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side the couch, and sickened at the thought of separation:

“ In averting to the ephemeral duration of the most virtuous; of those whom the selfishness of devoted attachment would vainly wish never to die, but who are, alas! so often cut down in their prime, before one grey hair has heralded dissolution;—by dispensations, which to mortals, “ seeing but through a glass darkly,” are incomprehensibly mysterious, how consolatary the reflection, that life is not to be estimated by its days, but by its deeds; and that, though at the fiat of Omnipotence the sacrifice must be consumed, it is not without shedding additional lustre around the altar."

Yet, why should we term the dispensations of Jehovah “ incomprehensibly mysterious,” in the removal of his favoured servants. Mark well the endearing tenderness of those exceeding great and precious promises, which gladden the departing spirit with an earnest of unutterable joy. Thus assured, why should we mourn as those who have no hope, if our friends are summoned to resign life, and health, and friendship; nay, even every thing in which the heart of man delights, for the certainty — of what? Not of the fleeting pleasure of this world, but of glory, and that peace which passeth all understanding Why should we selfishly lament

that they are called away, not to the highest and most refined society in this intellectual land; not to the magnificence of Arcadian scenery, in which the eye of taste may revel amid creation's loveliest forms; but to become the willing subjects of Him in whose dominions the voice of sorrow and sighing are unknown, to be welcomed to the communion of saints by ministering angels, to the spirits of just men made perfect? Yet a little while, and such as follow their Redeemer in the way of his requirings, shall also be admitted to this blessedness; or else, those who sleep in Jesus will God bring with him, all holy, and all happy, all with ineffable delight, welcoming their ascending friends, and so shall they be for ever with the Lord.

But let us not deceive ourselves; let us not substitute fond illusions for the awful realities of the Gospel. The path of the just, that path which has been trodden by saints and martyrs, is a narrow one. We must watch and pray; we must strive and wrestle; we must take up the cross, and live above the world, its sinful desires and affections, or never enter the paradise of God.


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