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Humming Birds, 2 vola. 12mo. 68 colourtd plates, portraits of Linnaeus and Pennant, cloth, 10s Edinb. 1834-36

Peacocks, Pheasants, &c. 12пю. 30 coloured plates, with portrait of Aristotle, cloth, 5s ib. 1836 Birds Op The Game Kind, 12mo. 30 coloured plates, with portrait of Sir S. Raffles, cloth, 5 s ib. 1834 CoLUMBiD.t (Pigeons), 12mo. 32 coloured plates, with portrait of Pliny, cloth, 5s ib. 1835 Parrots, 12mo. 32 coloured plates, with portrait of Bewick, cloth, 5s ib. 1836

Brans оь- Western Аниса, 2 vols. 12mo. 68 coloured plates, with portraits of Bruce and Le Vaillant, cloth, 10s . ib. 1837

Fly Catchers, l2mo. 33 coloured plates, with portrait of Baron Holler, cloth, 5s ib. 1838 British Birds, 4 vols. 12rao. 135 coloured plates, with portraits of Sir R. Sibbald, W. Sruellie, and Dr. Walker, cloth, £1. ib. 1838-43

Sun-birds, 12mo. 30 coloured plates, with portrait of WiUughby, cloth, 5j ib. 1843

KLEIN (Jac. Tfaeod.) Historia: Avium Prodromus, accessit Historia Mûris Alpini, et Yocabularium Animalium, wíífc 7 plates, Lubeca, 1750—Ejusd. Ova Avium plurimarumad natur. magnitudinem delineate, 21 coloured plates, Lips. 1766—2 vols, in 1, 4to. neat in calf, £1. Is KLEIN (J. T.) Systeraata Avium, accedunt Nomenclátores Polono-Latinus et Latino- Polonue, 4to. with 11 plates, bds. 10s 6d Lips. 1759

KNIP (Madame) Histoire Naturelle Générale des Pigeons, le texte par C. J. Temminck, imperial folio, 86 engravings of Pigeons, exquisitely coloured, splendidly bound in green morocco, broad tooted borders, Sec. £26. 5s Parti, 1811

■ the same, imp. folio, a beautiful copy in

russia extra, gilt edges, £24, ib. 1811

*,* One of the most gnperb book l on Ornithology. LATHAM'S Natural History, or General Synopsis of Birds, with the Supplements and the Index Ornitholo^icus, the first edition, 10 vols. 4to. coloured plates, vera neat in old russia, bright gilt backs, £9 9s . 1781-1801

LATHAM'S General History Of Birds, being the Natu ral 11 i story and Description of all the Birds (above four thousand) hitherto known or described by Naturalists, with the Synonymes of preceding Writers; the second enlarged and improved edition, comprehending all the discoveries in Ornithology subsequent to the former publication, and a General Index, 11 vols. 4to. with upwards of two hundred exquisitely coloured plates, elegantly hf. bd. morocco, £12. 12s Winchester,

This celebrated work was published at twenty-five ¿ti i ne ns in board*, with the plates coloured in a very interior manner. The present copies are all Coloured LIRE HIGHLY FINISHED DRAWINGS, With BtudioU* ЯСcuracy, under the direction of lèverai eminent OrnithologUls, and most of the subjects have been compared with living or preserved specimens in the Museums and Gardens of Loudon. Copies coloured in this manner would not have been published at less than Fifty Guineas. Indeed the few copies of the old edition formerly coloured by Miss Stone, similar in execution but inferior in accuracy to the present, have been sold as high as from fifty to one hundred guineas at the sales of Cot. Stanley, John Dent, Esq. and Sir Mark Sykes.

*' No scientific works on Natnral History ever obtained so much celebrity as those of onr venerable countryman Dr. Latham. His General History of Birds, whicb is an enlargement of his Synopsis, is undoubtedly the MOST USEFUL AND VALUABLE WORK ОГ ITS CLASSTHAT HAS Y ET A PPEA RED, as it COntilt IIS exact

»cien tifio descriptions of every bird kuown at the time."—NevUU Wood.

LATHAM'S Index to the General History of Birds, 4to. bds. Юз Ы . Winchester, 1828

This volume being published two years after the others, is wanting to many of the subscribers' sets.

LATHAM'S Index Ornithologicus, sive Systeme Oniithologia?, complectens Avium Divisiones in Classes, etc. adjectis Synonymis, Locis, Descriptionibus, 2 vola. 4to. cloth bds. scarce, £1. 10s . . 1790 LATHAM'S Allgemeine Uebersicbt dor Vögel, Deutsch von J. M. Bechstein, 2 vols. 4to. with coloured plates, bds. \0s 6d Nürnberg, 1793 In Vol. I. U a MS. letter from Beehrtem to Ldtham, in high commendation of his History of Birds. LATHAM'S (Simon) Falconry: or the Faulcon'a Lure and Cure, handsomely inlaid into a 4to. vol. expensively bound in green morocco, richly gilt, with oak hoards, tooled leather joints, and gilt edges, by T. Gosden, £2. 2s 1633 the same, edition of 1658, and the Gentleman's Exercise, or a Supplement to Latham's Falconry, by A. H. [Anthony Hammond], 1662, together in 1 vol. 12mo. with numerous wood-cuts, scierai additional, calj extra, gilt edges, £1. 16$ LEAR'S (Edw.) Illustrations of the Family of Paittacidffi, or Parrots, imp. folio, 42 lithographic plates, beautifully coloured, (pub. at £7. 7s) hf. bd. morocco, uniform with Gould's works, £5.5s . . 1832 LESSON, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux Mouches, des Colibris, et des Trochilidées, 3 vols, royal Bvo.containing%\6most beautif ully coloured plates, red mor. gilt edges, £7. 17s 6d 'Paris, 1829-32 LESSON, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux Mouches, royal 8vo. containinsr 82 most beautif ully coloured plûtes of Birds, (pub. at £4. 10s) £2. 2s

ib. 1829

LESSON, los Trochilidées, ou les Colibris et lea Oiseaux-Mouches, suivis d'un Index général des Oiseaux du Genre Trocbilus, royal 8vo. with 66 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at 70 franca) in a portfolio, £l. 16s ib. 1832

LESSON, Histoire Naturelle des Colibris, suivie d'un Supplément à l'Hist. Nat. des Oiseaux Mouches, 8vo. with 26 finely coloured plates, calf extra, marbled edges, £2. 2s ib. 1831

LESSON, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis, des Séricules et des Epimaques, roy. 8vo. with 45 finely coloured plates, (pub. at 65 francs) in a portfolio, £1. 16s ib. 1835

LE VAILLANT, Histoire Naturelle Des Oiseaux D'afrique, 6 vols. imp. 4to. containing 300 beautifully coloured plates, red morocco, borders, gilt edges, an original and fine set, £17. 17s ib. 1799-1808

the same, 6 vols. imp. 4to. coloured plates,

hf. bd. blue morocco, marbled edges, £9. 9s

the same, 6 vols. imp. folio, Large Paper,

with duplicate set of plates, plain and coloured; red morocco, gilt edges, £26. 5s

Published at £80. without the binding, which cost £18. 18s. Additional.

the same, 6 vols. imp. folio, Large Paper,

with the duplicate set of plates, plain and coloured; hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £21.

the same, 6 vols. imp. folio, Large Taper,

with duplicate set of plates, plain and coloured, bds. (excepting vol. 2, which is small paper in 4io and bound in calf,) £10. 10s

the same, 6 vols. — Histoire Nat, dee

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LE VAILLANT, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Kolliers, suivie de celles des Toucans et des Barbus, 2 vols, imperial folio, Large Paper, 113 beautifully coloured plates, Ted morocco, gilt edges, £10. 10s Ports, 1806

Published at £35. without tbe binding, which cost £«. Dt. additional.

the same, with the Supplementary Volume, containing "Les Promerops, Les GuêPiers, Et Les Couroucous," 3 vols, imp. folio, Large Paper, 196 beautifully coloured plates, bds. £24. . .' ¡6. 180G-7

———— the same, 3 vols, atlas folio, Largest Paper, with. 196 exquisitely coloured plates, and a duplicate set uncoloured; French bds. morocco backs, £36. . ib. 1806-7

This singularly magnificent book is published at £130.

LE VAILLANT, Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets, 2 TOls. imp. folio, LAROE VELLUM PAPER,

138 beautifully coloured plata, (pub. at £36. in Nos.) French bds. £12. 12s ib. 1801-5

the same, 2 vols. imp. folio, Large Vellum

Paper, coloured plates, hf. lid. morocco, uncut, £15.15s . . fi. 1801-6

the same, 2 vols, atlas folio, Largest PaPer, coloured plates, French bds. £18. 18s

ib. 1801-5

LE VAILLANT, Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux nouveaux et rares de l'Amérique et des Indes, Vol. 1. imp. folio, (the only volume published), Large Paper, 49 fine plates, with a duplicate set coloured, French bds. £5. Paris, 1801

■ the same, imp. folio, with a duplicate set if

the 49 plates, plain and coloured, but a few of the plates and leaves are inlaid, £3. 3s ib. 1801

Le Vaillant was an enthusiastic traveller, and a most accurate observer of nature. The plates to his works are cxqnisite, having been made from the drawings of Barraband, the best ornithological painter France has ever produced.

LEWIN 'S (W.) Birds Op Great Britain, with their Eggs, accurately figured, 7 vols. imp. 4to. consisting of 323 Beautifully Coloured DrawIngs, with descriptive text, hf. bd. russia, uncut, £18.18s . . 1789-94

Lewin made several sets of these beautiful drawings, at fifty guineas tbe set. Col. Stanley's copy sold for £48. вв.

- the samo work, second edition, 8 vols, in 4, royal 4to. coloured plates, hf. bd. russia, £4. 14s 6d . . 1795

—— the same, 8 vols, in 4, imp. 4to. Large Paper, coloured plates, bound in blue morocco, with gold borders, and gilt edges, £8. 8s

the same, new edition, 8 vols, in 4, 4to.

coloured plates, bds. £4.4s . 1800

LEWIN'S (J. W.) Natural History Of The Birds Op New South Wales, collected, engraved, and faithfully painted after Nature, by John WilLiam Lewin, late of Paramatta, New South Wales; third greatly improved edition, with an Index of the Scientific Names and Synonymes to the present time (1838), contributed by Mr. Gould, Mr. Eyton, and other scientific gentlemen, folio, it-lift 26 plates, beautifully coloured, (pub. at £4. 4s) neatly hf. bd. morocco. £2. 2s

1838 This beanliful and interesting volume, although now offered at a rrduced price, has for a long time been very scarce. 1 he colouring of the present copies is so infinitely superior to what have hitherto been sold, aa scarcely to b« recognised for the same plates.

LORD'S (Thos.) New System of Ornithology, or (Ecumenical History of British Birds, folio, 114 plates,verybeautifully and correctly coloured, green morocco extra, richly tooled on the back and sides, and gilt edges, scarce, £7. 17s 6u! 1791

MACGILLIVRAY'S (Wm.) History of British Birds, indigenous and migratory, 3 vols. 8vo. ««(A numerous wood eiigravings, (pub. at £2. 8s) bds. £1. 10s . 1837-40

MARTINET, Ornithologie, royal folio, 174 plates of Birds engraved by Martinet, Father and Son, Finely Coloured; russia,gilt edges,rare, £3. 3s

Paris, 1792

These plates form a very desirable companion to the Planches Enluminées of Butfoo, and are executed by the same artists in exactly the same style; but the figures are drawn from different subjects.

MEYER'S (H. L.) Illustrations of British Bird«, 78 parts, 4to. containing 327 plates, beautifully coloured, (pub. at £48. 16s) £28. 1835 -41

MONTAGU'S (G.) Ornithological Dictionary, or Alphabetical Synopsis of British Birds, with Supplement, 3 vols. 8vo. 24 plates, in calf neat, very scarce, £ 1. 1 Os . 1802-13

the same, with the Supplement, 3 vols.

8vo. bds. £1. 4s . 1802-13

MONTAGU'S (G.) Ornithological Dictionary, second edition, with many new articles and original Observations, by Professor Rennie,8ro. 28 wood-cuts, (pub. at £1. Is) cloth bds. 16s


MUDIE'S (Roht.) History Of British Birds, or the Feathered Tribes of the British Islands, 2 vols. 8vo. second edition, the plates beautifully coloured, (pub. at £1. 8s) «itro cloth bds. elegantly gilt on the backs, 16s . 1835

the same, 2 vols, green morocco extra, gilt

edges, richly gilt with birds, £1. 10s

"This is, without any exception, tbe roost truly charming work on Ornithology which has hitherto appeared, from the days of Willughby downwards. Other authors describe, Mudie paints; other authors give the husk, Mudie the kernel. We most heartily concur with the opinion expressed of this work by Leigh Hunt (a kindred spirit) in the first few numbers of his right pleasant London Journal. The descriptions of Hewick, Pennant, Lewin, Montagu, and even Wilson, will not for an instant stand comparison with the spirit-stirring emanations of Mudie's 'living pen/ as it has well been called. We are not acquainted with any author who so felicitously unites beauty of style with strength and nerve of expression—be does not specify, he paints."—Wood's Ornithological Guide.

"The ' Feathered Tribes' is indeed an Exquisite Work, and unquestionably the best that has yet appeared on the habits of our native birds, in that it is scarcely second to those of Wilson and Audubon. Mudie is the most accurate observer of nature,—Selby excepted, and be treats not exclusively of habits— consequently tbe 'Feathered Tribes' deserves a distinguished place on the shelves of the philosophic ornithologist."—Ornithologist's Text Booh.

NOZEMAN, SEPP, En Houttuyn, Nederlandsche Vogelen (Natural History of the Birds of the Netherlands,) 5 vols. roy. folio, complete, containing 250 engravings of Birds, with their Nests and Fggs, by Christian Sepp and Son, Beautifully Coloured, hf. bd. uncut, £23. Amst. 1770-1829

OLINA (J. P.) Uccelliera, overo Discorso di diversi Uccelli particolare di que' che cantono, 4to. tcitft figures by Tempesta and Vitlaniena, vellum, 10s 6<i . . Roma, 1622

——— the same, 4to. morocco, gilt edges,fine copy, £1. 4» . ib. 1684

ORNITHOLOGIA, метношсв Dioesta, atque Iconiboe acneis ad vivum illuminatis omataa Xav. Manetti, Lorentio Lorenzi, et Violante Vanui, (the letter-press in ijitm ami Italian) 5 vols. roy. folio, containing 600 coUmrtd plates, executed in a hold free manner, on faint outlines, so as to have all the appearance of Drawings, hf. bd. uncut, tine copy, scarce, £14. 14j Florentier, 1767-76

PEN N A NT'S (Tho.) Genera of Birds, 4to. 16 plates, hf. bd. Ioj . . 1781

PENNANT'S (Tho.) Indexée to the Ornithologie of 1 iuffon, and the Planchos Enluminées, 4to. unbound, £1. It . . 1786

RAII (Jo.) Synopsis methodica Avium et Piscium, 8vo. with 3 plates, coif ,1s . 1713

RICHARDSON'S (Dr. John) Fauna BorealiAmericana, Part. II., the Birds by Wm. Swainson, Esq. and John Richardson, M.D. 4to. twin 50 plates, beautifully coloured, and numerous wood-cuts, (pub. at £4. 4«) hds. £2. Is 1831

the same, 4to. russia extra, marbled edges,

£2.12»6d . . 1831

ROUX, Ornitholooie Provençale, ou Description de tous les Oiseaux qui habitent constamment la Provence, ou qui n'y sont que de pasaige, 56 Livraisons, 4to. with upwards of 400 coloured plates, (pub. at £16.16s) «-arre, £12. 12« Marseille, 1825-29

RUSES Innocentes, dans lesquelles se voit comment on prend lee Oiseaux passagers et non passagers; et de plusieurs sortes de Bètes. Avec Les Plus Beaux Secbets De La Pêche, et un Traité trèsutile pour la Chasse, par (Francois Fortin, dit) le Solitaire Inventif; 4to. numerous plates, very neat, 14j . . Paris, 1688

SA LERNE, Ornithologie, qui traite des Oiseaux de Terre, de Mer, et de Rivière, tant de nos Climats que des Pays Etrangers, augmentée sur le Synopsis de Ray, royal 4to. 31 tine plates, comprising numerous figures, neat, lis ib. 1767

8AVIGN Y (J. C.) Histoire Naturelle et Mythologique de l'Ibis, 8vo. with 6 plates, sewed, Is

ib. 1805

SCHIFFER. Museum Omithologicum, exhibens enumerationem et descriptionem Avium, 4to. 52 coloured plates,calf, £1. Ils 6d Ratisb. 1789

SELBY'S Magnificent Work, The Figures Of British Birds, containing an exact and faithful representation, In their full natural size, of all the known species found in Great Britain, 2 vols, elephant folio, 383 Figures in 228 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at £105.) elegantly hf. bd. morocco, full gilt bach and gilt edges, with glased paper to the plates, £31. 10s 1834

the same, whole bound mvocco, richly gilt,


the same, niain plates, (pub. at £31. 10»)

hf. bd. calf, £15. 15s

the same, 2 vols, elephant folio, the plates

on IVDIA РЛГЕП, Hf. bd. green morocco, full gilt backs, and gilt edges, £21. 1834

The grandest work on Ornithology published in this country, the »яте for British Birds that Audubon's is for the birds t.f America. Every figure, excepting in a very tew instances or extremely large birds, is of the full natural sice, beaatiiully and accurately drawn, with all the spirit of lite.

"Every individual of the Falcon and Owl Families would make л Prrpbct PICTURK op ITSBLP, so beau* tnolly and correctly are they executed: Thby Have


And Audubon."Ornithologist'* Text Booh.

'* The author has been most successful, especially in the larger birds,and it would be impossible to improve

on any of the Rapto~ee, which for fidelity, boldness, and spirit, are unequalled—every feather is disiinct, yet beautifully blended." — ¡roods OrnUholooical Guide. ^

SELBY'S Illustrations op Biutish Ornithology, 2 vole. 8vo. 2nd edition, (pub. at £1.1») in bds. 12» . . 1833

———— the same, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. green morocco extra, gilt edges, £1. Г«

This is the most complete Scientific Manual of British Ornithology yet published. Every known British Bird is enumerated, with an ample description of its plumage, habits, etc., the scientific as well as familiar names given by different Naluralisu, and references to all those who have figured it.

"Sblby's Is The Most Masterly Work That Has Ever Trpeared On The Blrds Op Britain. And Is Quite Indispensable To Eveby Ornithologist." Ornithologist* Text Book.

SPARRMAN (Andreas) Museum Carlsonianu», in quo Novas et Selectas Aves, coloribus atl vivum brevique Descriptione illtutratas, exhibet, 2 vols, folio, 100 coloured plates, calf, very neat, fine copy, £4. 4» Holmix, 1786-89

the same, 2 vols, folio, 100 coWred plates,

hf. bd. calf, £3. 3s ¡6. 1786-B9

SWAINSON'S Natural History and Classification of Birds, 2 vols. 12mo. numerous wood-cuts, bds. -2s . . 1836-37

SWAINSON'S Ornithological Drawings, being Figures of the rarer and most interesting Birds Op Brazil. Complete, 7 parts in I vol. royal 8vo. Containing Seventy-eight BeauTifully Coloured Plates, (pub. at £3. 13s 6<0 elegantly hf. bd. morocco, £2. 5s 1841

This exceedingly beautiful work Is in very few evi-n of the most complete ornithological libraries, as only 179 copies were printed, and Mr. Swainson refused lo sell any excepting lo those who had origiually subscribed for them.

"Mr. Swainson's name stands so deservedly high, both as an ornithologist and an arlist, that, iu introducing this splendid work to the notice of our readers, we lhall simply say that we consider it in every respect worthy of its author. Farther commendation we feel would be superfluous."—Loudon.

TEMMINCK Et LAUGIER, Nouveau Recueil de Planches Coloriées d'Oiseaux, pour servir de Suite et de Complément aux Planches Enluminées de BurTon, Complete, roy. 4to. 600finely coloured plates, arranged in four portfolios, £35. Paris, 1820-38

the same, Large Paper, imperial folio,

uiifft 600 plates, most beautifully coloured, in 14 thin vols. hf. bd. uncut, £50.

Printed In this size to correspond with the folio edition of the Planches Enluminées of Butfon. Very tew copies were taken off in this magnificent manner, the price of which was £76. 10a.

VIEILLOT IL. P.) Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de l'Amérique Septentrionale,2 vols. roy. folio, trifft 124 plates, bds. £3. 3s .'oris, 1807

the same, 2 vols, royal folio, wanting three

plates, bds. £1. Ils6d * . to. 1807

VIEILLOT (L. P.) Et PAUL OUDART, Galerie dee Oiseaux du Cabinet d' Histoire Naturelle du Jardin du Roi, complete in 82 livraisons, 4to. или 301 plates, finely coloured, and 25 plates of beaks, (pub. at £20. 1Ö-) £8. 8s ih. 1821-6

WALCOTT'S (John) Synopsis of British Birds, 2 vole, small 4to. upwards of 250 plates, neat. .¿1.8s . . r '1789

"I am credibly Informed that no more than twentyfive copies of this work were struck off. The plates were subsequently destroyed. The figures I know lo be genuine, and to be in general copied from the Birda in the Leverian Museum. I offered £4. 4>. for a copy to Thompson nearly 30 years ago, but I could not then procure it."- MS. Note by the late Mr. Donovan.

WERNER, Hletoîre Naturelle des Perroquete, volume supplémentaire à la publication de Le Vaillant, le texte par Bourjot St. Hilaire, complete in 28 parta, imperial folio, Large Papeb, 115 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at 420 franc.) £10. ÎOi Paris, 1837-38

WILLUGHBY'S Ornithology, enlarged by Ray; to which are added Three Discourses, viz. Of the Art of Fowling—Of the Ordering of Singing Birds—and of Falconry, folio, with IS fine engravings, containing several hundred figurée of Hirds, and the turn scarce plates of bird-netting, old russia, £1. 1» . 1678

WILSON'S American Ornithology, or Natural History of the Birds of the United States, second American edition, with a Sketch of the Author's Life by George Ord, 3 vols, royal 8vo. and 1 vol. atlas 4to. containing 76 beautifully coloured plates on the original large scale, being Wilson's own set of plates, complete, hf. bd. morocco extra, marbled edges, £5. 5s New York, 1828-29

. the same, Large Paper, 3 vols. 4to. and

1 vol. atlas 4to. similar to the preceding, hf. bd. morocco extra, marbled edges, £6. 16* 6J

ib. 1828-29 WILSON'S American Ornitholooy, Or Natural History or The Birbs Op The United States; With A Continuation By Charles Lucían Bonaparte, Prince Of Musignano, New and Enlarged Edition, completed by the insertion of above One Hundred Birds omitted in the original Work, and illustrated by valuable Notes, with an interesting Life of the Author, by Sir William Jardine, Bart., F.R.S.E., F.L.S., 3 vols. 8vo. with a fine portrait of Wilson, and 97 plates, exhibiting 363 figures of Birds accurately engraved on glazed drawing paper, and most beautifully coloured, elegantly hf. bd. morocco, backs gilt, the top edges gilt, £4. 4s 1832

In the present highly finished copie«,«Il the Grounds And Landscapes are likewise coloured. The publication price oí copies coloured in Ihc ordinary manner, on unglaxed paper, and the grounds uncoloured, was £6. loa Od in boards, and of copies finished in the extra style of the present, £10. in».

"American Ornithology has uniformly presented a highly interesting subject of investigation to Naturalists aud liberally educated persons of all countries, even when llie means of notifying their curiosity were few and difficult of attainment. Wilson's invaluable work removed the obstacles to this attractive study, and conferred on him an imperishable renown. His ardent and perspicacious mind enabled him to exhibit the troths he discovered, in that warm, lucid, and captivating language, whieh never falls to reach the heart ol his reader; while the faithfulness of his delineations shew most advantageously the accoracy of his pencil.— We may say, without hesitation, that such a work as he has pnbliahed in a new country, is still a desideratum in any part of Europe."

"The valuable Notes and interesting Life of Wilson added to this new edition are from the pen of Sir William Jardine, a Naturalist of congenial mind in feeling and talent. The plates are well executed, and the greatest possible attention has been paid to accuracy of colouring. Altogether we have rarely seen a more valuable work on Natural History, and not one more entertaining."—Lit. Gazette.

"The moat delightful collection of Ornithological Biographies with which we are acquainted."

"This la by far the best edition of the American Ornithology,both on account of the beautiful plates anil the interesting notes of the editor. Every ornithologist must, of conrse, possess the work, and he should if possible procure this edition."—Neville IVood.

WOOD'S (C. T.) Ornithological Guide; in which are discussed several Interesting Points in Ornithology, small 8vo. ciotA bds. 4s 6d 1835

WOOD'S (Neville) Ornithologist's Text Book, being Reviews of Ornithological Works, 12mo.

cloth bds. is . . 1836


ABBOT and SMITH'S Natural History of the rarer Lepidopterous Insects of Georgia, with the Plants on which they feed, 2 vols, folio, uiiift 104 beautifully coloured plates, (pub. at £25. 4s) old bds. £6.6s . . 1797

— the same, 2 vols, folio, fine original спру,

calf extra, by Kalthoeber, £7. 7j' 1797

"John Abbot was a most assiduous collector, and an admirable draftsman of insects. His work is one of the most beautiful that this or any other country can boast of. The original coloured impressions are seldom met with."—Swaineon.

ABEILLES, Hist. Natur, des, (par Bazin), 2 vols. 12mo. with plates, calf, neat, 12s Paris, 1741

ADAMS' (George) Essays on the Microscope, containing a Description of Microscopes, general History of Insects, Description of 379 Aiiimalcula, &c. 4to. with a folio atlas of 32 plates, fine impresñons, bds. 16s . 1787

——— the same, 4to. trifft folio atlas, fine copy, calf extra, ey Kalthoeber, £1.7» * 1787

——— the same, 4to. with the folio atlas, elegantly bound in blue turkey morocco, gilt edges, from the Royal Library at Carlton House, £1. lis 6rf 1787

ADAMS' (George) Essays on the Microscope, second edition, edited by Kanmacher, 4to. uiitft folio atlas of 32 plates, bds. £1. 7l 1798

the same, 4to. uiifft the atlas folded in the

book, russia, neat, £1. lis 6d 1798

ALBIN'S (Eleazar) Natural History of English Insects, 4to. Large Paper, with the 100 plates exactly coloured by the Author, a fine copy in old French red morocco, gilt edges, £2. 12s 6d 1720

ALBIN'S Natural History of Spiders and other curious Insects, 4to. 53 coloured plates, very neat, £1.4s . . 1736

—— the same, 4to. with plates, uncolowred, bds. uncut, 10s . . 1736

BARBUT'S Genera Insectorum of Linnjeus, illustrated with Figures of English Insects, (French and English) 4to. 22 fine coloured plates, bds. £1. . . 1781

the same, 4to. calf, neat, £\. Is 1781

BARBUT'S Genera Insectorum, etc. 1781, 22 coloured plates—Barbut's Genera Vennium, exemplified by figures of the Animals in the orders Intestina and Mollusca of Linnicus, 1783, 11 coloured plates, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. very neat in calf, £1. 16«

BARBUT'S Genera Insectorum, &c. 1781, 22 coloured plates Genera Yermium, etc. 1783, 11 coloured platesGenera Vermium,2nd Part, containing Testacea, Lithophyta, and Zoophyta Animalia, 1788, 14 coloured plates. Also A

POLIO VOLUME OF ORIGINAL UNPUBLISHED DRAWINGS of Testacea by Barbut, intended for a continuation of his 'Genera Vennium,' partly coloured :—in all 3 vols, bound in green morocco, gilt edges, £6. 16s 6rf BECHSTEIN (J. M.) und SCHARFENBERG'S Naturgeschichte der Schädlichen Forstinsekten, (Insects destructive of Vegetation), 3 vols. 4to. iciift 13 coloured plates, hf. bd. calf gilt, ¿\. 16s Leipiig, 1804-5

BOISDUVAL (T. A.) Icones Historiques des Lépidoptères nouveaux ou peu connus, 2 vols, royal 8vo. with 76 plates, comprising several hundred ßgures, finely coloured, (Vol. 1, bound in calf, extra, gilt edges; Vol. 2, to No. 38 inclusive unbound), (pub. at £5. 15s 6d) £2. Is

Paris, 1832-34

This work will be completed in 50 livraison»! of which 42 are already published.

the same, 2 vols, royal 8vo. with 84 finely

coloured plates, hf. bd. calf gilt, £2. 12s 6d

id. 1832-34

BOISDUVAL, Histoire Naturelle des Insects: Vol. I. Species General des Lépidoptères, 8vo. sewed, 6s 6d . ib. 1836

BOISDUVAL et LECONTE, Histoire Générale et Iconographie de tous les Lépidoptères et Chenilles de l'Amérique Septentrionale, 26 parts, in 1 vol. 8vo. 78 coloured plates, cloth bds. £l.ll»6Vi . to. 1829, &c.

This work is to be completed in 70 parts, each containing 3 coluared piales, at 3a per pari. Tweuty-six are all that have yet appeared.

BOISDUVAL, RAMBUR, et GRASLIN, Collection Iconographique et Historique des Chenilles, ou Descriptions et Figures des Chenilles d'Europe, 42 parts, in 2 vols. 8vo. 126 coloured plates, £3. 3i . ib. 1832, &c.

This work is to be completed in 70 parts, each containing 3 coloured piales, at 3s per part.

1Î01TARD, Manuel d'Entomologie, ou Hist. Nat. des Insectes, 2 vols. 18mo. bds. 5s Paris, 1828

the same, 2 vols. with un atlas of 110 plûtes,

hf. bd. calf gilt, 15s . ib. 1828

BROWN'S (Capt.Thos.) Book of British Butterflies, Sphinxes, and Moths, 3 vols. 12mo. with 144 coloured plates, also wood engravings, cloth Ints.7s6d . . 1832-4

An extremely cheap book, of which the publisher has a number of copies.

BUFFON (Suites à) par Boisduval: Insectes Aptères, 3 parts—Hyménoptères, 1 part— Lépidoptères, 2 parts, together 6 parts, 8vo. vita 68 coloured plates, sewed, Is 6<i Paris, N. D.

BURMEISTER'S Manual Of Entomology, translated from the last German edition, by VV. E. Siiuckard, Member of the Entomological Society, &c. with considerable and important additions by the Author, (communicated expressly for this edition,) and many original Notes by the translator. Illustrated With TiiirtyTiiree Engravings On Steel, in which are represented Above Five Hundred subjects, chiefly generic distinctions, anatomical sections, organs, eggs, larva;, &c. of Insects; together with a beautifully coloured frontispiece; one thick volume 8vo. comprising above 650 closely printed pages, (pub. at £1. Is in bds.) morocco, 15» . . 1836

"This is Ihe best Manual of Entomology which has

yet been produced. The scientific definitions «re lurid,

the engravings of the various parts and vessels nntne

roof, and the general matter curious and instructive."

JAterary Gazette.

"Burmeistcr's celebrated work is the standard authority on this science in Germany, and concentrates Ihe labours and observations of English and French, but especially German Entomologisis, up to the present period, including the researches of Spence and Ktrby."

BUTTERFLIES. Seventy-nine coloured Drawings of Exotic Butterflies, mounted in a small 4to. volume, hf. Ы1.10s 6d

CEDERHIELM (Jo.) Fauna Ingrica? Prodromus, exhibens Descript. Insectorum Agri Petropilensis, pnemissa Mammalium, Avium, Amphibiorum et Piscium Enumeration!', 8vo. iciiA 3 coloured plates, bds. Is 6d Lips. 1798

CLEKCK (C.) Aranei Suecici, (Swedish and Latin,) 4to. 6 plates, containing numerous coloured figures of Spiders, rare, £1. 5s Stockholm, 1757 COQUEBERT, Illustratio Iconographies Insectorum qua; in Musseis Parisinis observavit et in lucem edidit J. С Fabricius, pramissis ejusdem Descript. Accedunt Species plurimse, vel minus aut nondum cognita, 3 parts, roy. 4to. 30 plates, containing upwards of 300 Insects, finely coloured, bds. £2. 5s . Paris, 1799-1804

CRAMER, Papillons Exotiques De L'asie, De L'afrique, Et De L'amérique, 4 vols.—Supplément, par Stoll, 1 vol.—Représentation des Cigales et des Punaises qui se trouvent dans les quatre parties du Monde, par Stoll, 2 vols, in 1— Représentation des Spectres, des Mantes, des Sauterelles, des Grillons, etc. des quatre parties du Monde, par Stoll, 2 vols.—forming together 9 vols, in 8,4to. containing several thousand figures of Insects and Butterflies, most beautifully coloured after Nature, an original and choice set, hf. bd. Dutch calf, uncut, £22. iimst. 1799, &c.

another fine original set, complete, bound

in 7 vols, elegant in green morocco, richly gilt, with broad borders, £31. 10s

the same, with Stoll's Supplement, and

his "Cigales et Punaises," 7 vols, in 6, 4to. very neat in calf gilt, £14. 14s

the same, with Stoll's Supplement, but

without the Cigales, Spectres, &c. 5 vols, royal 4to. very neat in calf, £10. 10s

"The most complete and the most valuable work ever published on the exotic lepidopterous insects."

SwuUuon. CRAMER, Papillons exotiques, Supplément à cet ouvrage, par Stoll, 5 parts, royal 4to. complete, with 42 fine coloured platee, £3. 3s Amst. 1790 the same, the 5 parts in 1 vol. 4to. coloured plates, hf. bd. russia, £3. 3s 1791 This Supplement forms the fifih volume of the work, and is wanting in many sets. CURTIS'S (J.) British Entomology,being Illustrations and Descriptions of the Genera of Insects found in Great Britain and Ireland, 16 vols, in 8, roy. 8vo. compl'te, with 769 frevititifutlu coloured plates of Insects, and the plants on which they jeed, (pub. at £44. 10s) hf. bd. calf, £28. . . 1824-39 DALMAN (J. W.) Analecta Entomología;, 4to. with 4 plates, hf. bd.neat, 10s 6<i Holmiœ, 1823 DE GEEIi, Mémoires Pour Servir A L'histoire Des Insectes, 6 vols. 4to. with 159 folding plates, remarkably fine copy in French calf, very scarce, £10. 10s . Stockholm, 1752-75

the same, 7 vols. 4to. uiitA 189 plates, calf

gilt, very neat, £14. 14s ¡6. 1752-76

"l)e Geer's Entomology is one of the most valuable that ever appeared on this class of animals; it is full of original and important observations, accurate descriptions, and delineations of external structure."

Swainson. DEJEAN (Le Comte), BOISDUVAL et AUBE, Iconographie et Histoire Naturelle des Coléoptères d'Europe, 56 parts, 8vo. 280 coloured plates, (pub. at £16. 16s) Vols. 1 to 4, hf. bd. calf gilt, the remainder in numbers, £6. 16s 6o*

Pons, 1829, &c. The above 50 parts are all yet published. The first 4 vols, contain the Caraojowcf complete

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