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The SCOTTISH BALLADS; collected and illustrated. In one volume, uniform with the SCOTTISH SONGS. Price 6s.

The PICTURE of SCOTLAND. A new Edition, in two volumes, with eight fine Plates, £1, ls.

TRADITIONS of EDINBURGH. In two volumes, foolscap 8vo, 12s.

HISTORY of the REBELLIONS in SCOTLAND, from 1638 till 1660, in 1689, 1715-16, and in 1745-6. 5 vols. 38. 6d. each.

The POPULAR RHYMES of SCOTLAND, with Illustrations, chiefly collected from Oral Sources. volume, 6s.

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Printed by Ballantyne and Company, for


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sikr. Edwards 520-43 47609 2V


This publication originated in a desire which seems to have long been entertained by the public at large, that the Scottish Songs should be put into a shape at once cheap and convenient, and which should at the same time comprehend the important object, literary and typographical correctness. Among the innumerable collections of Scottish Song already in print, it will be readily allowed that there is not one which combines all these advantages, or which is at all worthy of the importance and interest of the subject. Books of this sort are generally crude and hasty compilations from the most obvious sources, got up without the intervention of any responsible editor, and intended for circulation only amongst the humbler orders of the people. Almost the only exception of recent date exists in the voluminous compilation of Mr Allan Cunningham; but it is, on the other hand, so expensive, that it can

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