.

Major Creagh, from 86 F. Maj. vice 94

Stretton, h. p. 84 F. do.

Ens. Millar, Lt. vice Keayes, dead, 95

17 June, 1823

Ens. and Adj. M'Carthy, rank of Lt.

18 do.

A. M. Robinson, Ens. 1 Jan. 1824 Rifle Brig.
Qua. Mast. Serj. J. Morgan, Qua.

Mast, vice Campbell, ret. full pay

B. Knox, Ens. vice Dodd, 5 F. 8 do.
Lt. Beverhoudt, Adj. vice Morrison,

res. Adj. only 1 do.

Paek,from60F.Lt.vieeO,Brien, 1W.I. R.

h. p. 29 F. 8 do.

Vol. XV.

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Lt. Adair, Capt. vice Purdon, African Colonial Corps* 8 Jan.

Greaves, from h. p. 29 F. Lt

vice Pack, 58 F. do

Ens. Gibbons, Lt. vice Campbell. African Colonial Corps do.

Gordon, from 93 F. Ens. do.

Lt, Warburton, Adj. vice M'Pherson, dead 25 Dec 1823

Ens. Frankland, from 24 F. Lt, do.

Lt. Logic, Capt vice Nicolls, 2 W. I. R. 8 Jan. 1824

Ens. Adair, Lt do.

W. H. Robinson, Ens. do.

Major Chamberlain, from h. p. 64 F. Maj. vice Creagh, 40 F. do.

Ens. Wilson, Lt vice Dowson, African Colonial Corps do.

H. Massey, Ens. vice Sankev, dead, 7 do.

A. Mackenzie, do. vice Wilson 8 do.

Gent Cadet A. K. Evans, from R.

Mil. Coll. Ens. vice Gordon, 63 F.


J. Mackenzie, (late Colour Serj. in Rifle Brig.) Qua. Mast 1 do.

Surg. Hodaon, from h. p. Bourbon H. Surg. 25 Dec 1823

As. Surg. Leonard, from h. p. Wagg. Tr. As. Surg. do.

Bt Maj. Eeles, Mai. by purch. vice Ross, African Colonial Corps

8 Jan. 1824

1st Lt Gosset, Capt by purch. do.

2d Lt. Logan, 1st Lt. by purch. do.

Gent Cadet J. St V. Saumares, from R. Mil. Coll. 2d Lt by purch, do.

Lt Hemsworth, Capt 2* Dec 1823

En;, Brannan, Lt do.

2 I

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Bt. Maj. Nicolls, from 72 F. Maj. vice

Grant, African Colonial Corps,

8 Jan.1824 Lt. Macpherson, Capt. 25 Dec. 1825 Ens. Wells, Lt. do.

Sparks, do. 26 do.

Holt, do. 27 do.

R. M. Sutherland, Ens. 25 do.

P. Kettlewell, do. 26 do.

Ceylon R. 2d Lt. Skinner, 1st Lt vice Auber,

39 F. 28 Jan. 1824

Gent. Cadet T. W. Rogers, from R.

Mil. Coll. 2d Lt. 7 do. J. R. Heylands, from

do. do. 7 do.

Cape C. Col. Ross, from Rifle Brig. Lt. Col.

Fraser, dead do.


Bt. Lt Col. G. Fitz Clarence, from 6 Dr. Gds. Lt/Col. of Inf. by purch. vice Maj. Gen. Alexander, ret

8 Jan. 1824


Col. SirC. Sutton, K.C.B. frorah. p.

Port. Serv. Insp. Field Officer of

Mil. in Ionian Islands, vice Sir R.

Travers, 10 F. 8 Jan. 1824

Hospital Staff'.
Dr Walters, h. p."As. Insp. of Hosp.

Inspector by Brevet 19 July, 1821
Hosp. As. M'Christie, from h. p.

Hosp. As. vice Christie, res.

25 Dec. 1823 Dr Murray, do. vice Wyllie, cane. do.


Bt Maj. Ellard, from 13 F. with Capt. Debnam 65 F.

Capt. Mildmay, from Coldst. Gds. with Capt. Hall, 34 F.

- Richardson, from 65 F. with Capt. Marshall, 91 F.

Lieut. Cubitt, from 6 Dr. with Lieut. Snow, h. p. 4 Dr.

J. C. Cowell, fr6m 1 F. with Lieut. Bennett, h. p. 24 F.

■ Morrison, from 58 F. rec. diff*. with Lieut.

Fenwick, h. p. 7 F.

Knight, Yrom 75 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Cham pain, h. p. 22 F.

Marshall, from 75 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Young, h. p. 18 Dr.

Lieut, and Adj. Dunwoody, from 7 D. G. rec. diff. with Lieut. Doyne, h. p. 18 Dr.

Cornet and Sub Lieut. Brett, from 2 Life Gds. with Cornet Williams, 16 Dr.

Ensign Reed, from 34 F. with Ens. Milner, h. p. 6F.

Resignations and Retirements.
Maj.-Gen. Alexander, late of 1 Gar. Bn. * ; T'*
Capt Crawford, 13 Dr.
Surgeon Oliver, W. Norfolk Militia.
Hosp. Assistants, J. Christie.
C. Butler, h. p. ,'— - V,

Appointments Cancelled.
Lieut Partridge, 11 Dr.
Hosp. Assist Wyllie.


Alphabetical List of English Bankruptcies, announced between the 20th of Nov. 1823 and the 20th of Jan. 1824; extracted from the London Gazette.

Abrahams, J. Castle-street, Houndsditch, jeweller.

Acton, P. Congleton, innkeeper.

AJlum, T. W. Great Marlow, builder.

Appleton, J. Tottenham Court-road, cooper.

Appleyard, J.Catherine-street,Strand, bookseller.

Auger, E. George-and-Blue-Boar yard, Holborn, coach-master.

Avery, J. L. Macclesfield, nardwareman.

Bates, W. Oldham, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturer.

Ranch, J. and M. J. Joseph Fox, Ordinary-court, Nicholas-lane, merchants.

Bailey, J. Liverpool, merchant.

Baines, B. Canterbury, bookseller.

Baylis, E.Painswick, Gloucestershire, wool-dealer.

Bishop, J. Warwick, grocer.

Blunt, W. CornhilL, optician.

B ishev, J. St Stephen's, Hertfordshire, dealer in cattle.

General Dundas, Col. of 71 F. Gov. of Dumbarton Castle, 16 Jan. 1824

Lieut-Gen. Sir F. J. Wilder, from 35 F.

Barlow, of late Cheshire Fenc. Inf.

at St Faith, near Winchester, 15 Nov. 1823

. Nepean, of late Banff Fenc. Inf.

Lieut-Col. Fraser, Cape Corps, 19 Oct 1823

Maj. Ball, 85 F. Genoa.

Capt Carey, 3 R. Vet. Bn. Galway, 24 Dec. 1823

Douglas, late 7 do. Jersey 17 Nov.

Chapman, R. Inv. Art 9 Dec. 1823

Dexter, h. p. 3 F. , .:

Amiel, h. p. 8 W. I. R. Chelsea, 14 Dec.

Brown, h. p. R. Mar. 26 Dec. 1822

W. Macdonald, h.p. 35 F. Oct 1825

Land, Adj. of Wilts Mil. 12 Dec. ,

Lieut Reaves, 47 F.

M'Pherson, Adj. of 67 F.

Hon. James De Courcy, of late Invalids,

Lieut Gov. of Gravesend and Tilbury, Kinsale 13 Jan. 1824

Atkinson, of late 7 Vet Bn. Bristol,

17 Dec. 1823

— Leslie, h. p. 27 F.

Heelis, h. p. 29 F.

Robertson, h. p. 8 W.


Gregg, R. Mar.

Burrow, do.

Thomas, h. p. do

Wightman, h. p. do.

Ens. Sankey, 90 F. Cerigo, Mediterranean,

19 Sept 1823

Miles, 1 W. I. R. Demarara, 23 Oct

Paymast Dewes, h. p. 28 F. Stubbington, Hants,

6 Nov.

Quar.-mast M'Cann, h. p. 2 Dr. Gds. 5 Nov.

Commissariat Dep. Dep. Com. Gen. De Bels. h. p.

Medical Dep. Staff Surg. Burmester, Jamaica,

Beaumont, h. p. Exeter

22 Jan. 18241

As. Surg. England, of late 5 R. Vet Bn.

Faulkner, of late 1 R. Vet Bn. Potton;

Bedfordshire, 2 Dec. 1823

Robertson, h. p. 58 F. Jamaica 18 July

Barnett, h. p. Ordnance Med. Dep. at

Calcutta 31 July

Erratum in last Month's List. For Surgeon Oliver, West Norfolk Militia, Dead. Read Surg. Oliver West Norfolk Militia, Resigned.

23 do. 12 Nov. . R Stromness,

5 Dec. 23 Sept 1822;

27 Nov. I 7 Dec. I

Brittain, J. Chatham, grocer.

Brookbridge, T. Knight's-court, Green-walk, coach and bedstead carver.

Bruggengate, G. A. T. and T. H. Payne, Fenchurch-buildings, merchants.

Bryant, W. Bristol, tailor. >

Buchanan, J. and W. R. Ewing, Liverpool, insurance-brokers.

Buller, B. Statford-upon-Avon, corn-dealer.

Burry, H. Austin Friars, merchant

Chambers, T. Liverpool, grocer.

Chambers, J. Gracechurch-street, tobacconist

Champtaloup, ,J. Counter-street, Southwark, orange merchant.

Coates, J. Fore-street, Cripplegate, deale,.

Cooper, C. Marston Bigott Somersetshire, edge- . tool-maker. < v.

Cork, J. Rochdale, ironmonger.

Cordingby.W. Russel-place, Bermondsey,


Moody, W. Leeds, joiner.

Moody, J. L. Clifton-street, Worship-street, silk-
Moon, J. Bristol, currier.
Morris, C. Fore-street, Cripplegate, victualler.
Mortimer, J. H. Lostwithiel, Cornwall, brandy-
Moses, S. Portsea, slop-seller.
Moss, W. G. Diamond-row, Camberwell, dealer.
Murday, R. Rochester, plumber.
Niven, C. Holbom-bridge, oil broker.
Olivant A. Sculcoates, V orkshire, miller.
Oakes, H. Chelmsford, linen draper.
Ogden, J. Aldrick, Lancashire, grocer.
Palmer, C. Russell-street, Bermondsey, brewer.
Parker, H. Pilton, Somersetshire, victualler.
Peacock, J. Watford, paper-maker.
Peirce, T. and D. Williams, Merthyr Tidvil,

Glamorganshire, bankers.
Penny, J, and T. Shepton Mallet, grocers.
Powell, J. G. Egham, dealer.
Pink, A. jun. Portsea, common brewer.
Pratt, J. Hatton-wall, pavior.
Preddey, R. Bristol, baker.
Price, J. Lower-street, Islington, coach-maker.
Ransom, J. Stoke, Newington, coach-maker.
Rankin, F. W. Langbourne, Chambers, Fen-
church-street, merchant.
Rawlings, J. Mitton, Oxfordshire, druggist.
Reby, R. Radnor-street, City-road, tailor.
Redfern, W., T. Stevenson, and W. Blatherwlck,

Nottingham, hosiers. Reeves, R. Stockports, shopkeeper. Richardson, J. and J. Griston, Norwich, bricklayers. Roberts, E. Oxford-street, linen-draper. Robertson, J. Whitstable, Kent, coal-merchant. Robinson, J. Burslem, potter. Rogers, J. S. and J. Portsmouth, coach-makers. Rowe, G. Chelsea, surgeon. Sargent, J. Wentworth-street, Whitechapel, manufacturing chemist. Saxby, J. R. Southwark, hop-merchant. Sealey, B. and E. Nash, Red Lion-yard, Aldere

gate-street, horse-dealers. Sims, B. St Ann's lane, shoemaker. Sims, G. F. Aldermanbury, chinaman. Smite, G. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, draper. Shaw, J. Hull, clothier. Shaw, J. W. and A. W. Emslie, Fenchurch-build.

ings, merchants. Simes, W. Canonbury-tower, Islington, dealer. Smith, W. St Clement, Worcestershire, brewer. Spencer, J. Norwich, bombazine-manufacturer. Springweller, A. Duke-Street, Smithfleld, cabinet-maker. Stewart, J. Manchester, tailor. Sjutliffe, T. Windle-house, Howarth, Yorkshire,

worked stuff manufacturer. Symes, G. B. New Terrace, Camberwell-green,

dealer and chapman. Thomas, W. Regent-street, Piccadilly, stationer. Thomas, J. Leicester, linen-draper. Tomes, C. Lincotn's-inn-flelds, scrivener. Threlfall, J. Liverpool, banker. Upton, J. Tadcaster, scrivener. Vincent, C. Tarrant, Rushton, Dorsetshire, dealer

and chapman. Wade, D. P. Hadleigh, Suffolk, tanner. Wadham, B. Poole, cooper. Wagstaff, J. Worcester, saddler. Walker, S. Ashton-under-Lyne, grocer. Walker, J. Halifax, Yorkshire, clothier. Watkins, W. L. Old Bailey, eating-house keeper Weedon, G. Bath, brass-founder. Weeks, T. Southampton, upholsterer. Weller, T. Croydon, watchmaker. Wharton, C. A. King's Arms, Maidenhead, wine

merchanL Whalley, T. Chorley, Lancashiie, manufacturer. Whalley, C Rivington, Lancashire, shopkeeper. Wilson, R. Birmiiifcham, tea dealer. Wilcox, W. Bristol, warehouse-keeper. Wilson, E. Wellington-street, Strand, upholsterer. Willey, J. Throgmorton street, coal-merchant. Wood, W. Sanderson, and J. Sanderson, Nicholas-lane, Lombard-street, insurance-brokers. Yeoman, B. Heyford Frome, Somersetshire, baker.

Alphabetical List of Scotch Bankruptcies, announced between the Ut December 1823 and 31st January 1824, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Braid, Alexander, flesher in Paisley.

Cameron and Bisset, agent* in Dundee, a divi-
'dend after 22d February.

Crawford, William and Andrew, plasterers In

Fisher, James, merchant, Auchtermuehty.

Geekie, Alexander, cattle-dealer, Coltward, Forfarshire.

Hart, John, manufacturer in Paisley.

Henniker, J. and L, merchants in Glasgow.

Graham, John, merchant and manufacturer in

Gow, James, junior, merchant tailor in Glasgow.

Jamieson, Peter, and Company, clothiers in Glas

'gow ; a first dividend on 21st February.

Kerr, William and Son, merchants in Leith ; a dividend after 11th February.

Laidlaw, William, skinner in Dunse.

Macdonald, Wm. and Alex., merchants in Edinburgh; a dividend after 14th February.

Maclellan, Murdo, meal-monger in Tulloch.

M'Xeil, James, baker, and lately brewer and dis-
tiller, Dumfries.

Munro, Alexander, grocer and fish-curer in St

Munro, William, of Achany, cattle-dealer and
partner of the Tain Brewery Company.

Neilson, George, joiner and builder in Edinburgh ; a first dividend on 29th February.

Oddy, George, grocer and portioner in Tradestown of Glasgow ; a dividend on 2d February.

Furdon, William, grain-merchant and cattle-
dealer in Hyndumas, near Glasgow.

Sharp, Lauchlin and James, road contractors at

Smith James and Sons, some time bankers and
merchants in Brechin; a final dividend on 8th

Stevenson and Duff, merchants in Dunkeld; a dividend on 4th March, on the estate of John Duff. No dividend on the estate of the Company, or of James Stevenson.

Wyllies, Messrs ft. ami M. manufacturers in Glasgow.

The Dundee New Sui?ar Refining Company.

Tweeddale, John, vintner and mail-coach contractor in Montrose.

Watson, John, cloth-merchant in Edinburgh.


Barber, Henry, brewer, and wine and spirit-merchant in Castle-Douglas; a first dividend after 5th January.

Brownlie, William, engineer smith, and pateat axle-tree maker in Glasgow; a dividend after 20th January.

Fraser Newlands, James and Luke, jewellers and watch-makers in Glaseow; a second dividend 29th January.

Gardner, Thomas, carpet-merchant, Greensidestreet, Edinburgh; a final dividend 2d February.

Hamilton, William, merchant in Glasgow; a final dividend 15th January.

Hunt, Robert, late merchant, Dunfermline; a dividend 29th January.

Menzies, Robert, distiller and maltman. Paisley a dividend '-'7th January.

Peacock, Robert and Sons, merchants in Paisley a dividend on 12th January.

Pollock, John, cotton-spinner, Greenhead, Glasgow; a dividend 2d January.

Robertson, William, innkeeper, late of the Salutation Inn, Perth; a first dividend 5th January.

Wright, Alexander, fish-curer and dealer in herrings in Banff; a dividend 23d January.



Dec. 21,1823. Mrs F raser of Ford, of a daughter.

30. At Springfield Lodge, Surrey,;the lady of John Watson, Esq. of a daughter.

Jan. 1, 1824. In Albany Street, Lady Robert Kerr, of a son.

— At her father's house at Bedale, Yorkshire, the lady of Rear-Admiral Sir John P. Beresford, Bart, of a daughter.

9. At Fasnacloich, the lady of Stewart Menzies, Esq. of Culdares, of a son and heir.

4. The lady of Lieut.-G en. Sir John Oswald, of Dunikeir, of a son.

— At 71, Great King Street, Mrs Kennedy, of a son.

5. At 2, Mary's Place, Stockbridge, Mrs Parker, of a daughter.

— Mrs Buchanan, Auchintorlie, of a daughter.

12. At Whitehill, Mrs Donald, of a son.

13. At Ardtorinish, Mrs Gregorson, of a daughter.

— At Irvine, the lady of Colonel S. M. Fullarton of Fullarton, of a son.

14. At the Manor House, Wood, Shropshire, the lady of William Hay, Esq. of Drummelzier, of a daughter.

16. At Broughton Place, the lady of George Steed, Esq. of the Royal Dragoons, of a daughter.

17- At Eastbourne, Sussex, the lady of Sir C. Dalrymple, of a son,

18. The lady of H. G. Leslie of Denlugas, of a son.

— Mrs Morehead, wife of the Rev. Mr Morehead, of a son.

19. The lady of John Nicol, Esq. of Few, of a son and heir.

— At Laswade Hill, the lady of Captain ft. B. Edwards, of a son and heir.

— At Stair House, the lady of Major Orr, of a son.

21. At George's Place, the lady of William Mackenzie, Esq. of Strathgarve, of a daughter.

22. In Dundas Street, Mrs Ivory, of a daughter.

— At Nenagh, Ireland, the lady of James Dempster, Esq. M.D. of a son.

— Mrs Weir, 14, Pitt Street, of a daughter.

23. In Grosvenor Place, London, the lady of Charles Drummond, Esq. of a son.

24. Mrs Lockhart, 25, Northumberland Street, of a daughter.

26. At Castlecraig, the Right Hon. Lady Napier, of a daughter. 27- Mrs'Smith, 13, Hope Street, of a daughter. 31. At Edinburgh, Mrs Alex. Hunter, of a son.


April 26, 1823. At Syucapore, Alexander Morgan, Esq. to Maria Frederica, youngest daughter of Thomas Wilson Fing, Esq.

Aug. 15. At Madras, Lieutenant George Story, of the 19th Native infantry, to Hannah Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late William Wothcrspoon, Esq. Edinburgh.

Nov. 25. At Trinidad, Paymaster James Mackay, 1st West India regiment, to Catherine Jane Moore, widow of Dr John Moore, surgeon of the 8th (or king's) regiment, and daughter of Captain Maclauchlan, of the royal engineers.

Dec. 5. J. P. Robinson, Esq. of Camden Street, London, and Meltonby, Yorkshire, to Mary Ann, only daughter of John Scott, Esq. late of Edinburgh.

30. At Knocknalling, John Alexander, Esq. younger of Mackilston, to Barbara, third daughter of David Kennedy, Esq. of Knocknalling.

— At Newburgh, the Rev. John Jamieson Johnston, to Jane, second daughter of the late Rev. David Hepburn.

Jan. 1. At Edinburgh, John Carfrae, Esq. to Miss Isabella Park, second daughter, and on the 16th Jan. Robert Fyshe, Esq. of Galashiels, to

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