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New Books and New Editions.

Demy 8vo, half-roan, price 155. With Maps and Illustrations. BEETON'S DICTIONARY of UNIVERSAL INFORMATION,

A to Z, comprising Geography, Biography, History, Mythology, Biblical Know. ledge, Chronology, with the Pronunciation of every Proper Name. "The Dictionary of Universal information, just published by Mr. S. Beeton, supplies a desideratum much and widely felt-that of a comprehensive yet portable dictionary of proper names. The 'Encyclopædia Britannica,' the English Encyclopædia,' and the other great digests of human knowledge, in consequence of their high price, are accessible only to a few. In such works no special provision is made for supplying short and comprehensive information regarding individual words, arranged in their alphabetical order, of the kind most likely to be required by the great mass of general readers. Mr. Beeton, to some extent, enters a new field in devoting a Dictionary exclusively to proper names in Geography, History, Biography, Mythology, Bible Knowledge, and Chronology. In these pages condensation has been in every way sought after and we know of no work which supplies inore information at a smaller cost." Thé Times.

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In Two Vols., price 215., half-bound, the Revised and Enlarged Edition, newly

Illustrated by 128 full-page and 1,500 smaller Engravings. BEETON'S SCIENCE, ART, AND LITERATURE : A. Dic

tionary of Universal Information ; comprising a complete Summary of the Moral, Methematical, Physical, and Natural sciences ; a plain Description of the Arts ; an interesting Synopsis of Literary Knowledge, with the Pronunciation and Etymology of every leading term. The work has been with great care Revised, Enlarged, and newly Illustrated.

*** There is no volume extant comparable to this for the amount of in forma. tion compressed into a small space. Amongst works on Technical Science and Information, there is no volume that can be more safely recommended to teachers, students, or practical men, than Beeton's Scientific Dictionary.

Half-bound, 75. 6d.; half-calf, 1os. 6d., copiously Illustrated. BEETON'S DICTIONARY OF NATURAL HISTORY : A

compendious Cyclopædia of the Animal Kingdom. Illustrated by upwards of • 200 Engravings.

Plainly written and carefully illustrated information upon the Animal Kingdom is entitled to rank high amongst the aids to knowledge, and we believe that the present work will materially assist readers and students in following their examination of Comparative and Human Physiology, as well as give the answers to every-day questions in Natural History.

Half-bound, price 7s. 6d.; half-calf, 1os. 6d. BEETON'S DICTIONARY OF BIOGRAPHY: Being the Lives

of Eminent Persons of all Times. With the Pronunciation of every Name. Illustrated by Portraits, Engraved after Original and Authoritative Pictures, Prints, &c. Containing in all upwards of Ten Thousand Distinct and Complete Articles.

This BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY contains, in the most compact form possible, and within a compass of some 700 or 800 pages, an account of the Lives of Notable and Eminent Men and Women in all epochs. The Portraits, printed on tinted paper, are faithfully reproduced from original or authoritative sources. These Engravings form a totally new feature in Breton's BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, none having appeared in the First Edition.

Published by Ward, Lock, and Tyler.

Half-bound, price 78. 6d. ; half-calf, 108. 6d. BEETON'S DICTIONARY OF GEOGRAPHY: A Universal Gazetteer. Illustrated by Coloured Maps, Ancient, Modern, and Biblical. With Several Hundred Engravings of the Capital Cities of the World, English County Towns, the Strong Places of the Earth, and Localities of General Interest, in separate Plates, ou Tinted Paper. Containing in all upwards of Twelve Thousand Distinct and Complete Articles. Edited by S. O. Beeton, F.R.G.S.

Now Ready, cloth gilt, 1,536 pages, price 78. 6d. BEETON'S LAW BOOK. A Compendium of the Law of England

in reference to Property, Family and Commercial Affairs, including References to about Ten Thousand Points of Law, Forms for Legal Documents, with numerous Cases, and valuable ample Explanations. With a full Index-25,000 references, every numbered paragraph in its particular place and under its general head.

How frequently a want is felt of better legal knowledge upon points which continually arise in the practical experience of most persons. To supply this want is the aim of BELTON'S Law Book. It will be found a most valuable and reliable work for consultation on all ordinary legal questions.

Two HUNDRED AND TWENTY-SEVENTH THOUSAND. New Edition, post 8vo, half-bound, price 75. 6d.; half-calf, 10s. 6d. BEETON'S (Mrs.) BOOK OF HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT.

Comprising every kind of Practical Information on Domestic Economy and Modern Cookery, with numerous Woodcuts and Coloured Illustrations.

" Mrs. Isabella Beeton's. Book of Household Management' aims at being a compendium of household duties in every grade of household life, from the mistress to the It is illustrated by numerous diagrams, exhibiting the various articles of food in their ori zinal state. and there are also coloured plates to show how they ought to look when dished and ready for the table. The verdict of a practical cook of great experience, on returning the book to her mistress. was. 'Ma'am, I consider it an excellent work; it is full of useful information about everything, which is quite delightful; and I should say anyone might learn to cook from it who never tried before. -The Athenaum.

Price 78. 6d., Coloured Plates; half-calf, 105. 6d. BEETON'S BOOK OF GARDEN MANAGEMENT. Em

bracing all kinds of Information connected with Fruit, Flower, and Kitchen Garden Cultivation, Orchid Houses, Bees, &c., &c. Illustrated with Coloured Plates of surpassing beauty, drawn from nature, and numerous Cuts.

Half-bound, price 7s. 6d.; half-calf, 103. 6d. BEETON'S BOOK OF HOME PETS: Showing How to Rear and Manage in Sickness and in Health-Birds, Poultry, Pigeons, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Dogs, Cats, Squirrels, Tortoises, Fancy Mice, Bees, Silkworms, Ponies, Donkeys, Goats, Inhabitants of the Aquarium, &c., &c. Illustrated by upwards of 200 Engravings and 11 beautifully Coloured Plates by HARRISON Weir and F. KEYL.

Published by Ward, Lock, and Tyler.

New Books and New Editions.

One Thousand Illustrations, price ros. 6d., half-bound. The Self-Aid Cyclopædia for Self-Taught Students. Compris

ing General Drawing ; Architectural, Mechanical, and Engineering Drawing; Ornamental Drawing and Design ; Mechanics and Mechanism; the Steam Engine. By ROBERT SCOTT BURN, F.S.A.E., &c., Author of “Lessons of My Farm, &c. 690 PP., demy 8vo.

Just Published, crown 8vo, cloth, price 75. 6d., New and Revised Edition. A Million of Facts of Correct Data and Elementary Information in the Entire Circle of the Sciences, and on all Subjects of Speculation and Practice. Much Enlarged and carefully Revised and improved, and brought down to the Present Year. A large amount of New Matter added.

Handsomely bound, 75. 6d. Treasury of Natural Science. From the German of Professor

SCHOEDLER, with numerous Additions by Henry MEDLOCK, F.C.S. Fourth Edition. With copious Index, and upwards of sco Engravings.

Drawing Books.

Now Ready. New and Revised Edition, demy 8vo, cloth, 25. Drawing Book (The Illustrated). Comprising a Complete Introduc.

tion to Drawing and Perspective ; with Instructions for Etching on Copper or Steel, &c. &c. By Robert Scott BURN. Illustrated with above 300 Subjects for Study in every branch of Art.

Demy Svo, cloth, 25. Architectural, Engineering, and Mechanical Drawing Book (The Illustrated). By ROBERT Scott BURN. With 300 Engravings.

New Edition, Just Ready, demy 8vo, cloth, 28., 144 pp. Steam Engine (The): Its History and Mechanism. Being Descrip.

tions and Illustrations of the Stationary, Locomotive, and Marine Engine. By ROBERT SCOTT BURN.

Demy 8vo, cloth, 25. Mechanics and Mechanism. By Robert Scott BURN. With 250 Illustrations.

New WORK ON ORNAMENT AND DESIGN. Demy Svo, cloth, 25. Ornamental Drawing and Architectural Design. With Notes,

Historical and Practical. By ROBERT Scott Burn, Author of “The Illustrated Drawing Book," &c., &c. With nearly 300 Engravings of Interior and Exterior Decorations for Churches, Houses, &c., &c.

Published by Ward, Lock, and Tyler.

Beeton's “All About Et” Books.

Now Ready, handsomely bound, price 25. 6d. each. 1. ALL ABOUT COOKERY: Being a Dictionary of Every-day

Cookery. By Mrs. Isabella Beeton. 2. ALL ABOUT EVERYTHING : Being a Dictionary of Prac

tical Recipes and Every-day Information. An entirely New Domestic

Cyclopædia, arranged in Alphabetical Order, and usefully Illustrated. 3. ALL ABOUT GARDENING: Being a Dictionary of Practical

Gardening. 4. ALL ABOUT COUNTRY LIFE: A Dictionary of Rural Avo

cations, and of Knowledge necessary to the Management of the Farm, &c. 5. ALL ABOUT HARD WORDS: Being a Dictionary of Every.

day Difficulties in Reading, Writing, &c., &c.

Price 1s., cloth, containing 208 pages, 477 Recipes, and Formulæ for Mistresses

and Servants. Also, with Coloured Plates, price is. 6d. MRS. BEETON'S ENGLISHWOMAN'S COOKERY BOOK. Comprising Recipes in all branches of Cookery, and accurate Descriptions of

uantities, Times, Costs, Seasons, for the various Dishes. ** The capital Coloured Plates render the Eighteenpenny Edition of The ENGLISHWOMAN's Cookery Book absolutely unapproachable in point of excellence and cheapness. There are infinitely more Recipes in this volume tkirn in any other Cheap Cookery Book, their accuracy is beyond question, and the addition of these Coloured Plates removes all possibility of successful rivalry which may be attempted by imitative and meretricious displays.

Price 3s. 6d., 476 pages, with many Engravings in the Text, and Coloured Plates,

exquisitely produced by the best Artists. BEETON'S EVERY-DAY COOKERY & HOUSEKEEPING BOOK. Comprising Instructions for Mistress and Servants, and a Collection of Practical Recipes. With 104 Coloured Plates, showing the Modern Mode of sending Dishes to Table.

Price 1s., cloth, containing 252 pages ; also, with Coloured Plates, price is. 6d. BEETON'S GARDENING BOOK: Containing such full and

Practical Information as will enable the Amateur to manage his own Garden. Amply Illustrated. Cloth, is.

NEW AND IMPORTANT Book of REFERENCE ON GARDENING. 460 pages, with Coloured Plates and Engravings in the Text, price 38. 6d. BEETON'S DICTIONARY OF EVERY DAY GARDENING :

Constituting a Popular Cyclopædia of the Theory and Practice of Horticulture. Embellished with Coloured Plates, made after original Water-colour Drawings, copied from Nature.

Published by Ward, Lock, and Tyler.

New Books and New Editions.

Beeton's Legal Handbooks.

Now Ready, in strong Linen Covers, price is. each. 1. Property.

8. Kasters, Apprentices, Servants, ana 2. Women, Children, and Registration, Working Contracts. 3. Divorce and Iatrimonial Causes.

9. Auctions, Valuations, Agency,

Games, and Wagers. 4. Wills, Executors, and Trustees. 5. Transactions in Trade, Securities,

10. Compositions, Liquidations, and

Bankruptcy. and Sureties. 6. Partnership and Joint-Stock Com.

11. Conveyance, Travellers, and Inn

keepers. panies. 7. Landlord and Tenant, Lodgers, Rates

12. Powers, Agreements, Deeds, and

Arbitrations. and Taxes. •• Tie Rookes are as ercellent as they are cheab. The bersevering labour devoted to their production has resulted in the classification and completeness

kick distinguishes them among sinilar attempts. Each one of the series has its Otus separate Inder, and the amount of information is much greater and more varied than the necessary brevity of the title suggests.

Cloth elegant, gilt edges, price 35. 6d. BEETON'S BOOK OF BIRDS; showing How to Rear and Manage them in Sickness and in Health.

This volume contains upwards of One Hundred Engravings and Six exquisitely Coloured Plates, printed Facsimile from Coloured Sketches by HARRISON


Cloth elegant, gilt edges, price 3s. 6d., uniform with the "Book of Birds." BEETON'S BOOK of POULTRY & DOMESTIC ANIMALS ;

showing How to Rear and Manage in Sickness and in Health, Pigeons, Poultry, Ducks, Turkeys, Geese, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats, Squirrels, Fancy Mice, Tortoises, Bees, Silkworms, Ponies, Donkeys, Inhabitants of the Aquarium, &c.

This Volume contains upwards of One Hundred Engravings and Five Coloured Plates from Water-Colour Drawings by HARRISON WEIR.

Price 5s., numerous Illustrations, cloth, gilt edges. BEETON'S HOUSEHOLD AMUSEMENTS AND ENJOY. MENTS. Comprising Acting Charades, Burlesques, Conundrums, Enigmas, Rebuses, and a number of new Puzzles in endless variety. With folding Frontispiece.

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In coloured boards, price 6d. (A wonderful Collection of Information.) BEETON'S COTTAGE MANAGEMENT, Comprising Cookery, Gardening, Cleaning, and Care of Poultry, &c.

Published by Ward, Lock, and Tyler.

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