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The following List exhibits the TITLES of the Songs, alphabe

tically arranged. An INDEX of the FIRST LINES of the Songs is placed at the end of the Second Volume.

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A Highland lad my love was born,
A red red rose,
A South Sea song,
A wearie bodie's blythe when the sun gaes doun,
A weary lot is thine,
Ae fond kiss,
Ae happy hour,
Afton Water,
Again rejoicing nature sees,
Ah, Chloris ! could I now but sit,
Ah! the poor shepherd's mournful fate,
Alas, my son, you little know,
Ambition and love,
An thou were my ain thing,
And sae will we yet,
Andro and his cuttie gun,
Anna.-Yestreen I had a pint of wine,
Annan's winding stream,
Annie.—By Allan's streams,
Annie Laurie,
Argyle is my name,
Armstrong's good night,
At setting day,
Auld gudeman, ye're a drucken carle,
Auld lang syne,
Auld Rob Morris, (OLD SONG)

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Auld Rob Morris, (BURNS)
Auld Robin Gray,
Awa, Whigs, awa,
Aye wauking, 0,
Bannocks o' barley,
Barbara Allan,
Bauldy Fraser,
Behave yourself before folk,
Behold the hour, the boat arrive,
Bess, the gawkie,
Bessie Bell and Mary Gray,
Bessy and her spinning wheel,
Beware o' bonnie Ann,
Bide ye yet,
Blink over the Burn, sweet Betty,
Blue bonnets over the Border,
Blythe, blythe, and merry are we,
Blythe hae I been on yon hill,
Blythe was she,
Boatman haste,
Bonnie Chirsty,
Bonnie Dundee,
Bonnie Jean,
Bonnie laddie, Highland laddie,
Bonnie Lady Ann,
Bonnie Lesley,
Bonnie Mary Hay,
Bonnie wee thing,
Both well Bank,
Bruce's Address,
By Jove,
Ca’ the yowes to the knowes,
Cam ye by Athole,
Canst thou leave me thus, my Katy,
Carle, an the king come,
Cauld kail in Aberdeen,
Charlie he's my darling,
Charlie is my darling,
Clout the cauldron,
Come, let me take thee to my breast,
Come under my plaidie,
Comin' through the rye,
Contentit wi' little,

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Corn-rigs are bonny,
Crail toun,
Cromlet's lilt,
Culloden; or, Lochiel's farewell,
Cuttie's wedding,
Dainty Davie,
Dame, do the thing whilk I desire,
Dear and a-waly, hinnie,
Dear Roger, if your Jenny geck,
Deluded swain, the pleasure,
Dinna ask me gin I lo'e thee,
Dinna think, bonnie lassie,
Dirge of a Highland chief,
Does haughty Gaul invasion threat ?
Donald Caird,
Donald Couper,
Donald Macdonald,
Donald Macgillavry,
Doun the burn, Davie,
Dumbarton's drums,
Duncan Davidson,
Duncan Gray,
Dunt, dunt, dunt, pittie pattie,
Dusty Miller,

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Eliza. From thee Eliza, I must go,
Ettrick banks,

73 215


Fair Helen of Kirkconnel,
Fairest of the fair,
Fairly shot o' her,
False luvel and hae ye play'd me this,
Fare ye weel, my auld wife,
Farewell, Edinburgh,
Farewell, thou stream,
Farewell to bonnie Teviotdale,
Farewell to the Mason-Lodge at Tarholton,
Fee him, father,
Fient a crum o' thee she faws,
For a' that and a' that,
For lack of gold,

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23 305 545 154 81



For the sake of somebody, (OLD SONG)
For the sake of somebody, (BURNS)
From the brown crest of Newark,

PAGE 529

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Gala Water, (OLD Song)
Gala Water, (BURNS)
General Leslie's march to Longmarston Moor,

and bar the door,
Gie me a lass wi’ a lump o' land,
Gin ye meet a bonnie lassie,
Gloomy winter's now awa,
Go to Berwick, Johnie,
Go to him then, if thou canst go,
Good night, good night,
Green grow the rashes,
Gude ale comes,
Gude night, and joy be wi' you a',
Gudewife, count the lawin,
Half a pund o’tow,
Hallow fair,
Hame, hame, hame,
Hap and row the feetie o't,
Hard is the fate,
Haud awa frae me, Donald,
Have you any laws to mend,
Here's a health to ane I lo'e dear,
Here's a health to them that's awa,
Here's to thy health, my bonnie lass,
Here's to the King, sir,
Hey, ca’ through,
Hey for a lass wi' a tocher,
Hey, Jenny, come dowu to Jock,
Hie, bonnie lassie,
Highland Harry,
Highland Mary,
How lang and dreary is the night,
How sweet this lone vale,
Hurrah for the bonnets blue,

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I canna want my gruel,
I do confess thou'rt smooth and fair,
If love's a sweet passion,

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Jacky Latin,
Jean's bricht ee,
Jenny's bawbee, (OLD SONG)
Jenny's bawbee, (Sir A. BosWELL)
Jock o' Hazeldean,
Jockey fou, and Jenny fain,
Jockie said to Jenny,

ta'en the parting kiss,
John Anderson, my jo,
John Hay's bonnie lassie,
John of Badenyon,
John Ochiltree,
John Tod,
Johnie Cope,
Johnie's gray Breeks,
Jumpin John,
Kate of Aberdeen,
Kate o' Gowrie,
Katherine Ogie,
Keep the country, bonnie lassie,
Kellyburn braes,
Kelvin Grove,
Kenmure's on and awa, Willie,
Kind Robin lo'es me,
Kirk wad let me be,




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Lady Keith's lament,
Lass, gin ye lo'e me,
Lassie, lie near me,
Lassie wi' the lint-white locks,
Last May a braw wooer,


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