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The syllables, tion, tious, cious, ceous, eous, ion, tial, cial, science, scious, . c. will be exercised first in tables, with particular direccions. sand afterwards used indiscriminately.

Sounds of some of the Consonants.

c before e, i, and y, sounds like s; and before a, o, and u, like k. ich sounds like k, as in chord. ach sounds like sh, as in chaise. 3g sounds hard before e, i, and, y; as, get, give, fog gy. gh commonly sounds like ff; as, laugh: when otherwise, it will be

noted. ph sounds like f; as phantom. s sounds like z : all other Italics are silent letters. u beginning a syllable, generally has its full sound, like yu; as

use ful, virt ue. Sth sounds open, as in thou ; those not marked are sounded close,

as in think. 4x sounds like gz; as exact. x beginning a word, suunds like z; as, xe bec. ỹ long at the end of a word not accented ; as oc cu pý.

All the words are arranged into classes according to the sounds of the vowels in the accented syllables ; that was the great object in view, in this publication, and it is considered by the compiler, as the grand desideratum of English Orthoëpy: this alone completely removing all the greatest difficulties of pronunciation.

The sounds of the vowels single and combined in Monosyllables, and the accented syllables of all other words, are nineteen ; which are distinguished by the following

KEY. [Characteristics, indicative of the nineteen sounds of the



à denotes the sound of a, in bate ; of ei, in weight; of ai, in bail ;

and of e, in dey. of a, in bare; of ea, in wear; of e, in there ;

of ai, in chair ; and of ei, in heir. ă

of a, in bat; and of au, in gaunt. ah

of a, in staff, half, calm; and of au, in aunt.
of a, in bar.
of a, in all; of aw, in saw ; au, in haul; of

o, in scoff, cost; and of ou, in nought.
of e, in sbe; of ea, in tea; of ei, in ceil ; of

ie, in fief; of uay, in quay ; of ee, in meet;

of eo, in people. ě

of e, in bet; of ea, in bread; and of eo, in feoff. of i, in bite; of uy, in buy ; of ie, in pie; and

of ei, in height.


Y denotes the sound of i, in bit:of ui, in build; and of o, in women.

of o, in note ; of oa, in boat; of ew, in shew;

of ou, in pour; of eau, in beau; and of

ow, in low. of o. in hold, whole, oult, &c. of o, in not; and a, in what. of u, in mute; of ui, in sluice; of eu, in feud ;

of ieu, in lieu ; of iew, in view ; and of

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ew, in flew.

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of u, in nut; of e, in her; of i, in sir; of o, in

love ; of oo, in blood ; and of ou, in rough. of oo, in loom ; of o, in move; of ou, in soup,&c. of oo, in book ; of u, in bull, and bush ; and

of ou, in could.
of oi, in voice; and of oy, in boy.
of ou, in ounce; and of ow, in brow.

oi ou


A a

A a.




G g

Dd E e F f G g H h I i J j K k L 1

J j


M m Nn


Old English. Called.

B b Bb be
Сс C C

ce D d


t e Ff

F f ef

9 je Нh



Í ja
K k It & ka
L 1

LT el

0 m em
Nn nn

P p

Rr. H ar
S s



U u
V v 1

W w doubleu
X x 美r ex
Y y PP wi
Z z



O o

0 0



pe cu

Qq Rr S s Tt U u


V V Ww X X


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bla cla fla gla pla sla bra dra fra gra pra tra vra ble

cle file gle ple sle bre dre fre gre pre tre

bli fili

gti kli pli bri cri dri fri gri tri blo clo flo glo plo slo bro gro pro

tro vro blu clu fla slu bru cru

dru fru gru prų




Monosyllables of Three Letters.

man rat

å Bad dad gad had lad mad pad sad bag cag fag gag bag lag nag rag tag wag can fan pau ran

tan bat cat fat hat mat pat sat vat cap gap hap lap map nap rap sap tap ham jam cab dab nab lax

nab lax tax wax

ě Bed fed led red wed beg keg leg peg egg den fen hen ken men pen ten wen bet jet let met net pet set wet yet get

1 Big

dig fig sgig jig pig rig wig bin din fin hin

kin pin sin tin win bit cit fit hit kit nit pit sit wit bid did hid lid rid dip hip nip ripsip tip dim him rim bib fib nib his tis

ŏ Bob cob fob job lob mob rob bog cog dog fog hog jog log hod nod pod rod sod tod fophop lop mop pop sop top dot got hot jot not pot rot sot wot

й Cub dub rub sub tub bug dug hug jug lug mug pug tug rug gum mum rum suin dun fun gun nun pun run sun tun

but cut hut jut put

rut tut bud cud mud

I can.

I did.


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