Annual Report

Office of Railroad Commissioner., 1884

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Página 250 - TRANSPORTATION COMPANIES. What freight and transportation companies run on your road, and on what terms and on what conditions as to rates, use of track, machinery, repairs of cars, etc. ; do they use the cars of your company, or those furnished by themselves, and are their cars or their freight given any preference in speed or order of transportation, and if so, in what particular ? None.
Página 254 - Railroad Company, being duly sworn, depose and say that they have caused the foregoing statements to be prepared by the proper officers and agents of this company, and having carefully examined the same, declare them to be a true, full and correct statement of the condition and affairs of said company, on the first day of July, AD 1884, to the best of their knowledge and belief.
Página 166 - EXPRESS COMPANIES. What express companies run on your road, and on what terms, and what conditions as to rates, use of track, machinery, repairs of cars, etc.; what kind of business is done by them, and do you take their freights at the depot, or at the office of such express companies!
Página 31 - State law is not in conflict with any provision of the Constitution of the United States, § 2.
Página 166 - MAIL. What is the compensation paid you by the US Government for the transportation of its mails, and on what terms ot service?
Página 256 - When and to whom was the original stock, owned by the company, sold, and what was the cash value realized by the company for the same?
Página 27 - Every п such company shall run its passenger trains at such times and in such manner as to afford reasonable facilities for receiving passengers from and delivering them to other connecting railroads in this state.
Página 149 - Compensation for mail service is not permanently fixed. Service is ordered subject to the rules and regulations of the post-office department and the amount paid is based upon the weight of the mail transported over each route. 3. Sleeping, parlor and dining cars are owned and operated by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Página 31 - ... and its property and assets are not identical. The coaches of the company are its property. They are operated within this State. They are daily passing from one end of the State to the other. They are used in performing the functions for which the corporation was created. The fact that they also are operated in other States cannot wholly exempt them from taxation here. It reduces the value of the property in this State, justly subject to taxation here. This was recognized in the court below,...
Página 267 - State the average price at which lands have been sold or contracted by the company during the year ending June 30, 1884 12.

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