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The Poetical Works of Leigh Hunt, now first entirely collected, revised by himself, and edited with an Introduction by S. Adams Lee. Boston : Ticknor and Fields. 1857. 2 vols. 16mo. pp. 297, 321. (Blue and gold. Portrait.)

White Lies, a Novel. By Charles Reade. Parts II. and III. Boston: Ticknor and Fields. (Reprint.)

Nothing to Do : a Tilt at our Best Society. Illustrated. Boston : James French & Co. 12mo, pp. 45.

Kiana: a Tradition of Hawaii. By James J. Jarves. Boston: James Munroe & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 277.

Waverley Novels, Household Edition. · The Heart of Mid-Lothian. 2 vols. Bride of Lammermoor. . 2 vols. Boston : Ticknor and Fields.

Dramas and Poems. By Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton. Boston: Whittemore, Niles, and Hall. 16mo. pp. 328. (Blue and gold.)

Footsteps on the Seas. A Poem. By A. D.T.W. Boston : Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 12mo. pp. 50. (See p. 459.)

Harpers' Story-Books. No. 35. Viola. — No. 36. Little Paul.

Mabel Vaughan. Boston: J. P. Jewett & Co. 12mo. pp. 508. (No. tice deferred.)

City Poems. By Alexander Smith. Boston: Ticknor and Fields. 16mo. pp. 136. (See p. 456.)

Beranger: Two Hundred of his Lyrical Poems, done into English Verse. By William Young. A new Edition. New York : D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 400.


How to do Business; a Pocket Manual of Practical Affairs, and Guide to Success in Life. New York: Fowlers and Wells. 1857. 12mo. pp. 156.

Chemical Problems and Reactions, to accompany Stöckhardt's Elements of Chemistry. By Josiah P. Cooke, Jr. Cambridge : John Bartlett. 1857. 12mo. pp. 128.

Fresh Leaves, by Fanny Fern. New York : Mason and Brothers. 1857. 16mo. pp. 336.

Sam Slick, the Clockmaker. By Judge Haliburton. With Illustrations. Philadelphia : T. B. Peterson. Two volumes in one.

pp. 179, 192. First Book of Chemistry and Allied Sciences, including an Outline of Agricultural Chemistry. By John A. Porter. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co. 12mo. pp. 202.

Memorial of the Inauguration of the Statue of Franklin. Prepared and printed by Authority of the City Council. Boston. 8vo. pp. 412.

The Hand-book of Household Science. A Popular Account of Heat, Light, Air, Aliment, and Cleansing, in their Scientific Principles and Domestic Applications. By E. L. Youmans. New York : D. Appleton & Co. 12mo. pp. 447. (A very thoroughly prepared and useful manual.).

The Impending Crisis of the South : How to meet it. By Hinton Rowan Helper, of North Carolina. Fourth Thousand. New York: Burdick Broth

12mo. pp. 420. (Notice deferred.) The Elements of Drawing ; in Three Letters to Beginners. By John Ruskin, M. A. With Illustrations, drawn by the Author. New York: Wiley and Halsted. 12mo. pp. 234. (Reprint.) (Notice deferred.)





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Ages of Christendom before the Reforma- its Origin in Greece down to the Present

tion, by John Stoughton, noticed, 278. Day, by George H. Lewes, 331.
Agrippa, or The Evangelists, by Leavitt Bishop Hopkins on Slavery, 166 - Errors
Hunt, noticed, 444.

of statement, 169 — Sophisms, 174.
America and Europe, by Adam G. de Gu- Blodgett, Lorin, The Climatology of the
rowski, article on, 231.

United States, 384.
American Antiquarian Society, Transac- Bronté, Charlotte, her Biography, by Mrs.

tions and Collections of, Vol. III., re- Gaskell, reviewed, 145.
viewed, 257.

Brooks, Charles T., his Translation of
Anthologie christlicher Gesänge aus der Goethe's Faust, reviewed, 1.

ältern und mittlern Zeit, von A. J. Ram- Bunsen, Dr., his God in History, or the
bach, reviewed, 359.

Progress of the Belief in a Moral Order
Anthropologie. Die Lehre von der mensch- of the Universe, reviewed, 137.

lichen Seele. Von Immanuel Hermann
Fichte, 331.

Caswall, Rev. Henry, D.D., his Martyr of
Annual of Scientific Discovery, or Year- the Pongas, a Memoir of the Rev. Ham-

Book of Facts in Science and Art, for ble James Leacock, Leader of the West
1857, noticed, 348.

Indian Mission to Western Africa, no-
Archæologia Americana. Transactions and ticed, 296.

Collections of the American Antiqua- Cathedra Petri, by Thomas Greenwood,

rian Society, Vol. III., reviewed, 257. noticed, 277.
Atlantic Monthly, The, noticed, 460. Channing, W. E., Sa Vie et ses Euvres,
Azaīs, L'Abbé, his Pèlerinage en Terre- noticed, 451.
Sainte, reviewed, 211.

Chastel, Stephen, The Charity of the Prim-

itive Churches, noticed, 279.
Bacon's Essays, with Annotations by China, its Destiny, article on,

Richard Whately, D.D., noticed, 138. Christian Records, by L. A. Merivale, no-
Baird, Robert, Protestantism in Italy, Past ticed, 279.
and Present, 404.

Christ's Creatorship, Doctrine of, 183.
Baur, Dr. Ferdinand Christian : Paulus, Climatology, article on, 385.

der Apostel Jesu Christi. Sein Leben Conybeare, Rev. W. J., and the Rev. J. S.
und Wirken, seine Briefe und seine Lehre, Howson, their Life and Epistles of St.

Paul, 391.
Bayne, Peter, M.A., Essays in Biography Corderoy, Edward, his Lecture on Public
and Criticism, 288.

Amusements, reviewed, 47.
Beard, Dr., his People's Dictionary of the Communion of Labor, by Mrs. Jameson,
Bible, reviewed, 135.

noticed, 140.
Beecher, Catharine E., The Bible and the Comte, Auguste, Religion of Humanity,
People, reviewed, 133.

reviewed, 18.
Bellows, 'Henry W., his Address on Public Craik, George L., The English of Shake-
Amusements, reviewed, 47.

speare illustrated in a Philological Com-
Bible and the People, by Catharine E. mentary of his Julius Cæsar, 285.
Beecher, reviewed, 133.

Cunningham, G. W., De Rancé, a poem
Bibliotheca Sacra, noticed, 305.

by, noticed, 458.
Biographical History of Philosophy, from Current Literature, reviewed, 131, 274, 431.
Dall, C. H. A., his Gospel Principles, in Fish, Rev. Henry C., his Pulpit Eloquence
ten lectures, reviewed, 36.

of the Nineteenth Century, noticed, 284.
Delitzch, Franz, his System der Biblischen Footsteps on the Seas, noticed, 459.

Psychologie (System of Biblical Psy-
chology), reviewed, 157.

Gallenga, Antonio, his History of Piedmont,
De Rancé, a Poem, by G. W. Cun ingham, 404.
noticed, 458.

Gaskell, Mrs., her Life of Charlotte Bronté,
Destiny of China, 200 - the First War reviewed, 145.

with Great Britain, 201 — Emperor Taou Gentile and Jew before Christ, 313 — Gfrö-
Kwang, 202 — reign of the Manchu Tar- rer's Primitive Christianity, 313 — course
tars, 206 — population of China, 208 of Greek thought, 315 — Epicureans and
the Chinese eminently fitted for a mari- Stoics, 316 — mysticism, 319 — Alexan-
time people, 209.

dria, 320 — Philo, 325.
Discourse in Commemoration of Rev. Wil Geography and Travels, noticed in the Re-

liam Parsons Lunt, D.D., by Chandler view of Current Literature, 143, 291, 451.
Robbins, noticed, 307.

Gfrörer's Primitive Christianity, article on,
Doctrine concerning the Sacraments, by 314.

Archbishop Whately, reviewed, 136. Glimpses of Life and Manners in Persia,
Doctrine of Christ's Creatorship, 183.

noticed, 291.
Doctrine of Christ, the World's Judge, 359 God in History, &c., by Christian Karl Jo-

“ Dies iræ, dies illa," 360 — - Michael sias Bunsen, noticed, 137.
Angelo's picture of the Last Judgment, Gospel according to Paul, article on, 391.
361 - - Matthew xxv. 31 – 46, 364 — "the Greenwood, Thomas, his Cathedra Petri ;
Word” the Judge, 368.

a Political History of the Great Latin
Doctrine of Inspiration, by Rev. John Mac- Patriarchate, 277.
naught, M.A., noticed, 280.

Greyson Letters, the, noticed, 449.
Dred Scott, the Decision of the Supreme Gurowski, Adam G. de, his America and

Court concerning, 65 - the Southern and Europe, noticed, 141 — reviewed, 231
Northern theories about negroes, 68 — extracts from, 232.
Judge Taney's Interpretation of the Dec-
laration of Independence, 69 — facts of Hackett, Mary, Translation of the Life of
the case, 72 - technical decision of the St. Elizabeth of Hungary, by Count de
case, 73 — two involved questions, 77 – Montalembert, noticed, 298.

only important practical decision, 93. Hale, Edward E., his Discourse on Public
Düntzer, H., Goethe's Faust, Erster und Amusements, reviewed, 47.
zweiter Theil, 1.

Half-Century of the Unitarian Controversy,
Dynevor Terrace, or the Clew of Life, by by G. E. Ellis, reviewed, 132.
Miss Yonge, noticed, 301.

Hartung, J. A., Ungelehrte Erklärung des

Goethe'schen Faust, 1.
Eadie, Professor, his Critical Estimate Hazard, Rowland G., his Essay on Lan-

of Dr. Kitto's Life and Writings, re- guage, and other Papers, noticed, 139.
viewed, 243.

History and Politics, noticed in the Review
Eclectic Review, noticed, 302.

of Current Literature, 141.
Edwards, Rev. John E., Random Sketches Holy Land, article on the, 211 — the book

and Notes of European Travel in 1856, of M. Azaïs, reviewed, 212 — M. Prime's
noticed, 293.

volume, 214 Dr. Stewart's work, 226
Eliot, S. A., a Memoir of Ephraim Pea- Serbál the true Sinai, 229.
body's Life, noticed, 138.

Honduras, Explorations and Adventures in,
Elliott, Charles W., the New England His- by William V. Wells, noticed, 143.
tory, reviewed, 257.

Hopkins, John Henry, D.D., LL.D., Bishop
Ellis, George E., his Half-Century of the of the Protestant Episcopal Church in

Controversy, noticed, 132 — ar- the Diocese of Vermont, his “ American
ticle on, 183 — his Inaugural Address, de- Citizen,” reviewed, 166.
livered in the Chapel of Harvard College, Howard, 'Benjamin C., his Report of the
noticed, 308.

Decision of the Supreme Court of the
Erdmann, John Eduard, his Psychologische United States, and the Opinions of the
Briefe, reviewed, 157.

Judges thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott
Essays, &c., reviewed, 138, 449.

versus John F. A. Sandford, reviewed, 65.
Essays in 'Biography and Criticism, by Hull, John, his Diaries Public and Private,
Peter Bayne, M.A., noticed, 288.

printed in the Transactions and Collec-

tions of the American Antiquarian So-
Faber, George Stanley, an Inquiry into the ciety, Vol. III., noticed, 258.

History and Theology of the Ancient Hunt, Leavitt, his Agrippa, or The Evan-
Waldenses and Albigenses, 404.

gelists, noticed, 444.
Faust, Translation, by Charles T. Brooks,
article on, 1.

Inaugural Address of George E. Ellis, at
Fichte, Immanuel Hermann, his Anthropo- Harvard College, noticed, 308.
logie, 331.

India's appeal to Christian Unitarians, 36


- Theology of the Hindus, 38 — Female Martin, R. Montgomery, his book about
Deities, 40 – Rammohun Roy, 43.

China, reviewed, 200.
Intuitive Morals, an Essay on, being an Martineau, James, his Miscellanies, his

Attempt to popularize Ethical Science. Pause and Retrospect, reviewed, 94 –
Part I. Theory of Morals, Part II. Prac- his intellectual qualities, 97 — a theologi-
tice of Morals; Book I. Religious Duty, cal critic, 98 — his religious writing, 100
370 — The Eternal Right, 371 — true idea - extract from “Endeavors after the
of conscience, 372 — science of morals, Christian Life," 102 — from “the Chris-

- 373 — religious obligations, the objects tian Student," 105 – 118.
and spirit of prayer, 381.

Martyr of the Pongas, by Rev. Henry Cas-

wall, D. D., 296.
Jane Eyre, Life of its author, by Mrs. Gas- Maurice, Frederick Denison, his Lectures
kell, noticed, 145.

the Ecclesiastical History of the
Jameson, Mrs., her Sisters of Charity, First and Second Centuries, reviewed,

mans, 391.

Catholic and Protestant, noticed, 140. 275.
Johnston, A. Keith, his Physical Atlas of Merivale, L. A., his Christian Records, a
Natural Phenomena, noticed, 141.

Short History of the Apostolic Age, no-
Jowett, Benjamin, M.A., the Epistles of St. ticed, 279.
Paul to the Thessalonians, Galatians, Ro- Miller, Hugh, the Testimony of the Rocks,

noticed, 295.
Journals and Reviews, noticed in the Re- Miscellanies, by James Martineau, reviewed,
view of Current Literature, 149, 302, 460.

94 - 131.

Montalembert, Count de, Life of St. Eliza-
Kidd, Samuel, his book about China, re- beth of Hungary, translated by Mary
viewed, 200.

Hackett, noticed, 298.
Kitto, John, Memoir of, by J. E. Ryland,
M. A., reviewed, 243.

National Review for April, noticed, 150 -
Knaves and Fools, or Friends of Bohemia, for July, 304.
noticed, 300.

New Publications Received, 152, 311, 463.
Koeppen, C. F., his work on Buddhism, New England History, by Charles W. Elliott,
noticed, 455.

reviewed, 257.
Kritische Geschichte des Urchristenthums, North British Review, noticed, 304.
durch August Gfrörer, 313.

Oliver, Peter, his Puritan Commonwealth,
Language, Essay on, and other papers, by reviewed, 257.
Rowland G. Hazard, noticed, 139.

Our first Fathers and their first Children,
Leacock, Rev. Hamble James, Memoir of, 257 - new volume of the Antiquarian

by Rev. Henry Caswall, noticed, 296. Society's Transactions, 257 – John Hull,
Lewes, George Henry, his Biographical His- 258 Mr. Oliver's volume, 259 — two

tory of Philosophy from its origin in generations of Puritans, 265 — mistake

Greece down to the Present Day, 331. of Mr. Kingsley, 272.
Life and Epistles of St. Paul, by the Rev.

W. J. Conybeare, M. A., and the Rev. J. Paraméswara-jnyána-goshthi, noticed, 455.
S. Howson, M. A., 391.

Park, Edwards A., Introductory Essay to
Life and Works of John Kitto, 243 — Dr. Mr. Fish's Pulpit Eloquence, noticed, 284.

Ryland's biography, 243 — the parents Parker, Theodore, discussed by James B.
of John Kitto, 245 — his craving for liter- Walker, in his Philosophy of Scepticism
ature, 247

Oriental preferences, 249 — and Ultraism, 134.
Useful Knowledge Society, 251 - Pic- Pause and Retrospect, a Minister's Aims
torial History of Palestine, 252 — Cyclo- Reviewed, by James Martineau, reviewed,
pædia of Biblical Literature, 254 — his 94 - 131.

trust in Providence, his death, 256. Pauthier, M. G., his Chine, ou Description
Life of Michael Angelo Buonarroti, by Historique, Géographique, et Littéraire

John S. Harford, Description of the de ce vaste Empire, d'apres des Docu-
painting of the Last Judgment, 359. ments Chinois, reviewed, 200.
Linn, Dr. Lewis F., Life of, by E. A. Linn Peabody, Ephraim, D. D., his Sermons; also
and N. Sargent, noticed, 299.

a Memoir of his Life, prepared by Hon.
Literary Intelligence, 151, 310, 465.

Samuel A. Eliot, reviewed, 138.
London Monthly Review, and Record of the Pèlerinage en Terre-Sainte, par L'Abbé
London Prophetical Society, noticed, 302. Azaïs, reviewed, 211.

People's Dictionary of the Bible, by Dr.
Macnaught, Rev. John, the Doctrine of In- Beard, reviewed, 135.

spiration, being an Inquiry concerning Philological Commentary on Shakespeare's
the Infallibility, Inspiration, and Author- Julius Cæsar, by George L. Craik, no-
ity of Holy Writ, noticed, 280.

ticed, 285.
Manifest Destiny of the American Union, Philosophie der Griechen, von Dr. Ed-

an article in the Westminster Review, ward Zeller, reviewed, 313.
noticed, 303.

Philosophy of Scepticism and Ultraism, 134.

Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena, by School Days at Rugby, noticed, 301.
Å. Keith Johnston, F. R. S. E., Geo- Schwarz, Karl, his Geschichte der neuester
grapher at Edinburgh in Ordinary to her Theologie, noticed, 432.
Majesty, &c., noticed, 141.

Sermons preached at Trinity Chapel, Brigh-
Practical Study of the Human Soul, article ton, by the late Frederick W. Robertson,

on, 331–Mr. Lewes's work, 332 — Fichte, M.A., the Incumbent, noticed, 282.

Sermons by Ephraim Peabody, D.D., re-
Pre-Raffaelitism, or a Popular Inquiry into viewed, 138.

some Newly Asserted Principles connect- Sheil, Lady, Glimpses of Life and Manners
ed with the Philosophy, Poetry, Religion, in Persia, noticed, 291.
and Revolution of Art, by Rev. Edward Sisters of Charity, Catholic and Protestant,
Young, noticed, 290.

by Mrs. Jameson, noticed, 140.
Prime, W. C., his Tent Life in the Holy Slavery, Bishop Hopkins on, reviewed, 166.
Land, reviewed, 211.

Smith, Alexander, his City Poems, noticed,
Princeton Review, noticed, 305.

Protest in Piedmont, article on, 404 — the Stewart, Dr., his Tent and the Khan, re-

Allocution of the Pope to the College of viewed, 211.
Cardinals, 405 — Sardinia, 406 — excom- Storrs, Richard S., The Constitution of the
munication, 409 — the Waldenses, 413 Human Soul, reviewed, 157.

Waldo and Dominic, 421 — future of Stoughton, John, his Ages of Christendom,
Piedmont, 431.

noticed, 278.
Public Amusements and Public Morality, Supreme Court, the Decision of the, in the

47 - 65 — the Drama, 48 — Mr. Bellows's Dred Scott case, article on, 65.
Address, 49 — Mr. Hale's Discourse, 50

- cheap music, 55 England, 56 Taylor, Isaac, his Restoration of Belief, no-
Warren Street Chapel, 63.

ticed, 274.
Pulpit Eloquence of the Nineteenth Centu- Testimony of the Rocks, or Geology in its

ry, by Rev. Henry C. Fish, noticed, 284. Bearings on the two Theologies, Natural
Puritan Commonwealth, The, an Historical and Revealed, by Hugh Miller, noticed,

Review of the Puritan Government in 295.
Massachusetts, by the late Peter Oliver, Tent Life in the Holy Land, by William C.
of the Suffolk Bar, reviewed, 257.

Prime, reviewed, 211.
Putnam's Monthly, noticed, 306.

The Tent and the Khan, a Journey to Sinai

and Palestine, by Robert Walter Stewart,
Rambach, A. J., Anthologie christlicher D.D., reviewed, 211.
Gesänge, reviewed, 359.

Tom Brown's School Days, noticed, 301.
Random Sketches, and Notes of European · Train, G. F., his American Merchant, no-

Travel, by Rev. John E. Edwards, no- ticed, 451.

ticed, 293.
Recent German Theology, noticed, 431. War against Time and Space, 348 — Trans-
Recent Psychologists, 157 — Dr. Storrs's atlantic telegraph, 349

— the work of the
volume, 159 — Letters of Erdmann, 160 world, 350 – trade and commerce, 351

the system of Delitzch, 161 - Richard increase of prosperity, 352-the Pilgrims,
Rothe's book, 163.

355 – Crimean war, 356.
Religion of Humanity, by Auguste Comte, Walker, James B., Philosophy of Scepti-
18 — its spirit and aim, 23 —

- religious cism and Ultraism, 134.
prepossessions of the author, 30

Wells, W. V., his Explorations and Adven-
ples of his style, 35.

tures in Honduras, noticed, 143.
Review of Current Literature, 131, 274, 431. Westminster Review, noticed, 149, 303.
Robbins, Chandler, his Discourse in Com- Whately, Richard, Archbishop of Dublin,

memoration of Dr. Lunt, noticed, 307. “ The Scripture Doctrine concerning the
Robertson, Frederick W., M.A., his Ser- Sacraments and the Points connected
mons, noticed, 282.

therewith,” reviewed, 136 — his Notes to
Rogers, Henry, his Greyson Letters, no- Bacon's Essays, noticed, 138.
ticed, 449.

Whitty, Edward N., Knaves and Fools, or
Rothe, Richard, his Theologische Ethik Friends of Bohemia, noticed, 300.
(Theological Ethics), reviewed, 157. Williams, Rev. Rowland, his work on Hin-

duism, noticed, 455.
St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Life of, by Count
de Montalembert, noticed, 298.

Yonge, Miss, Dynevor Terrace, or the
Saint-Hilaire, Barthélemy, his Egypt and Clew of Life, noticed, 301.

the Great Suez Canal, noticed, 452. Young, Rev. Edward, Pre-Raffaelitism, or
Sawyer, Frederic W., his plea for Amuse- a Popular Inquiry into some newly as-
ments, reviewed, 47.

serted Principles connected with Art, 290.
Science, works of, noticed in the Review
of Current Literature, 141 – 143.

Zeller, Dr. Edward, Die Philosophie der
Scientific Intelligence, 151, 310.

Griechen, 314.


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