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Breight Zeed



MARCH, 1903—August, 1903



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PAGE Abruzzi, Duke of the. “On the Polar Star”.. 607 Académie Goncourt (Chronicle).... Elurophobia, or “Cat-Fear" (Chronicle)

331 Age of Romance (Chronicle)..

459 Alexander, King (Chronicle).

553 American Edition of Petronius. Harry Thurston Peck

86 “American Notes." Article by Arthur Bartlett Maurice

130 American Undergraduate Journalism. L. G. Price 69 Assassins of Fiction (Chronicle)..

123 Atelier in Fiction, The (Chronicle)..

116 Atherton, Gertrude. The Novel and the Short Story

36 Authors, Successful, 1895-1902 (Table).. * Autobiography of a Thief.” Hutchins Hapgood 514 Avatar of the Epigram, The. William S. Walsh 303


.... 188

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Butterfly, The (Poem). Virginia Woodward

476 Cahan, Abraham. Review of "The Grey Wig".. 256 "Captain, The.” Churchill Williams....

191 "Captain of the Grey-Horse Troop.” Hamlin Gar. land

101 Caricature, History of the Nineteenth Century. Part I.

38 Part II.

159 Part III.

260 Part IV

353 Part V...

477 Part VI.

578 Carlyle, Alexander. “Mrs. Carlyle's Letters". 400 "Carlyle (Mrs.), Letters." Edited by Alexander Carlyle

400 Castle, Egerton and Agnes. “The Star Dreamer" 189 Casus Idoli (Poem). Edna St. John...... 349 Centenary of Bulwer-Lytton. Lewis Melville... 463 "Chameleon, The." James Weber Linn... (Chronicle)

346 Chesterton, G. K. “Robert Browning".

601 Strain on (Chronicle)

335 Thackeray

150 Chicago Honours Literature (Chronicle)

450 "Children of the Frost." Jack London.

83 “Circle, The." Katherine Cecil Thurston.

192 Cloud, Virginia Woodward. The Butterfly (Poem) 476

Paying the Piper

......... 252 Review of "In the

Guardianship of

616 Coin of Rhodes (Poem). Alice Lena Cole... 226 Colbron, Grace Isabel. Review of “The Spirit of the Ghetto".

97 Review of The Woman Who Toils".

187 Colby, Frank Moore. The Diffidence of Print... 501

Drama of the Month..195, 306
Review of Mr. Chesterton's

601 Cole, Alice Lena. A Coin of Rhodes (Poem)..... 226 Colton, Arthur. “Tioba"....

259 Comic Opera: Past and Present. Lewis M. Isaacs

226, 370 Concerning Poe in France (Chronicle)..

19 "Conjuror's House." Stewart Edward White... 257


Bacheller, Irving. "Darrel of the Blessed Isles" 405 Baedeker and the Modern Guide Book. Charles Harris

495 Banks, Nancy Huston. “Round Anvil Rock”.. 518 "Barbarian Invasions of Italy."..Pasquale Villari 402 Rarket, Elsa. The Guerdon of Desire (Poem).. 503

The Murderer (Poem).. Barrés, Maurice, Sketch of (Chronicle).

333 Bell, James Joy (Chronicle)..

223 Best Selling Books for Eight Years, 1895-1902

(Table) Best Short Stories (Chronicle).

209 Betts, Lillian W. “Story of an East Side Family" 515 Blouet, Paul (Chronicle)....

447 Bohemian Club Hospitality (Chronicle).

224 Book and Magazine Illustrations.

651 Bookman's Letter-Box..

•311, 418 Bookman's Table, The....

95 Book Mart, The.....

.......102, 197, 315, 426, 536, 654 Books of the Moment......82, 187, 253, 400, 507, 601 Books Received Books, The Best Selling.. 112, 208, 328, 438, 550, 662 Books, Best Selling for Eight Years (Table)... Books, Great Sales of Successful Books of 1902.. 17 “Browning, Robert." G. K. Chesterton...

601 Bruce, H. Addington. Human Side of Darwin.. 367 “Bulgent" (Chronicle)..... Bulwer-Lytton, The Centenary of. Lewis Melville 463

Dramatisations of. Paul Wilstach 471 Burton, Richard. Defence of “Darrel"......... 534



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