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Lay thy loof in mine, lass,
Leader Haughs and Yarrow,
Leslie's March to Longmarston Moor,
Let me in this ae night,
Let not woman e'er complain,
Little wat ye wha's coming,
Lochaber no more,
Loch-erroch side,
Lochiel's farewell,
Logan Braes,
Logie o' Buchan,
Lord Binning,
Lord Gregory,

bonnie woods and braes,
Love inviting Reason,
Love's like a dizziness,
Love will find out the way,
Lovely Jean,
Low doun i' the brume,
Lucky Nancy,
Lucy's flittin,

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Macdonald's welcome to Skye,
Macgregor's gathering,
M Lean's invitation to Prince Charles,
Macpherson's farewell,
Macpherson's rant,
Maggie Lauder,
Maggie's tocher,
Mary.—Will ye go to the Indies,
Mary. It's dowie in the hint o' hairst,
Mary's dream,
Mary Morison,
Mary Scot,
Matrimonial happiness,
Meg o' the mill,
Merry hae I been teething a heckle,
Merry may the keel rowe,
Muirland Willie,
My ain countrie,
My ain fire-side,
My auld man,
My bonnie Mary,
My Chloris, mark how green the groves,
My dearie, if thou dee,

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My father has forty good shillings,
My goddess, woman,


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My heart's my ain,
My jo, Janet,
My kimmer and I,
My lady's gown there's gairs upon't,
My love, she's but a lassie yet,
My luve's in Germanie,
My mother's aye glowrin' ower me,
My Nannie's awa,
My Nannie, 0, (BURNS)
My native Caledonia,
My only jo and dearie, 0,
My sodger laddie,
My spouse Nancie,
My, tocher's the jewel,
My wife's a wanton wee thing,
My wife's a winsome wee thing,
My wife has ta’en the gee,
My wife shall liae her will,
My wife she dang me,




Nae Dominies for me, laddie,
Nancy.-- Thine am 1,my faithful fair,
Neil Gow's farewell to whisky,
Now westlin winds and slaughtering guns,


0, an ye were deid, guidman,
Oh, are ye sleepin', Maggie?
0! as I was kist yestreen,
O, ay, my wife she dang me,
O dear! minnie, what shall I do,
Oh! dinna ask me gin I loe ye,
O for ane and twenty, Tam,
Oh, gin my love were yon red rose,
Och hey, Johnnie lad,
0, hush thee, my baby,
0! Jeanie, there's naething to fear thee,
O let me in this ae night,
O licht is the heart and the ee,
0, Logan, sweetly didst thou glide,
O Mary, ye’se be clad in silk,
O May, thy morn,



O my love is a country lass,
O stay, sweet warbling woodlark,
0! tell me how for to woo,
O tell me how to woo thee,
O tell nae me of wind and rain,
O that I had ne'er been married,
O, this is my departing time,
Oh! wae's me for Prince Charlie,
O wat ye wha's in yon toun,
0, were I on Parnassus hill,
Oh, wert thou in the cauld blast,
O wha is she that lo'es me,
Oh, what a parish,
O where are ye going, sweet Robin,
0, whistle and I'll come to you, my lad,
Old King Coul,
Old long syne,
On a bank of flowers,
On the seas and far away,
On wi' the tartan,
One day I heard Mary say,
Open the door to me, oh,
Our gudeman cam hame at e'en,
Our ladye's blessed well,
Over the water to Charlie,
Ower Bogie,
Ower the muir to Maggy,
Ower the muir amang the heather,

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Robin Redbreast's testament,
Robin shure in hạirst,
Roslin Castle,
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Royal Charlie.--Arouse, each kilted clan,
Royal Charlie.—Our gallant Scottish prince,
Sae merry as we twa hae been,
Sandy o'er the lee,
Saw ye my father,
Saw ye my Peggy,
Scornfu' Nancy,
Scotia's sons hae aye been free,
See the smoking bowl before us,
She's fair and fause,
She rose and let me in,
She says she lo’es me best of a',
Sic a wife as Willie had,
Slichtit Nancy,
Sodger Laddie,
Song composed in August.-Now westlin' winds,
Song, in burlesque of Prince Charles' manifesto,
Speak on, speak thus,
Steer her up and haud her gaun, (OLD)
Steer her up and haud her gaun, (BURNS)
Strephon and Lydia,
Such a parcel of rogues in a nation,
Sweet Annie frae the sea beach came,
Symon and Janet,
Symon Brodie,


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Tak your auld cloak about ye,
Tam Glen,
Tam o' the Balloch,
Tam o' the Lin,
Tarry woo,
The absent lover,
The auld carle's welcome,
The auld gudeman,
The auld Highlandman,
The auld man, (Burns)
The auld man he cam oer the lee,
The auld man's mear's dead,
The auld Stuarts back again,
The baigrie o't,

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The banks of Allan Water,
The banks of Cree,
The banks of the Devon,
The banks of Doon,
The banks of Forth,
The battle of Killiecrankie,
The battle of Sheriff-muir.-We ran, &c.
The battle of Sheriff-muir, (BURNS)
The big-bellied bottle,
The birks of Aberfeldy,
The birks of Invermay,
The blackbird,
The black cock,
The blue bells of Scotland,
The blythsome bridal,
The boatie rows,
The bonnets of bonnie Dundee,
The bonnie banks of Ayr,
The bonnie breist-knots,
The bonnie brucket lassie,
The bonnie lass o' Branksome,
The bonny Scot,
The Border Widow,
The braes o' Ballendine,
The braes o’ Balquhither,
The braes o' Gleniffer,
The bridal o't,
The brisk young lad,
The broadswords of Old Scotland,
The brume o' the Cowdenknows,
The bush abune Traquair,
The Campbells are coming,
The captain's lady,
The careless lover,
The carle he cam ower the craft,
The chevalier's lament,
The cock-laird,
The collier's bonnie lassie,
The country lass,
The country lassie. In summer when, &c.
The courtship of Jock and Jennie,
The cradle song,
The crook and plaid,
The cypress wreath,
The day returns ; my bosom burns,
The death song,


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