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Among the foreign literary announcements which we suppose may be of interest to our readers we note the following:

The fourth volume of the “ British Cyclopædia,” Department of Biography, is lately published. This portion of the work is to consist of six volumes, and claims to be the completest in the English language.

Of the “Encyclopædia Britannica,” volumes one to twelve are now ready. To be had of Little, Brown, & Co., Boston.

A Cyclopædia of the Playsical Sciences,” illustrated by Maps, Engravings, and Numerous Woodcuts, by Professor Nichol of Edinburgh, is announced, at the moderate price of four dollars.

A “Gazetteer of the World,” in seven volumes, is announced in London at £ 10.

Smith's “ Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography” has been completed by the publication of the second volume.

A new “ Atlas of the United States” has been published at $ 6, by Johnston of Edinburgh ; also, “Quin's Historical Atlas, containing maps of countries at various periods on a uniform scale, is announced at the low price of $ 3.

For a full notice of the new and enlarged edition of Johnston's magnificent ** Physical Atlas of Natural Phenomena," see page 141. It is sold in America at the price of sixty dollars.

A new edition has been published of Richardson's great “ Dictionary of the English Language.” Price, $ 20. A Supplement, containing the additional matter, may be had at $ 3.

A complete collection of Sir William Hamilton's Lectures is announced to be published shortly by Blackwood, Edinburgh.

The sixth volume of Merivale's “ Romans under the Empire,” and the fifth of Colonel Mure's “Critical History of the Language and Literature of Ancient Greece," are recently published by Longman, London. Also, by the same publishers, a History of Jewish Literature from the Eighth to the Eighteenth Century”; and a volume of “Essays from the Edinburgh and Quarterly Reviews, with Addresses and other Pieces,” by Sir J. F. W. Herschel.

A new edition of Lewes's “Biographical History of Philosophy,” thoroughly revised, with many additions, including seven chapters wholly new, in one octavo volume, has been published by J. W. Parker, London.

Constable & Co. of Edinburgh have published the second volume of the “ Letters of John Calvin, compiled from the original Manuscripts, and edited, with Historical Notes, by Dr. Jules Bonnet. Translated from the original Latin and French.”

Several recent foreign publications will be found noticed under the head of “ Current Literature.”



The 430 Asteroid was discovered by Mr. Pogson at Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, April 15, 1857. The first of these bodies was discovered January 1, 1801, the fourth March 29, 1807, and the fifth December 8, 1845,

The 44th was discovered in Paris, May 27.

The scientific circles at Cambridge have been recently interested in an observation of Professor Peirce, not yet published, upon the form of the continents. If we elevate a terrestrial globe until the Arctic and Antarctic Circles are tangent to the wooden horizon, and then cause the globe slowly to revolve, we shall find that a majority of the lines of elevation in the earth's crust, i. e. coast lines and mountain ranges, will, either as they rise or as they go down, coincide in passing with the wooden horizon. For example, the main coast of the United States trending northeast will, if carried on in a great circle, graze the Arctic Circle, and the coasts of Florida and Labrador trending northwest will

graze it on the other side. The same is true of the east coasts of South America and Africa, the coasts of the Red Sea, of Italy, of the Black Sea, of Hindostan, of New Zealand, etc., etc. The Arctic and Antarctic Circles are also coast lines, being always tangent to the horizon. It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of this fine discovery; proving as it does, by geological facts, that the obliquity of the ecliptic has been essentially unchanged since the dawn of creation, and that solar heat was the agent to carry out the command on the second day, to let the dry land appear. The line of separation between light and darkness, between solar heat and the coolness of night, travelling daily for two months in summer, and again for two months in winter, in such a position as to coincide in passing with the lines of upheaval, indicates unmistakably that it was connected with the determination of those lines; the slight expansion and shrinking being sufficient to determine the line of_rupture of the crust. From a comparison of the forms of the continents, Professor Peirce also draws the order of their upheaval; showing for instance that the Western Continent is older than Europe, and that the Gulf Stream during the second day of creation caused the great variety of outline in that continent.

Since the above was written, Gould & Lincoln have published a pamphlet of 256 pages, by “ Richard Owen, M. D., Professor of Geology and Chemistry in the University of Nashville," a wild farrago of fanciful analogies between the geology of the globe and the growth of an embryo plant or animal ; mingled with a profusion of apologies for the author's health, style of writing, etc. Dr. Owen acknowledges that his views have elicited considerable merriment among his friends, and he must pardon us for saying that his book will be received only with smiles by strangers who take pains to read it. Even his best observations are strangely mingled with error; - and although he has noticed the fact that the coast lines run in great circles, tangent to the Arctic Circle, he has done it in a manner which shows a misapprehension both of the geometrical and of the geological relations of the fact.



Lectures on Christian Doctrine. By Andrew P. Peabody, Pastor of the South Church, Portsmouth, N. H. New Edition, with an Introductory Lecture on the Scriptures. Boston and Cambridge: James Munroe & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 263.

Principles of Natural Theology. By Robert Anchor Thompson, M. A. London : Rivingtons, Waterloo Place. 1857. 12mo. pp. 120.

The Offices for the Sick, (properly arranged,) according to the Use of the United Church of England and Ireland. London: Samuel Bagster & Sons, &c., &c. 12mo. pp. 32.

Priesthood and Clergy unknown to Christianity: or, The Church a Community of Coequal Brethren. A Cento. By Campaginator. Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 168.

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Philosophy of Scepticism and Ultraism. Wherein the Opinions of Rev. Theodore Parker and other Writers are shown to be inconsistent with Sound Reason and the Christian Religion. By James B. Walker, Author of “ The Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation," &c. New York : Derby & Jackson. 1857. 12mo. pp. 286. (See page 134.).

Sermons, by Rev. Ephraim Peabody, D.D., Minister of King's Chapel, Boston. With a Memoir. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 388. (See page 138.)

Sermons Preached at Trinity Chapel, Brighton, by the late Rev. Frederick W. Robertson, M.A., the Incumbent. First series. From the Third London Edition. Boston : Ticknor & Fields. 12mo. pp. 372.

Common Sense Applied to Religion: or, The Bible and the People. By Catharine E. Beecher, Author of " Letters to the People on Health and Happiness," &c. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1857. 12mo. pp. 358. (See page 133.)

A Half-Century of the Unitarian Controversy, with Particular Reference to its Origin, its Course, and its Prominent Subjects, among the Congregationalists of Massachusetts. With an Appendix. By George E. Ellis. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 1857. 8vo. pp. 511. (See page 132.)

Christian Consolations. Sermons designed to furnish Comfort and Strength to the Afflicted. By A. P. Peabody, D. D., Pastor of the South Church, Portsmouth, N. H. Third Edition. Boston: Crosby, Nichols, & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 438.

Pulpit Eloquence of the Nineteenth Century ; being Supplementary to the History and Repository of Pulpit Eloquence, Deceased Divines; and containing Discourses of Eminent Living Ministers in Europe and America, with Sketches Biographical and Descriptive. By Henry C. Fish. With an Introductory Essay by Edwards A. Park, D.D., Abbott Professor in Andover Theological Seminary. New York: W. W. Dodd. 1857. 8vo. pp. 815. (To be reviewed in the next number.)

The State of the Departed. An Address delivered at the Funeral of the Rt. Rev. Benjamin Moore, D. D., on Friday, March 1, 1816; and a Dissertation on the same Subject. By John Henry Hobart, D. D. New York: Thomas N. Stanford. 1857. 12mo. pp. 94.

ESSAYS, ETC. Bacon's Essays: with Annotations, by Richard Whately, D.D., Archbishop of Dublin. From the Second London Edition. New York: C. S. Francis & Co. 1857. 8vo. pp. 536. (See page 138.).

Essay on Language, and Other Papers. By Rowland G. Hazard. Edited by E. P. Peabody. Boston : Phillips, Sampson, & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 348. (See page 139.)

Three Eras of New England, and other Addresses, with Papers Critical and Biographical. By George Lunt. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1857. 12mo. pp. 264.


America and Europe. By Adam G. de Gurowski. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 8vo. pp. 411. (See page 141.)

The Public Economy of the Athenians, with Notices and copious Index, by Augustus Boeckh. Translated from the Second German Edition by Anthony Lamb. Boston: Little, Brown, & Co. London : Sampson, Low, Son, & Co. 1857. 8vo. pp. 826. (To be reviewed hereafter.)

A Report of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Opinions of the Judges thereof, in the Case of Dred Scott versus John F. A. Sandford. New York; D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 8vo. (paper.) pp. 394-633. (Reviewed, page 65.)


pp. 456.

The American in Japan: an Abridgment of the Government Narrative of the United States Expedition to Japan, under Commodore Perry. By Robert Tomes. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 8vo. pp. 415.

American Merchant in Europe, Asia, and Australia. A series of Letters from Java, Singapore, &c. By George Francis Train, of Boston. With an Introduction, by Freeman Hunt, A. M., Editor of “Merchant's Magazine," &c. New York: G. P. Putnam & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 512.

Random Sketches and Notes of European Travel in 1856. By Rev. John E. Edwards, A. M. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1857. 12mo.

Explorations and Adventures in Honduras, comprising Sketches of Travel in the Gold Regions of Olancho, and a Review of the History and General Resources of Central America. With Original Maps and numerous Illustrations. By William V. Wells. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1857. 8vo. pp. 583. _(See page 144.)

Boat Life in Egypt and Nubia. By William C. Prime, Author of " Tent Life in the Holy Land,” &c. (12mo. pp. 498): and

Tent Life in the Holy Land, by the same Author. New York: Harper & Brothers. 12mo. pp. 498. (To be reviewed in next number.)


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The Life of Charlotte Bronté, Author of “ Jane Eyre,&c., &c. By E. C. Gaskell, Author of “ Mary Barton, “Ruth," &c. 2 vols. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 285, 269. (See page 145.)

The Life and Public Services of Dr. Lewis F. Linn, for Ten Years a Senator of the United States from the State of Missouri. By E. C. Linn and N. Sargent. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 8vo. pp. 441.

Life of George Washington. By Washington Irving. 'In 4 volumes. Vol. IV. New York: G. P. Putnam & Co. 1857. 8vo and 12mo. pp. 479.

The Martyr of the Pongas: being a Memoir of the Rev. H. J. Leacock, Leader of the West Indian Mission to Western Africa. By Rev. Henry Caswell, D. D. New York: Thomas N. Stanford. 1857. 12mo. pp. 281.


Waverley Novels, Household Edition. - Waverley. 2 vols. — Guy Mannering. 2 vols. — Antiquary. 2 vols. Rob Roy. 2 vols. Boston : Ticknor & Fields. 1857.

Dramatic Scenes, with other Poems, now first printed. By Barry Cornwall, Author of “ English Songs,” etc. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1857. 1 vol. 12mo. pp. 368.

The British Poets. English and Scottish Ballads. Selected and edited by Francis James Child. 4 vols. - Poems of Chatterton. 2 vols. Poems of Marvel. 1 vol. 16mo. Boston: Little, Brown, & Co. 1857.

Poetical Works of Gerald Massey. Complete in one volume. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1857. 16mo. pp. 301. (Blue and gold.)

The Star and the Cloud; or, A Daughter's Love. By A. S. Roe. New York: Derby & Jackson. 1857. 12mo. pp. 410.

James Mountjoy; or, I've been thinking. Ibid. pp. 327.

To Love and to be Loved ; and, Time and Tide, or Strive and Win. Ibid. pp. 243.

A Long Look Ahead; or, The First Stroke and the Last. Ibid. pp. 441. Grace Truman, or Love and Principle. By Mrs. Sallie Rochester Ford. New York: Sheldon, Blakeman, & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 499. (A religious tale, advocating baptism by immersion).


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pp. 271.

Poems, by William Cullen Bryant. Collected and arranged by the Author. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 18mo. pp. 264.

Dynevor Terrace; or, The Clue of Life. By the Author of “ The Heir of Redclyffe.” New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. 2 vols. 12mo. pp. 316, 319.

The Diary of an Ennuyée. By Mrs. Jameson. From the last London edition. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1857. 18mo. pp. 341. (Blue and gold.)

School Days at Rugby. By an Old Boy. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1857. 12mo. pp. 409.

Nothing New; Tales, by the Author of John Halifax, etc. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1857. 8vo. pp. 126. (Paper.)

Library of Select Novels, No. 203. The Fortunes of Glencore. By Charles Lever. New York: Harper & Brothers. 8vo. pp. 180. (Paper.)

Little Dorritt. By Charles Dickens. Philadelphia: T. B. Peterson. 8vo. pp. 317. (Paper.) Harper's Story Books, No. 32. Minigo. July, 1857. pp. 160.

EDUCATION, ETC. Childhood : its Promise and Training. By W. W. Everts, Author of - The Sanctury, ,”? “ Bible Manual,” etc., etc. New York: Sheldon, Blakeman, & Co.

1857. 12mo. The Works of Horace, with English Notes. By the Rev. A. S. Macleane, M. A., Head-Master of King Edward's School, Bath. Revised and edited by Reginald H. Chase, A. M. Cambridge: John Bartlett. 1856. 12mo. pp. 588.

Sanders's School Speaker: A Comprehensive Course of Instruction in the Principles of Oratory; with numerous Exercises for Practice in Declamation. By Charles W. Sanders, A.M., Author of “ A Series of Readers,” etc. New York: Ivison & Phinney. 1857. 12mo. pp. 528.

Reading without Tears; or, A Pleasant Mode of Learning to Read. By the Author of “Peep of Day,” etc., etc. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1857. 16mo. pp. 136.

A Third Class Reader, consisting of Extracts in Prose and Verse, for the Use of the Third Classes in Public and Private Schools. With an Introductory Treatise on Reading, etc. By G. S. Hillard. Boston: Hickling, Swan, & Brewer. 1857. 12mo. pp. 182.

Illustrated School History of the United States and the Adjacent Parts of America, from the Earliest Discoveries to the Present Time, etc., etc. By G. C. Quackenbos, A. M., Associate Principal of the “ Collegiate School,” New York, etc., etc. New York : Appleton & Co. 1857. 12mo. pp. 460.

The Satires of Juvenal and Perseus. With English Notes, Critical and Explanatory, from the best Commentators. By Charles Anthon, LL. D., Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages in Columbia College, etc. New York: Harper & Brothers. 1857. 12mo. pp. 306.

The Student's Gibbon. History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, by Edward Gibbon. Abridged, etc. by William Smith, D. D. New York: Harper & Brothers. 12mo. pp. 677.

Outlines of English History, from the Roman Conquest to the Present Time, etc., etc. For the Use of Schools. By Amelia B. Edwards. American Edition, Revised and Corrected. Boston: Hickling, Swan, & Brewer. 1857. 16mo. pp. 106.


Things not Generally Known; a Popular Hand-Book of Facts not readily accessible in Literature, History, and Science. Edited by David A. Wells, Author of " Knowledge is Power,” etc. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 1857. pp. 432.


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