Who are the happy ones? or, Home sketches. By the author of 'Quiet thughts for quiet hours'.


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Página 130 - For I have learned To look on Nature not as in the hour Of thoughtless youth; but hearing oftentimes The still, sad music of humanity, Nor harsh, nor grating, though of ample power To chasten and subdue. And I have felt A presence that disturbs me with the joy Of elevated thoughts...
Página 79 - O Lady! we receive but what we give And in our life alone does Nature live: Ours is her wedding garment, ours her shroud! And would we aught behold of higher worth, Than that inanimate cold world allowed To the poor loveless ever-anxious crowd, Ah! from the soul itself must issue forth A light, a glory, a fair luminous cloud Enveloping the Earth And from the soul itself must there be sent A sweet and potent voice, of its own birth, Of all sweet sounds the life and element!
Página 250 - BEETON'S DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHY: Being the Lives of Eminent Persons of all Times. With the Pronunciation of every Name. Illustrated by Portraits, Engraved after Original and Authoritative Pictures, Prints, &c. Containing in all upwards of Ten Thousand Distinct and Complete Articles. This BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY contains, in the most...
Página 130 - That time is past, And all its aching joys are now no more, And all its dizzy raptures. Not for this Faint I, nor mourn nor murmur; other gifts Have followed; for such loss, I would believe, Abundant recompense.
Página 249 - Containing nearly Two Thousand of the Best Pieces in the English Language. With Sketches of the History of the Poetry of our Country, and Biographical Notices of the Poets.
Página 256 - BEETON'S HERO SOLDIERS, SAILORS, & EXPLORERS. Gymnastics, Telegraphy, Fire Arms, &c. 1,088 pages, with 50 full-page Engravings on toned paper, and numerous Woodcuts. Cloth, plain edges, 5* . ; gilt edges, 6s. 6. BEETON'S FAMOUS VOYAGES, BRIGAND ADVENTURES, TALES OF THE BATTLE-FIELD, &c. Illustrated by separate Plates and numerous Woodcuts inserted in the Text. Just Ready, Uniform with the above, cloth, plain edges, 5*.; gilt edges, 6s. 7. BEETON'S VICTORIOUS ENGLISH SEA STORIES TALES OF ENTERPRISE,...
Página 75 - I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins : return unto me ; for I have redeemed thee.
Página 252 - New and Revised Edition. A Million of Facts of Correct Data and Elementary Information in the Entire Circle of the Sciences, and on all Subjects of Speculation and Practice. Much Enlarged and carefully Revised and improved, and brought down to the Present Year. A large amount of New Matter added.
Página 235 - O what a glory doth this world put on For him who, with a fervent heart, goes forth Under the bright and glorious sky, and looks On duties well performed, and days well spent ! For him the wind, ay, and the yellow leaves Shall have a voice, and give him eloquent teachings. He shall so hear the solemn hymn, that Death Has lifted up for all, that he shall go To his long resting-place without a tear.
Página 249 - MANAGEMENT takes due precedence of every other Cookery Book, so this extraordinary collection of Needlework Designs will become the book, par excellence, for Ladies to consult, both for Instruction in Stitches and all kinds of Work, and Patterns of elegant style and irreproachable good taste.

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