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colour of the flower;—.particulars, it is presumed, not unworthy the notice of the Horticulturist.

Mr Wight, Bow-Street Reporter to the Morning Herald, has in the press, a Selection of One Hundred of the most Humorous and EntertainingoftheReports which have appeared in the Morning Herald in the last three years. Illustrated by George Cruikshank.

On the 1st of February, 1824., will be published, the First Fart (to be continued Quarterly, in Parts) of The Animal Kingdom, as arranged conformably with its Organization, by the Baron Cuvier; with additional Descriptions of all the Species hitherto named, and of many not before noticed. The whole of the ' Regne Aiumaf of the above celebrated Zoologist will be translated in this undertaking; but the Additions will be so considerable, as to give it the character of an original work.

Preparing for publication, in a small volume duodecimo, Paptism not Baptism, and Washing not Burial, in reply to Mr Ewing's Essay on Baptism; containing also an Address to the numerous Members of Poedobaptist Churches, who hold Antipo?dobaptist Sentiments. By F. A. Cox, A.M. of Hackney.

A Present for a Sunday School, or a Plain Address on tin: Fear of the Lord, adapted for the capacities of little children. By a Minister of the Established Church.

A second edition of Sabbaths at Home, by the Rev. Henry March, is in the press. Sketches of Sermons, furnished by their respective Authors, vol. iv. 12mo.

Sermons by the late Rev. T. N. Toller; with a Memoir of the Author, by Robert Hall. 8vo. 10s.

In the press, in one large volume 8vo. an improved edition of Milburn's Oriental Commerce, or the East-India Trader's Complete Guide; containing a Geographical and Nautical Description of the Maritime Parts of India, China, and Neighbouring Countries, including the Eastern Islands, and an Account of their Trade, Productions, Coins, Weights and Measures; together with their Port Regulations, Charges, &c. Originally compiled by the late William Milburn, Esq. of the Hon. East-India Company's Service. Abridged, improved, and brought down to the present time, by Thomas Thornton.

The East-India Vade-Mecum, being a Complete Guide to Gentlemen proceeding to the East-Indies, in either the Civil, Military, or Naval Service, or on other Pursuits. Much improved from

the work of the late Captain Williamson, being a condensed compilation of his and various other publications, and the result of personal observation. By Dr J. B. Gilchrist.

The Economy of the Eyes. Precepts for the Improvement and Preservation of the Sight. Plain Rules which will enable all to judge exactly when, and what Spectacles are best calculated for their Eyes; and an Essay on Opera-Glasses, &c.. By William Kitchiner, M.D.

The Economy of the Eyes. Part II. Of the Illuminating and Magnifying Powers of Newtonian, Gregorian, r.nd Cassegrainian Reflectors, and Achromatic Telescopes, from three inches to seven feet focus. By William Kitchiner, M.D.

Original Letters, chiefly illustrative of English History; including numerous Royal Letters. Published from Autographs in the British Museum, and one or two other Collections. By Henry Ellis, F.R.S. Sec. S. A., are in the press.

A complete System of Plants. By William Jackson Hooker, F. R.A. and I..S. Regius Professor of Botany in the University of Glasgow, Member of the Wern. Hoc. of Edinb., of the Imp. Acad. Nat in;'.' Curiosorum, of the Royal Botanical Soc. of Ratisbon, of the Helvetic Soc. of Nat. Hist., &c.

This Work will contain descriptive characters of every species known to be cultivated or in existence throughout the globe; together with some General Remarks, Notices of their Uses, &c. arranged according to the Natural Orders, but accompanied with a Linniean Index of references, and illustrated with numerous coloured figures from drawings made by the author.

Miss Benger is engaged on another Biographical Work, of which Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, forms the Subject.

The Account of Mr Bullock's Travels and Discoveries, in Mexico, will appear in a few months, under the title of "Six Months in Mexico."

Observations on the Religious Peculiarities of the Society of Friends. By Joseph John Gurney.

A Philosophical Treatise on Malting and Brewing. By George Adolphus Wigney.

The Perennial Calendar, and Companion to the Almanack; Illustrating the Events of every Day in the Year, as connected with History, Chronology, Botany, Natural History, Astronomy, Popular Customs, and Antiquities; with Useful Rules of Health, Observations on the Weather, an Explanation of the Fasts and Festivals of the Church, and 'other Miscellaneous Useful Information. By Thomas Foster, F.L.S. M.B. &c. &c

The Life of Thomas, Lord Erskine, with Observations on the Character of his Eloquence at the Bar and in Parliament, and Critical Notices of his Speeches and Writings, interspersed with private Anecdotes. By Henry Cooper, of Lincoln's Inn, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. 2vols. 8vo.

Eugenia; a Poem, by Mrs Wolferstan, is about to appear.

Warreniana, a volume of the class of "The Rejected Addresses," is preparing for the press.

Drs Von Spix and Von Martin's Travels in Brazil, during the years 1817-1819-20, are now being translated from the German, for publication, in 8vo.

Mr Williams, Editor of the last edition of Blackstone's Commentaries, is about to publish a new edition of Milton's Poetical Works, with Notes, &c. &c.

No. I. of the Cambridge Quarterly Review and Academical Register.

Memoirs of the Life of Riego and his Family, including a History of Spain from the Restoration of Ferdinand to the present time. Illustrated by several portraits.

Mr Felix Bodin, Author of the "Presume de l'Histoire de France," is about to publish, as a companion, a Resume de l'Histoire d' Angleterre.

A Dissertation on the Gowrie Conspiracy, with an Examination of Logan of Restalrig's alleged participation ; and embracing Biographical Memoirs of the an

clent Families of Ruthvcn and Logan, by James Logan, will soon appear.

Duncorabe's Trials Per Pais, or the Law of England concerning Juries, with a Preface on the Origin of Trial by Jury, the original Authorities cited, and the Passages from the Anglo-Saxon writers translated. By Daniel Alban Durtnall, Esq. Barrister at Law.

A Work entitled, "Letters to Young Ladies on their first entrance into the World," by Mrs Lanfear, is announced.

The Hermit in Italy; or, Observations on the Manners and Customs of the Italians at the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century. Translated from the French of M. Jouy.

The three first Lays of a series of Patriotic Poems, tending to illustrate the Customs and Institutionsof our Ancestors and their Invaders, during the reign of the (Roman) Emperor Claudius.

The Passover, a Sermon on the Paschal Types, and on the Analogy of the Paschal Feast of the Lord's Supper, with an Appendix. By the Rev. J. E. N. Moleswortb, A.M.

A History of Waterford, from the earliest period to the present time, is preparing for the press.

The Author of "Highways and Byeways" has another work nearly ready for publication.

A Practical German Grammar, being a new and easy method of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the German language. By John Howbotham.


The Inheritance. By the Author of "Marriage." 3 vols, post 8vo.

The Devil's Elixir, 2 vols. 12mo.

A Sketch of the System of Education at New Lanark, by Robert Dale Owen, is in the press, and will appear in a few days.

Critical Researches in Philology and Geography, in one volume 8vo. Among other articles in this work, there will be found a Review of Dr Lee's edition of

Jones' Persian Grammar, and an examination of the various opinions that in modern times have been held respecting the source of the Ganges, and the correctness of Mr Lana's map of Thibet.

Preparing for publication, a Volume of Sermons, selected from the Manuscripts of the late Robert Boog, D.D. first Minister of the Abbey Parish of Paisley. Edited by Professor Mylne.




The New Farmer's Calendar, or Monthly Remembrancer of all kinds of Country Business. Fifth Edition; with large Additions. By John Lawrence. 8vo. 12s.

A Guide to Practical Farriery, containing hints on the Diseases of Horses and Neat-Cattle. By J. Pursglone. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Essay on the Origin and Progress of Gothic Architecture. From the German of Molter. Crown 8vo. 6s.

Ornaments, Grecian and Roman Architecture, &c. Selected from Stewart's Athens, &c. for the use of Architects, Workmen, &c. 24 plates. Imp. folio. L.1, 5s.


Sabaean Researches in a Series of Essays, addressed to distinguised Antiquaries, and including the Substance of a Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution. By John Landseer, F, A. S. 4to. L.2, 12s. Od.


A Catalogue of a very comprehensive Collection of Second-hand Books, consisting of nearly 120,000 volumes, embracing the more useful and desirable Class of Works in General Literature, and offered at unusually low prices. By J. Dowding.

A Catalogue of an extensive nnd valuable Collection of the best Works on Natural History, arranged in classes according to the Linnean system, with an enumeration of the pages and plates each volume contains. Now selling at the prices afficed to each. By W. Wood. 4s.

A Catalogue of Books, chiefly iu the Italian, French, and English Languages, on sale at the prices affixed. By Richard Beckjey.


Memoirs of the Wesley Family, collected principally from Original Documents. By Adam Clarke, LL. D-, F. A. S. 8vo, 12s.

The Life of Lady Jane Grey and of Lord Guildford, her Husband. By Edward Baldwin, Esq. 4s. 6d. and 2s. 6d. A tribute of Parental Affection to the Memory of a beloved and only Daughter; containing some account of the character and Death of Hannah Jerram, who died May 9, 1823, aged 23. Drawn up by her Father, Charles Jerram, Vicar of Chobham, Surrey.

Memoirs of J. Decastro, Comedian, with Anecdotes of various eminently distinguished Characters with whom he has been acquainted during the last 50 years, never before in print; accompanied by an Analysis of the Life of the late Philip Astley, Esq. 5«.

Memoirs of the Court of Henry the Great. 2 volumes 8vo. L.1, 4s.

Memoirs of the Life of Sal vator Rosa. By Lady Morgan.

Memoirs of Thurtell, &c. interspersed with numerous Anecdotes, an Account of the Editor's Second Interview with him, (never yet published,) and every particular relative to the Execution, and his demeanour after Sentence was passed. By Pierce Egan.

The Fruits of Experience, or Memoir of Joseph Brasbridge j written in s eightieth year.

Scenes in the Morea; or, a Sketch of the Life of Demetrius Argyri. 7s.


L. Annei Senecae Tragedia? recensuit et accuravit Joannes Carey, LL.D. 12mo. 6s.

Sophocles Antigone, Grace, exrecensione, et cum Notis R. F. P. Brunkii accedunt Scholia Graca Textui, nunc primum subjecta, Godofr. Henr. Schaeferi Annotatio Integra et Index Graeco Latinus. 3s. 6d.


Illustrations of the interrogative system of Education.

A Poetical Grammar of the English Language. By Joseph Fitch. Also, by the same author, The Monitor's Manual, or Figures Made Easy, price Is.


A Portrait of the Countess of Lieven, from a drawing by Sir Tho. Lawrence. P. R. A. Engraved by Wm. Bromley, Esq. A. R. A. Prints, price 15s. Proofs, IU lis. 6d.

Beauties of the Dulwich Picture Gallery. By an Amateur, 3s.

A Portrait of His Most Gracious Majesty George the Fourth, executed in imitative Cameo, from a Model by Barnett. Also, a portrait of Lord Byron. Price 6s. each, plain ; 8s. shaded.

Part XIV. of a Series of Engravings in outline, by Henry Moses, of the works of Canova.

Portraits of the Worthies of Westminster Hall, with their autographs; being Fac-similics of original sketches, found in the Note-Book of a Briefless Barrister. Part 1. 8vo. Containing 20 Portraits coloured. Price 20s.


A Portrait of the late Rohert Morris, Esq. many years Member of Parliament for the City of Glocester,&c Engraved by ■William Say, from the Original Picture, by J. Oliver, Esq. A. R. A. 1/. Is. proofs If. Us. lid.

A Portrait of bis most gracious Majesty George IV. Engraved in mezzotinto, by Charles Turner, of a three-quarter's size, from the large painting of the King, in his private dress. By Sir ThomasLaurence, P.R.A. principal painter to his Majesty, being the last for which his Majesty was pleased to sit. Prints, price L.1, Is.—Proofs, L.2, 2s.

A Print, taken from the Tale of Tam o' Shanter, being the first of a series of engravings, from the poems of Robert Burns. Painted and engraved by Joh.i Burnett. Size of the print, 12 inches by 8f. Proof impressions, L. 1, Is.—Prints, 12s.

Introduction to the Study of the Anatomy of the Human Body, particularly designed for the use of Painters, Sculptors, and Artists in general. Translated from the German of John Henry Lavater, and illustrated by 27 Lithographic plates. Price 12s. half-bound.


A Complete and General Chronology of the Reigns of George III, and IV. or from the year 1760 to October 31, 1823. Including a Notice of every important Fact in Public History—Proceedings of Parliament—Courts of Law—Police Reports — Prices Current— Statistics — Finance—Science—Literature — Drama —Fine Arts— Boxiana — Longevity — Deaths—Births—Natural Phenomena— Earthquakes — Meteors, &c. &c. &c. With a Synoptical Chronology of the most important Events and Discoveries, from the earliest Records, to the year 1760. By James Fordyce.

VoL I. Part 2. The History of the Political Institutions of the Netherlands; with the Constitutions by which that Country has been and is now governed, completing the First volume of The History of the Political Institutions of the Nations of Europe and America; from the French of MM. Dufou, Duvergicre, and Guadet. By T. E. Evans, Esq.

Fasti Hellenici. The Civil and Literary Chronology of Greece, from the 55th to the 124th Olympiad. By Henry Fynes Clinton, Esq. M.A. late Student of Christ Church. Oxford. L. 1, 2s.

Vol. XV.

A Treatise on Life Assurance, in which the Systems and Practice of the leading Life Institutions are stated and explained ; with an Appendix of Cases, including Arguments particularly relating to Trading Joint Stock Companies. By George Farren, Solicitor and Resident Director of the Economic Life Assurance Society. 7s.

The Law of Landlord and Tenant (wherein of lodgings), with an introductory view of the origin and foundation of Property in Land, and of the different Estates into which it is now divided. Also, an Appendix; containing all the requisite forms of notice, to quit, to repair, and of distress, &c j with practical directions respecting notices to quit, and also for making, conducting, and disposing of a distress for rent. Intended for the use of the unprofessional reader. By R Tabram. 7s.

Speech of Daniel French, Esq. Barrister at Law, in the case of " The Kingn. Clarke, alias Jones."

A Collection of English Styles, or Forms, for the Use of the Profession of the Law in Scotland; to which is added a Table, shewing who is entitled to the Administration of Intestate's Estate, and the manner in which the same is disposed of by the Statute of Distribution. By Alexander Dobie, Attorney«t Law, and Scotch Agent 7s.

An Enquiry into some of the Rules of Evidence relating to the Incompetency of Witnesses. By Richard Whitcombe, Esq. Barrister at Law. 3s.


Five Minutes' Examination of an Article in the last Number of the Edinburgh Review, respecting the Judicial Character of Lord Eldon. By a Barrister. Is.

Eccentric and Humorous Letters of Eminent Men and Women, remarkable for Wit aud brilliancy of Imagination in their Correspondence. Including several of Dean Swift, Foote, Garrick, &c. Embellished with a portrait of Frederick, King of Prussia, and a fac-simile of a curious Autograph. 2s. (id.

A Letter to Lord Grenville on the late Expulsion of Mr Baillie from the Christ Church, Oxford. Is.

An Appeal to the British Nation to think for themselves, instead of allowing Wilberforce, Buxton, and others, to think for them. With a true Statement of the Condition of the Negroes in the Island of Jamaica.—By John Reed. 8vo. Is. 6d.

The Spirit of the Public Journals, for the Year 1823: being an impartial Selec2 11

tion of the most exquisite Essays, Jeux d'Esprit, andTales of Humour, Prose and Verse, that have appeared. 10s. 6d.

A Vindication of the Hon. Sir James Allan Park, Knt. one of the Justices of his Majesty's Court of Common Pleas.

Rules for the Government of Gaols and Houses of Correction, founded on the Act passed in the last Session of Parliament, for Consolidating and Amending the Laws relating to Prisons, and selected from Rules in force at the best conducted Gaols in Europe. 3s.

A Letter to John Bull, the Editor of a Sunday newspaper; in which the following subjects are touched upon—Mr Wilberforce, Mr Macaulay, Mr Buxton, the Bishop of London, Prince Leopold, the Duke of Gloucester, the Duke of Sussex, Doctor Keate, the Book, Sunday Reading, Bartlett's Buildings, Theatrical Criticisms, Indecent Jests, &c. By Justus. Is.

The Koromantyn Slaves ; or, WestIndian sketchings. 5s. 6d.

Remarks on the Condition of the Slaves in the Island of Jamaica. By William Sells. Is. 6d.

An Attempt to strip Negro Emancipation of its Difficulties as well as its Terrors, &c. Is. 6d.

Peace and War: an Essay, in two Parts. 3s. 6d.

Rivington's Annual Register for the year 1822, in one large volume 8vo. 18s.

No. 1 of British Entomology, or Illustrations and Descriptions of the Genera of Insects found in Great Britain and Ireland; containing coloured Figures of the most rare and beautiful Species, and of the Plants upon which they are found. By John Curtis, F.L.S. To be continued monthly, 3s. 6d. plain, 4s. 6d. coloured.

No. 1 of Le Philanthrope Chretien, (The Christian Philanthropist,) a new Magazine, in the French Language, being a Periodical Review of the Proceedings and Progress of Charitable and Religious Societies in all parts of the world, but more especially in England. To be continued every two months, price per Annum, one guinea, or, in separate Numbers, 3s. (Jd. each.

No. 1 La Balancia, a Journal of Theatrical Music. Each number will contain twenty-four pages octavo, Italian and English, printed in alternate columns. The Work may be had, price Is. each Number; to Annual Subscribers, 21, 2s. To be continued monthly.

The Graces, or Literary Souvenir. 12s.

No. 1 Encyclopaedia Heraldica; or,

Complete Dictionary of Heraldry. By William Berry. To be,continued Monthly. 7s. or 12s. large paper.

No. 1 of The Westminster Review. To be continued quarterly.

The Oriental Herald and Colonial Review.' To be continued monthly. 3s. 6d.

No. 1 of Public Characters: comprising Memoirs of all the Eminent Personages now living, who are distinguished by rank, Fame, or Talent. By Edward Newton, Esq. Embellished with Portraits. To be continued Monthly. 2s. 6d.

The Post Office London Directory for 1824, being a list of 20,000 Merchants, Traders, &c. of London, and parts adjacent; list of the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen, List of the Bankers in London; List of 700 Country Bankers, with the Bankers they draw on in London. &c. &c. &c.

Private Correspondence of the late William Cowper, Esq. With several of his most intimate Friends. Now first published from the Originals, in the possession of the Editor, the Rev. Dr Johnson, Rector of Yaxharn with Welborne, in Norfork. 2 vols. L. 1, 8s.

Sketches in India, containing Observations upon Calcutta, the Form of Government established in Bengal, the Civil and Military Branches of the Company's Service, the Jurisprudence, Revenue, and Press; with Notices tending to illustrate the Characters of European Residents. Also, giving an Account of the Agriculture, Customs, and Manners of the Native Inhabitants. By William Huggins, late an Indigo Planter in the District of Tirhoot. 9s. 6d.

The Months of the Year; or, Conversations on the Calendar; a Compendium of Biography, History and Chronology; explaining the Many Remarkable Events recorded in the Almanack. 7s. 6d.

Instructive Enigmas, set to Music; being a Collection of Riddles, selected from the best Authors, and adnpted to the Music of Popular National Melodies; forming an innocent recreation for winter evenings, and mi Excellent Collection of Lessons for the Harp or Piano-Forte. By Augustus Voight. L. 1, Is.

The English Traveller's Assistant in Italy; containing a Collection of Words in common use in the English and Italian Languages; with Familiar Phrases and Short Dialogues, &c. 2s. 6d.

A Letter to the Justices of the Peace for the County of Surrey, on the Cases in the House of Correction at Guildford, presented by Mr Briscoe to them ut their

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