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- A deficiency in the bills.

March 2 and 4. Henderson acted Bayes, and Lear.

6 and 9. Henderson acted Bobadill and Hotspur.

11. Richard 3d = Henderson :-with Like Master like Man. Sancho = Edwin.

16. Henderson acted Hastings.
25. Edwin acted Justice Woodcock.

27. Henderson acted Benedick, with Padlock. Don Diego = Edwin.

30. King Lear = Henderson :- with Wedding Ring. Pandolfo = Edwin :-he was very ill about this time.

April 1 and 3. Henderson acted Alonzo in ditto. 14. Henderson acted Macbeth. 16. She Stoops to Conquer. Hardcastle = Edwin : -Henderson recited Garrick's Ode. 20. Henderson acted Alzuma in ditto.

29. Henderson acted Bayes-a deficiency in the bills.

May 11 and 18. Henderson acted Alzuma, and Richard.

20 and 25. Henderson acted Benedick and Hamlet. June 1. Henderson acted Lear. There are three old bills.

Jan 28 1769. Keasberry's bt. Provoked Husband. Lord Townly = Lee : Sir Francis Wronghead

= Edwin : Count Basset = Keasberry : Squire Richard = Didier : Lady Townly = Mrs. Lee :-with Phæbe, or the Beggar's Wedding. Justice Quorum – Edwin : Tib Tatter = Mrs. Didier.

April 29 1769. Lee's bt. School for Lovers. Sir

John Dorilant = Lee: Araminta = Mrs. Didier : Celia = Mrs. Mahon :-she was afterwards married to Palmer, one of the Proprietors of the theatre.

May 11 1771. For bt. of Mrs. Saunders. Rule a Wife. Leon=Keasberry : Perez= Lee : Duke of Medina = Knight : Estifania=Mrs. Saunders : Margarita = Mrs. Mac George: Clara= Miss Summers : Honoria= Miss Farren : Ladies = Mrs. Farren, and Mrs. Summers : Old Woman = Mr. Summers :with Bucks have at you all by Death :-and Author. Cadwallader = Edwin : Mrs. Cadwallader = Mrs. Saunders : -Miss Farren, whose name is in this bill, seems to have been Mrs. Farren's eldest daughter—her second daughter would probably have been called Miss E. Farren.

N. B. The Bath bills are from my own collection.


June 4. Beggar's Opera. Peachum = Quick : Mrs. Peachum= Mrs. Barrington :-she acted several

old parts.

5. Orphan. Polydore = Palmer: Monimia=Mrs. Mattocks : - with Mock Doctor.

Sir Jasper Quick.

12. Palmer acted Hardcastle.


18 and 19. Mrs. Mattocks acted Statira and Miss Aubrey.

25. Englishman in Paris. Marquis=Quick.

28. Chances. Don John = Palmer: 2d Constantia = Mrs. Mattocks.

30. Cross Purposes. Chapeau = Palmer. .

July 2. Merchant of Venice. Shylock=Palmer : Portia – Mrs. Mattocks.

3. Elfrida. Athelwold = Wroughton : Edgar Palmer : Elfrida = Miss Miller : Albina = Mrs. Mattocks.

5. Mrs. Mattocks acted Lady Macbeth.

9. King Lear = Wroughton : Edgar = Palmer: Cordelia = Mrs. Mattocks.

12. Quick acted Jerry Sneak.

19. King John=Wroughton : Bastard = Palmer : Chatillon = Quick : Constance = Mrs. Mattocks.

26. Henry 5th = Wroughton : Dauphin=Palmer. 28. Reprisal. O'Clabber = Palmer.

31. Albion Queens. Norfolk = Wroughton : Queen Mary=Mrs. Mattocks.

Aug. 9. Mrs. Barrington's bt. All for Love. Antony=Wroughton : Ventidius = Younger: Dolabella = Palmer : Cleopatra = Miss Miller : Octavia = Mrs. Mattocks :-tickets to be had of Mrs. Barrington at Mr. Mattocks'.

13. Mrs. Mattocks acted Juliet.
14. Miser. Mariana = Mrs. Mattocks.
16. Lionel and Clarissa. Jessamy=Quick.

18. For bt. of Mattocks, Inconstant. Duretete = Palmer: Bisarre = Mrs. Mattocks.

25. Quick’s bt. Brothers. Sir Benjamin Dover Quick : Capt. Ironsides = Palmer.

27. Jovial Crew. Oliver = Palmer.
30. Mrs. Mattocks acted the Mourning Bride.
Sept. 3. Palmer's bt. Rule a Wife.

Leon = Wroughton : Copper Captain = Palmer : Estifania = Mrs. Mattocks.

8. Love for Love. Ben = Palmer : Angelica Mrs. Mattocks.

10. Siege of Damascus. Phocyas Wroughton : Caled = Palmer.

Last night. For bt. of Mrs. Mattocks. Not acted 20 years, Foundling. Young Belmont = Wroughton : Faddle = Palmer: Sir Roger Belmont =Quick : Rosetta = Mrs. Mattocks. (From Mr. Field.)



Hawkins of Magdalene College Oxford prepared for the press 3 vols. of the earliest Dramas—he unfortunately died before the publication of them in 1773-if he had lived, he meant to have made another selection.

Vol. 1.

Candlemas Day, or the Killing of the Children of Israel - this is a Mystery, written in 1512, in honour

[blocks in formation]

of the Virgin Mary, and her mother, St. Anne-in this rude play, the Hebrew soldiers swear by Mahound, or Mahomet, who was not born till 600 years after-Herod's Messenger is named Watkin : he and the Knights are directed “ to walk about the stage “ till Mary and Joseph are conveyed into Egypt.” Joseph is represented as an old man.

Every Man-this Morality was published early in the reign of Henry 8th : the subject is the summoning of every man out of the world by Death, and its moral that nothing will then avail him but a wellspent life, and the comforts of religion, the design of it is to inculcate great reverence for old Mother Church and her Popish superstitions-in the course of this piece it is said that priesthood excels all other things, and that more power is given to priests than to angels.

Hycke-Scorner—this Morality bears no very distant resemblance to Comedy—the vices of the age are described with some slight degree of humour.

Lusty Juventus, written in the time of Edward 6th--this Morality is quite serious : chapter and verse are quoted as often as in a serion—the design of it is to expose Popery, and promote the Reformation.

Gammer Gurton's Needle-see 1st vol. of Dodsley 1744.

King Cambises a lamentable Tragedy mixed w full of pleasant mirth”—written early in Queen Elizabeth's reign by Thomas Preston--the serious incidents are taken from Herodotus- the comic scenes have not much humour-this is the play that

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