Printing, Writers and Readers in Renaissance Italy

Cambridge University Press, 5 de ago. de 1999 - 220 páginas
This is the first full-length study of a topic of central importance to the development of Italian and European culture. The spread of printing to Renaissance Italy had a dramatic impact on all users of books. As works came to be diffused more widely and cheaply, and reading became a more popular activity, so authors adapted their writing and methods of publishing to the demands and opportunities of the new medium. Brian Richardson focuses on the interaction between the book industry and written culture at this crucial period.

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It's been well over a year since I read this book, and what I'm struck by in memory is that while I remember having some difficulty with the tone of the text, the overwhelming sense of control and ... Ler resenha completa


The arrival of printing and its techniques
Publishing bookselling and the control of books
Publication in print patronage contracts and privileges
From pen to print writers and their use of the press
Reading buying and owning printed books
Printing for the reading public form and content
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