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Worthy =Du-Bellamy from C. G.: Recruits = Par. sons and Weston : Melinda = Mrs. Greville : Rose = Miss Jarratt: Lucy=Mrs. Davies : Sylvia= Miss Younge, being their 1st appearance in those characters.

24. For bt. of Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins. Earl of Warwick. King Edward =Palmer, 1st time.

29. Cymbeline. Posthumus = Brereton, 1st time.

May 1. Cautherley's bt. Mourning Bride. Osmyn=Smith: King = J. Aikin : Garcia = Cautherley : Zara = Miss Younge : Almeria = Mrs. Yates : - with, never acted there, Comus in 2 acts. Comus =Cautherley : Lady = Mrs. Baddeley.

2. Mrs. Smith's bt. Cymbeline, and, never acted, a Musical Entertainment called the Wish.

3. Brereton's bt. Venice Preserved. Jaffier = Brereton, 1st time : Pierre = Smith : Belvidera = Miss Younge :—with a new Comic Opera called the Quaker-Bannister- Dibdin-Davies-Mrs. Scott, and Young Lady, her 1st appearance on any stagethis C. O. was written by Dibdin, who seems to have acted Solomon-Steady means to marry Gillian, but on finding that she is attached to Lubin, he resigns her to him-see Oct. 7 1777.

5. Stratagem. Archer = King : Scrub = Yates, 1st appearance this season :- with Bon Ton.

6. Fashionable Lover. Tyrrel = Brereton, 1st time.

8. Brothers. Sophia = Mrs. Baddeley.

10. Conscious Lovers. Young Bevil = Brereton, 1st time : Sealand=J. Aikin, 1st time : Indiana = Miss Younge.

12. For bt. of Waldron, and Mrs. Greville. All for Love. Antony=Smith : Ventidius = Palmer : Dolabella = Brereton, their 1st appearance in those characters: Cleopatra = Miss Younge: Octavia = Mrs. Greville, 1st time:-with, never acted, the Contrast, or the Jew and Married Courtezan. Sharp = Dodd : Blunt= Moody: the other characters by Baddeley, Mrs. Davies, &c.—not printed. r. b.

13. Suspicious Husband. Ranger= King: Mrs. Strictland=Mrs. Baddeley : Jacintha= Mrs. Davies, 1st time :—with a burlesque Opera, not acted 25 years, called Tom Thumb. Tom=Master Blanchard : King=Davies : Grizzle = Bannister : Queen = Mrs. Wrighten : Huncamunca = Mrs. Smith : Glumdalca = Mr. Kean.

17. Rule a Wife. Leon = Smith.

19. West Indian. Charlotte Rusport=Mrs. Mattocks from C. G. :—with Tom Thumb, 4th time.

25. Theatrical Fund. Wonder. Don Felix = Garrick :-and Rival Candidates, 18th time-a new occasional Prologue by Palmer, and an occasional Epilogue by Garrick-pit and boxes laid together.

27. Matilda, 11th time, and Bon Ton 8th timelast play. (Bills from B. M.)

Garrick acted Lusignan 3 times—Kitely 2-Abel Drugger 2—Benedick 2-Archer 1-Brute 1–Leon 3-Don John 2–Felix 4-Hamlet was acted 3 times, but Smith certainly acted the part the 1st time, and probably on the 2 other nights.

F. Aikin left D. L. before the beginning of this season-J. Aikin was very injudiciously called Mr. Aikin in the bills.

C. G. 1774-1775.

Sept. 19. All's well that ends well. Countess = Mrs. Hull :rest as Dec. 3 1772.

21. She Stoops to Conquer. Miss Neville=Mrs. Lessingham.

28. Maid of the Mill-26. George Barnwell.

28. Love in a Village. Sir W. Meadows=Quick, 1st time.

30. Miser. Lovegold = Shuter: Frederick = Wroughton : Clerimont= Whitfield : Ramilie=Lee Lewes, 1st time: List=Quick : Lappet = Mrs. Pitt: Mariana=Mrs. Bulkley: Harriet = Mrs. Whitfield.

Oct. 3. Elfrida. Athelwold=Lewis, 1st time.

4. Alexander the Great=Clinch: Clytus = Clarke: Statira=Mrs. Hartley : Roxana= Mrs. Melmoth, 1st time.

5. Beggar's Opera. Polly=Mrs. Mattocks : Lucy = Miss Catley, 1st time.

7. Conscious Lovers. Young Bevil = Lewis, 1st time : Tom = Woodward : Myrtle Wroughton : Cimberton = Shuter : Sealand = Clarke : Phillis = Mrs. Mattocks, 1st time: Indiana = Young Lady, her 1st appearance on any stage.

11. Not acted 8 years, Rehearsal. Bayes= Lee: Johnson=Lewis : (probably Lee Lewes) Smith= Clarke : - other characters by Dunstall, Quick, Clinch, Miss Barsanti, &c.— Clinch, Dunstall, and Quick acted Volscius, Gentleman Usher, and Physician.

13. Romeo and Juliet. Romeo= Lewis, 1st time: Mercutio = Woodward : Capulet = Clarke, 1st time: Friar = Hull : Tybalt=Lee Lewes : Peter = Quick: Juliet = Miss Dayes, 2d time : Nurse=Mrs. Pitt: Lady Capulet = Mrs. Hull.

14. West Indian. Belcour=Gentleman : Charlotte Rusport = Mrs. Mattocks, 1st time : Lady Rusport = Mrs. Pitt : Louisa Dudley = Miss Brown: Mrs. Fulmer = Mrs. Hull: - West Indian at both houses.

20. Philaster. Philaster = Melmoth, his 1st appearance on the English stage: (see Irish Stage, S. A. 1772–1773) King = L'Estrange : Pharamond = Clinch : Dion=Hull : Captain of the Mob= Dunstall : Bellario = Mrs. Melmoth: Arethusa = Mrs. Mattocks.

21. Jealous Wife. Oakly Bensley, 1st time : Lord Trinket=Lewis, 1st time : Lady Freelove= Mrs. Pitt : Mrs. Oakly=Lady, her 1st appearance on the English stage :- with Comus.

22. Richard 3d = Lee: Richmond = Clinch : Henry 6th = Hull: Duchess of York=Mrs. Hull : Lady Anne-Miss Macklin: Queen=Mrs. Melmoth, their 1st appearance in those characters.

24. Henry 2d=Bensley, 1st time : Queen = Mrs. Melmoth, 1st time: Rosamond by the Lady who acted Mrs. Oakly.

26. Philaster, with No one's enemy but his own, revived-Woodward-Shuter--Hull – WroughtonBooth-Lee Lewes-Quick- Cushing—Mrs. Lessingham, and Miss Barsanti-acted about 6 times — Woodward and Shuter no doubt kept their original characters (see Jan. 9 1764) — Miss Barsanti and Mrs. Lessingham probably acted Lucinda and Hortensia-if the bills be correct, this was about the 1st night on which Lewes was announced as Lee Lewes —some few nights before, his name stood to Harlequin as Lewes simply.

27. Busy Body. Marplot (with an address to the town) = Woodward : Sir Francis Gripe=Shuter : Sir George Airy=Lewis : Charles = Wroughton : Sir Jealous Traffic = Dunstall : Miranda = Miss Macklin : Patch = Mrs. Pitt: Isabinda = Mrs. Lessingham.

31. Never acted there, Grecian Daughter. Evander=Barry: Philotas = Bensley: Dionysius = Clinch: Melanthon=Hull: Phocion=Wroughton : Euphrasia=Mrs. Barry, her 1st appearance there.

Nov. 1. Jovial Crew. Oldrents = Quick, 1st time : Hearty= Reinhold : Vincent = Mattocks : Hilliard = Du-Bellamy: Clack = Shuter: Springlove Wroughton : Randal=Dunstall : Rachel (with alterations)= Miss Catley : Meriel (with alterations)= Miss Brown : Amie= Miss Dayes.

3. She wou'd and She wou'd not, with Golden Pippin. Venus=Miss Brown.

8. Not acted 20 years, Much ado about Nothing. Benedick=Lee : Leonato= Hull : Pedro=Wroughton : Claudio= Lewis : Dogberry = Shuter: Town Clerk = Quick : Beatrice = Mrs. Barry, 1st time: Hero= Mrs. Lessingham. r. b.

12. Provoked Husband. Lord Townly = Barry: Sir Francis = Shuter: Manly = Clarke : Squire Richard=Quick : John Moody = Dunstall : Count Basset = Lee Lewes : Lady Townly=Mrs. Barry : Lady Wronghead = Mrs. Pitt : Lady Grace=Mrs. Lessingham : Miss Jenny = Mrs. Mattocks.

14. Henry 8th, and Cross Purposes.

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