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Mrs. Lester to choose it to-day. She thought a lesson might be drawn which should impress upon her children's minds, better than any words: could do, the truths which they had forgotten in the morning.

It was a long walk, but, when they arrived there, the busy scene which opened upon them made them insensible to fatigue. Mrs. Lester led them to a sheltered bank under an elm. tree, where they could sit down and watch, unmolested, all that was going on, and soon their attention was completely rivetted.

Those who, perhaps with no better object than amusement, have spent a leisure halfhour in watching the progress of a building, will have observed how intent each man is in his own peculiar department of work, whether it be cutting stone, or carving wood, or mixing mortar; each man seems more or less impressed with the belief, that upon his indivi. dual labour depends the stability of the building; and it was not long before Minnie caught the impression of this fact, and she said to


her mother, “Mama, I have been watching that man in the paper cap, and though he is doing nothing better than sifting earth for mortar, he is taking as much pains as the men on the tower, and they have such beautiful work to do.

“But, Minnie, just look at those men who are only carrying bricks, and waiting upon the others, while they have all the pleasure of building the wall—they must think it rather hard. Mama, does any one appoint their work ?

“Yes, my dear, each man is appointed to the work that he can best accomplish, and you may be quite sure that he has no wish whatever to change with his fellow. The master builder or superintendent is here somewhere, I have no doubt, and we shall see him presently. I think that must be him standing by the east window."

“Yes, mama, it is, I am sure; see, he is going up to the man in the paper cap, and now he is watching his work, and I am sure he is pleased with it, for see how kindly he is

talking to him, and how glad the man looks. Now, I wonder where he will go next; look, mama, he is noticing that little boy who is clearing away the rubbish, he has patted his head, so I am sure he is satisfied with him, and now he is going up that long ladder.”

“Yes, he will go all over the building, and mark whether every one is working in earnest. And you see the men cannot tell when he is coming; he is now here, now there, and when the workman least expects him, perhaps, he turns round and finds him at his elbow."

In about ten minutes the superintendent came down the ladder again, and observing Mrs. Lester and the children watching the proceedings with much apparent interest, he went up to them, and politely asked Mrs. Lester whether she had seen the plan of the building.

“No," said Mrs. Lester, “we have not seen it, but it would give us great pleasure to do so."

The man drew a roll of paper from his

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