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Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1846, in the
Clerk's Office for the Northern District of New York.


When the proposition, to issue the Trojan Sketch Book, was first made, it was designed to collect in a small compass, literary specimens, from such authors as might be styled Tro. jan writers.

As much difficulty was experienced in obtaining manuscripts,-particularly from among the papers of those who have long since deceased,—the original plan was abandoned, and articles solicited from those who were still residents of Troy.

The names of those whose articles are now presented, are as familiar as household words : we meet them from day to day, and most of them are among those who weekly admonish us from the sacred desk.

It is a matter of regret that all the clergymen of our city are not herein rep:esented: but, to those who from various reasons could not contribute articles in season, yet would gladly have done so, under other circumstances, our thanks are proffered, for the good will they have personally expressed.

To those who have so generously responded to the invitation, to bestow a mite from their intellectual store-house, the Compiler begs leave to express her thanks, and would add the hope, that each may experience the pleasure of knowing that good results have followed their disinterested efforts.

If the true talent of our city is not herein represented, the Editor frees herself from all blame, having made persevering effort to secure so desirable an end, by all possible means.

If apology is needful for the lack of imaginative or historical reminescences—with which our city is known to abound -the only plea that can be sincerely offered is,

-our contributors did not see fit to avail themselves of them.

The Skell. Buruk s now submitied to the public with many ming;vings as to its reception, on the part of the Ednor, who, nevertheilsa, feels certain that inducence would be extended to her. could it be known how much labor and d.ficulty has attended be exertions to make The Book' valuable as a loeabeepsake.

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