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In presenting the first volume of a new general Catalogue, accommodated to the present state of his stock, the Publisher avails himself of the occasion to express his grateful acknowledgments for the patronage hitherto bestowed upon his exertions, and the confidence reposed in him by the literary world.

During the seven years which have elapsed since the publication of his Guinea Catalogue, his collection of books has been considerably increased, and now comprises more than half a million of volumes, the largest number, he believes, ever collected for the purposes of trade by any individual.

The entire Catalogue will form Three Volumes,

of which the present is the first.

The Second Volume will contain—

Greek and Latin Classics and Translations, Fathers of the Church,

Modern Latin Writers and Commentators, Bibles, Testaments, and Liturgies,

French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German Literature,

Manuscripts in all Languages.

The Third Volume will contain—


The whole will be completed with the least possible delay, and it is hoped before Midsummer, 1848.

The Publisher regrets having again to advert to the mistakes which arise from his not being sufficiently distinguished by his correspondents from other members of his family, and respectfully urges the addition of both his Christian Name and Address to all communications intended for him.


York Street, Covent Garden.


Mammalia, page 1. Ornithology, page 3. Entomology, page 9

Ichthyology, Conchology, Mineralogy, Geology, Heptilia, Crustacea,

Vermes, Mollusca, and Co rallia a 18

Botany, including Agriculture 20

Miscellaneous Works on Natural History, comprehending general

Collections, Transactions, Periodicals, etc 48

Supplement to Natural History 24 j

BOOKS OF PRINTS, Picture Galleries, Sceneries, Pageants, Missals, Picto-

rial Architecture, Picturesque Voyages, Illustrated and Embellished

Books, Drawings, Maps, Treatises on Painting and Sculpture, Lives of

Artists, etc .03

Supplement to Books of Prints, etc. . , Or«

ARCHITECTURE, Engineering, Hydraulics, Fortification, Mining, Machi-

nery, Carpentry, Landscape-Gardening 219

NUMISMATA, Books on Coins, Medals, etc 273

HERALDRY, Genealogy, Family History, Knighthood 289

PHYSICS, including Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathematics, Manu-
factures, Astronomy, Meteorology, Astrology, Naval and Military
Sciences, etc. дщ

METAPHYSICS, Moral Philosophy, Schoolmen, Visionaries, Free-thinkers,

Mystics 318

LAW, Civil, Canon and Common; Treaties of Peace, etc 827

MEDICINE, Anatomy, Surgery, Physiology, Phrenology, Pharmacy, etc. . 337

LANGUAGE, comprehending Lexicons, Grammars, Prosody, Syntax, etc. and

all Works in Dialects, or promotive of Etymology .... 346

ORIENTAL AND HEBREW LITERATURE; comprising chiefly Works in

the Arabic, Persian, Sanscrit and Hebrew Languages .... 394

NORTHERN LITERATURE. Works on the History and Mythology of Scan-

dinavia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lapland, Finland, Greenland,

Iceland, etc .... 403

BIBLIOGRAPHY, Literary History and Biography, Reviews, Chalcography,

etc 409

Reviews and Literary Periodicals 438


Authors, in Foreign Languages 442

EARLY VOYAGES. TRAVELS, Maritime Discovery, Geographical Descrip-
tions, Missionary Accounts, etc. in Foreign Languages, and chiefly
before 1720 460

GAMES, SPORTS AND AMUSEMENTS, Hunting, Hawking, Fishing, Chess,

Music, etc. in all Languages ........ 458

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