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ROBINSON CRU80E, Pictohial Edition, illustrated by Grandrille, (beautifully printed by Viietelly on fine thick wove paper,) royal 8vo. several hundred capital wood-cuts, (pub. at 150 cloth, elegantly gilt, 81 1844

the same, elegantly bound in morocco, gilt on

back and sides, and gilt edges, (pub. at £1. 5i) IS»

This edition is printed in a first-rate style by Ylietelly, and Is in every respect very superior to any other.

To meet the competition which has arisen In editions of Robinton Crusoe, Mr. Bolín has determined to rerince the price of this beautiful book to less than paper and print. Comparison with any other will shew its great superiority.

with a Life of the Author, 2 role, royal 8vo.

Large Paper, 22 beautiful illustrations, after Stnthard, by C. Heath, India Proofs, (pub. at £5. 6s in bds.) red morocco, silk insides, joints, gold borders and gill edges, £2. 8» Cadell, 1820

"Perhaps there exists no work,either of instruction or entertainment, in the English language, which has been more generally read, or more deservedly admired, thao the Life and Adventures of Robinson Crnsoe."

Sir rValter Scott.

SCOTT AND SCOTLAND, illustrated in a series of 108 fine engravings, after Turner, M'Clise, Harding, and George Cruikshank, &)c. with Historical and Descriptive Letter-press, by the Rev. G. N. Wright, 2 vols, royal 8vo. (pub. at £2. 2s) cloth, gilt edges, 18« 1838

SEALS. Hi'ebbri Austria illustrate; I. Nucleus historico-genealogicus; II. Sigilla Romanorum Pontificum, Principum. Nobilium, etc-; III. Tabula; Genealogies, folio, 48 plates of Seals, Ecclesiastical Relics, etc. very neat in vellum, 18i

Lipsue, 1722

SPIZELII Templum Honoris reseratum, in quo illustnum œvi hujus Theologorum. et I'liilologorum Imagines exhibentur, small 4to. 50 Tient portraits of German Divines and Critics, hf. bd. vellum, 9s Aug. Vind. 1613

—— the same, 50 portraits—Vetus Academia Jesu Christi, in qua prises sincersque pietatis profesaorum Icones exhibentur, 22 portraits of the Fathers, 2 vols, in 1, small 4to. vellum, lbs

ib. 1671-3

SERMON on the Mount, printed in Gold and Colours in the Missal style, with Ornamental Borders by Owen Jones, and an Illuminated Frontispiece by Bloxam, 12mo. elegantly bound in silk, 21s . » 1845

SINGER'S Researches into the History of Playing Cards; with Illustrations of trie Origin of Printing and Engraving on Wood, 4to. numerous plates, (pub. at £4. 4s) bds. £3. 3s 1816

SLEZRRI THEATRUM SCOTIA, containing the Prospects of Castles, Palaces, Towns, and Colleges; the Ruins of Abbeys, Churches, Monasteries, and Convents of Scotland, folio, 75 large plates of Views, and 32 vignettes oj Scottish Armour, original edition, old calf, scarce, £4. 4i


SMEETON'S Biographia Curiosa, or Memoir» of Remarkable Characters of the Reign of George III. 8vo. with 53 portraits, chiefly of those who have been exhibited in London, hf. bd. calf gilt, 12» . 1820

SMIRKE'S Illustrations to the Adventures ot Hunchback, (from the Arabian Nights.) with the Text, atlas 4to. Large Paper, containing 17 fine engravings by Uaniell, India Proofs, ( pub. at £6. 6») bds. £1.16» 1814

STATUES.—Bisschop Icones Sionorum Veterum, folio, LAROE Paper, 100 plates of Ancient Statues, very accurately drawn, brilliant impressions, very neat in old gilt calj, from the Rendorp Library, £1.18« . {Huge, 1680?)

STOTHARD'S Illustrations of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, small folio, 16^ine Designs beautifully engraved in bistre, hy Jos. Strutt, Proofs, hf. bd. morocco, rare, £2. 12s 6d 1793

STRANGES Catalogue of a Collection of Pictures of the Italian, Flemish, and other Schools, 1769—Aretin, a Dialogue on Painting, from the Italian of L. Dolce, 1770—Gilpin's Essay on Prints, 1768—in 1 thick vol. 12mo. neat in calf, 10s 6<i

TASSO.—Twenty-four fine Illustrations of Tasso's Jerusalem, chiefly after Designs by Le Barbier, royal 8vo. with Portrait and Proofs before letters, unbound, 15«

THOMSON'S SEASONS, Bensley's Splendid Edition, royal 4to. numerous beautiful engrav' ings by Bartolozii and Tomkins, after Hamilton, red morocco, on carved boards, with red morocco joints and green morocco linings, elaborately tooled, and gilt edges, £2. 5s 1797-1807

THORWALDSEN8 SCULPTURE. — " Collezione di alcune Statue e Basso-Rilievi," &c. royal folio, containing 25 fine capper-plate engravings of his principal Statues and Bas Reliefs, ( pub. at £2.2s) seiMd, 15« Roma, 1826

TRACTS on Art and Natural History; 1. Simholi de Sette Scienze nel Campo Santo, fita, 1844— Ciampi, Due Urne Sepolcrali, Pisa, 1814— Discorsi letti uello Palazzo Reale delle Scienze e delle Arti in Milano, 1811 — Pini, Sisten.i Geologici, Mil. 1811 — Pini, Cristallisations de Feldspath, ib. 1779—together with 6 other tracts, in 1 vol. em. 8vo. ¡dites, neatly hf. bd. calf,

VASI, MsomncExzE Di Roma Antica E Moderna, con una Spiegazione Istorica da Biancluni; 10 thin vols, in 6, oblong folio, containing 200 Vievis of Buildings, 6¡c. original impression«, cloth bds. £3. 3» . Roma, 1741-61

VERDIZOTTI Cento Favole Morali.dei più illustri antichi e moderni autori Greci e Latini. .stielte e trattate in varie maniere di Versi Vflgari, 4to. first edition, with 100 spirited wood-engravings, some nj'ter the designs of Titian, very neat copy in Etruscan calf, £1. 10» Venetia, 1570

VERTUE'S Catalogue of Pictures, Statues, Bronzes, Medals, etc. of King Charles I. 4to. uncut, £1. Hi . 1757

VOYAGE PITTORESQUE DE LA GRECE, Par Choisecl G.wjffier, 3 Tols. royal folio, containing 283 ßne plates, Fi Rut Impressions, elegant in whole ruuia, broad leather jointe, gilt edges, by Hering, fine set, £12. 12*

Paris, 1782-1822

VOYAGE PITTORESQUE DE LA SUISSE, Par Laborde Et Zurlavben, 4 vols, in 3, royal folio, complete with the Supplement, and "Table Gênerait," (which consitb of 129 piges) containing ZlQfine plates of the romantic Scenery and Antiquities of Switzerland,whole boundrussia, leather joints, gilt edges, by Hering, fine set, £7. 17i6d . ib. 1780-88

WALPOLE'S History of the Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with a List of their Works: enlarged and continued to the present Time by Thomas Park, 5 vols. 4to. Large Paper, with the usual set of 150 plates, Proof Impressions, and further illustrated by upwards oj 60 additional portraits, bds. £6. l&6d . 1806

WINCKELMANN, Histoire De L'aiit Chez Les Anciens traduite avec des Notes historiques et critiques, (par Huber et Jansen) 3 vols. Ata. fine portrait, and 139 plates, very neat in Frenchcalf, £3. 3» Paris, 1793-1803

ZENTNER'S COLLECTION OF LANDSCAPES, from the best Old Masters, consisting of single Specimens of Fifty Painters, with Portraits and Biographical Accounts, by Thane, oblong folio, containing SO line engravings, taken from the Original pictures ; alio 36 portraits, old impressions (pub. at £5. 5») bds. 18a [


This interesting volume gives engravings of many ( fine pictures not contained in any other Collection. It' v&a published by Thane, and the coppers are destroyed.


%* For Gems see

Аслисмге Dm Inscriptions Et Médailles—See

French Books.

AD1.KRI Museum Cuficum Borgianum Velitris, 4 to. nil A 12 plates, chiefly of Coins, hf. bd. 9s


Collectio nova Numorum Cuficoruro. sea Ara

bicorvm e Museis Dorgiaao et Adleriano. 4to. with 7 plates, containing figura of 116 coins, bds. 12i . 7/a/niœ, 1792

A ON KTHLER, Numopbylacium Scbulzianum, em. 4to. with 5 plates, of rare Greek Coins, Roman Families, Sc. calf extra, 9s Lipsue, 1746

Л К HUMAN'S Roman Coins: a descriptive Catalogue of Hare and Unedited Roman Coins, from the earliest period of the Roman Coinage to the extinction of the Empire under Constantinus Puleologus, 2 vols. 8vo. large paper, 22 vîntes on India paper, (pub. at £4. 4s) cloth bds. £1.8s . 1834

Coins of the Romans relating to Britain,

12mo. plates, cloth bds. 7s 6d 1836

Numismatic Manual, 8vo. n'A wood-cuts, and

17 plates of Greek, Roman, English, Anglo-Gallic, Irish and Scotch Coins, cloth, 18s 1840

Ancient Coins of Cities and Princes, geographically arranged and described: Hispania, Gallia, Britannia, 8vo. plates, bds. 18j 1846

Further Observations on the Coinage of the

Ancient Britons, 4to. (privately printed) 2 plates, sd. 7s 6d 1839

Andersoni Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotiae Thesaurus—See page 65.

ANGELON J, Historia Augusta da Ginlio Cesare a Constantino il Magno, illustrate con la verità dell' Antiche Medaglie, folio, portrait, frontispiece, and numerous engravings of Coins and Medals, etched by Lanfranco, vellum, first edition, (Horace IValpole's copy) 15/ Roma, 1641

the кате, second edition, folio, plates, vellum,

10s 6(i . ib. 1685

APPEL'S Reperlorium zur Münzkunde dee Mittelalters und der Neuern Zeit (Repertory towards a Knowledge of the Coins of the Middle Ages and Modern times) 6 vols. 8vo. with 36 plates of rare Coins and Medals (pub. at 32 rix dollars > sd. £2.12s 6d Pesth, 1820-29

. the same, 6 vols, in 7, 8vo. plates, calf extra,

£3.3s . to. "l 820-9

ARBUTHNOTS Tables on Ancient Coins, Weights and Measures; with Dr. Langwith's Supplement, 4to. calf, neat, 18s London, 1754

ARR!, Nova; Observationes in quosdam Numos Abbasidarum aliosque Cúñeos, 4to. with 3 plates, sd. 5s Aug. Taurin. 1835

Books of Prints.

ARGELATI de Monetis 1 talis variorum illustrium virorum Dissertationes, 5 vols. 4to. containing seveval thousand figures of Coins, hf. bd. £2.2s Mediolani, 1750-59

Idem, et Trac ta tus de Monetis Italia;, Appendix,

together 6 vols. 4to. hf. bd. rustía extra, £3.13s 6d Hediolani, 1750-59

ARSACID.E. Corsini de Minnisari aliorumque Armenia! Regum Nummis, Liburni, 1754— Froelich, Dubia de Minnisari, &c. Kien. 1754— Longuerue, Annales Arsacidarum, etc. Argent. 1732—Corsini Epístola de Gotarzia Parthiœ Regis nummis, &c. Rom. 1757—in 1 vol. 4to. plates, neat, 9s

AUGUSTINI in Nummis Veterum Dialogi, ab And. Schotto editi, folio, with 68 fine plates of Roman Coins, very neat, 9s Antterpiœ, 1617

BANDURI, Numismate Imperatorum Romanorum, a Trajano Decio ad Paleólogos, 2 vols, folio, plates, old calf, £1. lis 6d Paris. 1718

— Imperium Orientale, sive Antiquitates Conetantinopolitans, 2 vols, folio, plates, indifferent binding, £1.8s . ib. 1711

i' the same, 2 vols, in 1, folio, plates, vellum, £1. 5s Venetiis, 1729

BAUDELOT, Lettre sur le Prétendu Solon des Pierres Gravées, et Explication d'une Medaille d'or de la famille Cornuficia, 4to. plates, calf,3s6d . Paris, 1717

BAYER (Fr. Per.) de Numis Hebrseo-Samantanis, royal 4to. splendidly printed on very fine paper, frontispiece, portrait of Charles III. and several beautifully engraved plates of Coins, calf, gilt edges, 15s Valentía, 1781

the same, roya 14to. very neat in russia, gilt

edges, fine copy, £1. 8s ¡6.1781

idem, et Numorum Hebrso-Samaritanorum

Vindiciae, 2 vols, royal 4to. piales, Spanish calf, £1. 18s . ib. 1781-90

the same, 2 vols, royal 4to. a beautiful set in

red morocco, gold borders and gilt edges, Arms on sides, £2. 16s ¿4. 1781-90

"Oes deux ouvrages sont fort estimés, et 1' exécution typographique en ем magnifique, Ils doivent être rétine? Vendue en mar. Ы. 09 Гг. Gaillard ; бв fr. Lauste«.*


del Alfabeto y Lengua de los Fenices y desús

Colonias, folio, fine plates of Medals and Calligraphy, hf. bd. scarce, 12s Madrid, 1772

BAYERI (Th. Sig.) Historia Osrhœna et Edessena ex Numis illustrata, 4to. with 7 plaies of Coins, hf. bd. calf, 10s 6d Petropoli, 1734

BAZINGHEN, Traité des Monnoieset delà Jurisdiction de la Cour de* Monnoies, en forme de Dictionnaire, avec les Tables, 3 vols. 4to. ni. 18s • Paris, 1764

BEAUVAIS, Histoire des Empereurs Romains et Grecs, pour lesquelles on a frappé dee Médailles, 3 vols. 12mo. old binding, 7» bV 1767

>— the same, 3 vols, neat, 12i . 1767

Essay on the Means of distinguishing Antique

from Counterfeit Coins and Medals, translated with Notes and Illustrations by John Trotter Brocke«, 8vo. sd. 7s 6J Newcastle, 1819

HEGERI Observationes et Conjectura; in Nomiemata qu;edam Antiqua, accedunt Spanhemii Epístola;, 4to. with numerous engravings oj Cains, calf, is . Cofoni« Brand. 1691

the same, eery neat and gilt,

-— Spicilegium Antiquitatis, eive Variarum ex Antiquitate Elegantiarum fasciculi, folio, plates of Gems, Statuary, etc. neat, Is 6d ib. 1692

Thesaurus Brandenburgicus selectus: sive

Gemmarum ct Numismatum Graecorum in Cimeliarehio Electorali Brandenburgico Series, 2 vols, in 1, folio, with upwards of 1000 neat lu engraved figures of Coins and Gems, fine copy in the old stamped binding, 18s Colon. March. 1696 These 3 vols, contain—1. Gemma; 2. Nom. Regum el Шпщг. (Grace); 3. Num. Crascite : 4. Num. Insolaroin, i'elop. Grascia?, Alia?, Africa:; 5. Num. F'liniliarum ; 6. Num. Imperalorom.

idem, cum volumine tertio, Antiq. varia?, 3 vols.

— Thesaurus ex Thesauro Palatino selectus, 1 vol.—together 4 vols, folio, Numerous plates, uniform in calf, £1. 16s

Colon. M. et Heidelh. 1685-1701

Contemplatio Gemmarum quaruudam Dacty

liothecajGorlœi; Cranee Insula I .acornea, etc.; Meleagrides et /Etolia ex Numismate Kyrieon, 4to. plates, calf, 2s . ii. 1696-97

Numismatum Modernorum Cimeliarchii Bran

deuburgici sectio I.—continens Numismata

I 'ontificum Romanorum, &cc. variora et elegan

tiora, royal folio, numerous engravings, calf, Is 6d

Colon. Br. 1704

BELLINI de Monetis Italia; Medii JEvi hactenua non evulgatis, 4 vols, in 2—Dell' Antica Lira Ferrareee di Marchesini, 1 vol.—Delle Monete di Ferrara—together 6 vols, in 4, 4io. numerous engravings of Coins, calf gilt, new and uniform, £2. 12s 6d . ii. 1754-79

the same, 6 vole, in 4, in various bindings, and

not uniform in silt, £l. lis 6d

de Monetis I tal in Medii iE vi hactenua non

evulgatis dissertationes, 2 vols, in 1, 4to. old binding, 5i . ib. 1755-67

HELLO IUI Adnotationes in XII. priorum Casaarum Numismata ab Жпел Vico olim edita, noviter additis eorumdem Cresarum imaginibus majori forma; folio, 84 plates, neat, 10s 6d ib. 1/30

BENAVEN, Le ( 'л i-.-iHi Italien, ou l'Art de connaître toutes les Monnoies d'Italie, ainsi que celles de tous les Etats de l'Europe, 2 vols, folio, with 173 engravings, each containing many figures of Coins, bds. 18s . Lyon, 1787

the same, 2 vols, folio, very neat in calf, £1. 7s

ib. 1787

BEVERINI Syntagma de Ponderibus et Mensuris Antiquorum, cum Pra;f. Walchii, et Mantissa Nummorum Byzantinorum, Seb Pauli, small 8vo. neat, 3s . Neap. 1719

BIRCHALL'S Descriptive List of the Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens, issued between the years 1786 and 1796, email 8vo. calf, 6s

Leeds, 1796

! BIZOT, Histoire Métallique do la République de Hollande, 2 vols. 8vo. with a profusion of plates, very neat in Dutch calf, 10s 6d A mit. 1688

Medalische Historie der Repuhlyk van Holland, thick 4to. numerous plates of Medals, also 15 plates of celebrated funeral Monuments, veUum, 8s . Amst. 1690

BONANNI, Numismata Pontificum Romanorum, a tempore Martini V. usque ad annum 1699, 2 vols, plates of coins—Bonanni, Numismata Pontificum Templi Vaticani Eahricam indicantia, chronologiea ejuedem Fahricœ Narratione, with 86 plates—together 3 vols, folio, neat and uni/orm in iW/um, £2. 16s Roma, 1699-1700

Numismata Summorum Pontificum Templi

Vaticani Fabricant indicantia, folio, 86 plates, containing Views of the Interior and Exterior of the Vatican, the Plans and Designs of Sangallo, ill. Angelo, and others, for the re-building of St. Peter's, its Decorations, Monuments, etc. old vellum. 10s fi.i . ib. 1715

BONNEVILLE, Traité des Monnaies d'Or et d'Argent qui circulent chez les différens Peuples, folio, 188 plates, red morocco, joints, silk linings, and gilt edges, with the Imperial arms on the sities, £2. 18s . Paris, 1806

the same, folio, marbled calf gilt, £1. 16s

ib. 1806

BORGHESE, de Nummis aliquot /EreisUncialibus. 4to. with 40 plates, neat, rare, £1. Is Нота, 1778

BOSS ET, Essai sur les Médailles Antiques des Iles de Céphalonie et d'Ithaque, 4to. 5 plates by H. Moses, (pub. at 15s) 7s Lond. 1815

BOLTEROUE, Recherches Curieuses des Monnoyes de France, depuis le Commencement de la Monarchie, folio, plates, in old red marnera, gilt edges, £2. 2s . Paris, 1 litio

Ouvrage fori recherché, rlnnl les exemplaiies $nnt devenus rares v. De Bure Hibliogr. No. SI.'» 1'.

BRENNERI Thesaurus Nummorum Sueo-Gothicorum, accessit Libellus de Nummophylaciis Sueciœ, de Scriptoribus Rei Л" атташе Suethics, etc. 4to. with 65 plates, vellum, 9s

HolmUe, 1731

—— the same, calf gilt, 12s

the same, first edition, (in Swedish) am. 4to.

plates, old calf, 5s Stockholm, 1691

This edition has tnree plates not contained in that of 1731.

BRITISH MUSEUM COINS —Comdk (C.) Descriptio Nummorum veterum Populorum et Urbium, qui in Museo Gui. Hunter aaeervaniur, 4to. with 68 plates, old russia, scarce, £3. 5s

Lonii. 1782

the same, 4to. old marbled calf, bright gilt bark,

inlaid with red and blue morocco, a beautiful book,£3. 16s

CoMDE(Taylor) Veterum Populorum et Regum

Numi qui in Museo Britannien adservaiitur,
royal 4to. plates, (pub. at £4. 4s) bds. £1. 18s
, Lond. 1814

Tjescbiption of the Anglo-Gallic Coins in the

British Museum (by T. Combe and Hawkins) royal 4to. plates, bds. £1. Is 1826

Nummi Veteres Civiuitum, Regum, Gentium,

et Provinciarum, Londiui in Museo Richards
Payne Knight asservati, ab ipso descripti ( Hoe
Nummos Ric. P. Knight Museo Britannico
A.n. 1824 legavit), royal 4to. Imis. £1. 1 Is 6d

Lond. 183C

BROCKETT (Trotter) Selecta Nurolsmata Áurea lmpcrnwrum Komanorum, ex ejus Museo, 2 parts, 8vo. sd. 10>6d Xovi Castelti, 1822

Only 32 copies printed, for private distribution.

BUD/EUS de Asse et partibus ejus, 4to. old yellow morocco, 10« 6d Ven. Aldi, 1522

"Budrens, in hi» excellent treatise De Asse, was the first who explained the denominations and values of Human money in all periods of hi-lory."

Hailam's Lit. Hist.

BUDELIl de Monetis et Re Numaria libri duo, quorum primus Artem Cudendœ Moneta;; setumlus, vero quaestionum Monetariarum Decisiones continet, &c. 4to. calf, (from the Libraries of Ruding and Trotter Brockett), 7s 6d

Colon. 1591

BUONARROTI Osservazioni Istoriche sopra alcuni Medaglioni Antichi, 4to. with 35 plates, vellum, 16s . Rima, 1698

the same, Ato. fine copy in russia, tcirnj'omts and

marbled edges, by Kalthoeber, £1.11» 6d i6. 1698

BUSTAMENTE, Examen de las Medallas Antiguas atribuidas a la Ciudad de Munda en la Betica, sm. folio, with 2 plaies, sewed, rare, 15s Mailrid, 1799 "Ouvrage pen connn en France, mais dont les Espagnols font beanconp de cas; l'exécution typographique en est fort belle."—Brunet.

CADALVENE (Ed. de) Recueil de Médailles Grecques Inédites, 4to. with 5 plates, containing numerous figures, sewed, 12i Paris, 1828

CALCAGNI de Finzia e Liparo, Re di Siracusa, non ricordati dalle Storie; reconosciuti ora con le Monete, 2 vols, in 1, royal 8vo. píales, bds. uncut, 6s . Palermo, 1808

CAPELLI de Ponderibus, Nummia et Mensuris Libri V., sm. 4to. calf, 4s Franco/. 1606

CARDONNEL'S Numiemata Scotia:, or a Series of the Scottish Coinage, from the Reign of William die Lion to the Union, royal 4to. 20 piaf«, bas. 14s . iamb. 1786

CARDWELL'S Lectures on the Coinage of the Greeks and Romans, 8vo. bds. 5s Oxford, 1832

CARY, Histoire des Rois de Thrace et de ceux du Bosphore Citnmerien eclaircie par les Médailles, 4to. with 6 plates, neat, 12s 1752

CASTELLI (Prin. Torrímus««) Vetares Nummi

Sicilia;, folio, with 107 fine plates, vellum, £1. Is

Puiinrmi, 1781

idem, cum Auctunrio, folio, bds. uncut, £1.15s

ib. 1781-89

CARELLII (Fr.) Nummorum Veterum ltnli¡c,quos ipse collegit, et Ordine Geographico disposuit, descriptio, folio, with 200 fine plates, containing figures of several thousand Coins, hf. bd. russia,


Neapoli, 1812

the same, letter-press only, folio, cloth, 7s 6d

¿6. 1812 CARRANZA El Ajustamiento i Proporción de las Monedas de Oro, Plata, i Cobre, i la Reducción destos Metales a su debida estimación, folio, pinST Edition, calf extra, gilt edges, arms on the sides, bound by Lewis; Trotter Brockett's copy, 16s Madrid, 1629

the same, sm. folio, fine copy in old yellow mo'

-aeea gilt and marbled edges, by Padeloup, £ 1. 4s

¡A. 1629 "Ouvrage curieux el recherché,don! les exemplaires se trouvent peu communément."— /Je Bure. Sold for -i francs at La Vallière's sale.

CARRER.4Î Monumenta Histórica l'rbis Catans. Ejued. Disquisitio de vero Si^nificatu Messanensium, etc. folio, 13 plates oj Coins and Medals, calf, 5s . Lugd. bat. 1637

CASTIGLIONI, Monete Cufiche dell' Imp. Reg. Musco di Milano, royal 4to. 18 plates,comprising numerous figures of Coins, bds. £l. 18s

Milano, Regia Stumperia, 1819 A very elabórate work upon the Coius of the Ancient Caliphs anil Plinces of Asia and Africa,including those of Spain and Sicily upon the Invasion of the Moors. The Oriental inscriptions and other extracts with which tliis volume abouuds, are given in their proper charac

ter», with ibe translation affixed.

CATALOGUE de 1601 Médailles Antiques Romaines, en vente chez Jos. Curt, 4to. (sold iu 1838 for 10,000 francs), cloth, 2> 6d

Turin, 1838

CATTANEI Catalogue Populorum, Urbium et Regum. quorum Numi adeervantur in Museo Jlcdiolanensi, 8vo. bds. 3s Mediolani, 1813

CHEVALIER (N.) Histoire Métallique de Guillaume III. Roy d'Angleterre, folio, with many engravings of Coins, Medals, Triumphal Arches, Processions, ¿re. by Romeyn de Hooge, neat, 9s

Amst. 1692

CLARKE'S (W.) Connexion of the Roman, Saxon, and English Coins, deduced from Observations on the Saxon Weights and Money, 4to. neat in calf, IBs . 1767

COINS and Coinage, a Volume of rare Tracts, viz. Drake's Short History of the Last Parliament, (containing the History of the great Silver Coinage), 1699—An Essay for regulating of the Coin, 1696—The Traitor's Mint, or a Discovery of the Crew of Coyners and Clippers of Money in Gloucestershire, 1674—A Proposal for supplying His Majesty with £1,200,000, 1695—Lowndes's Essay for the Advancement of the Gold and Silver Coins, 1695—Remarks on same, 1695—A Discourse of Money, Trade, and Exchangee, 1695—Consultations and Debates between the French King and his Council, concerning the NewCoynage of England, 1695 —The Prevention of Poverty, or a Discourse of the Causes of the Decay of Trade, &c. 1674 —in 1 vol. small 4to. very neat, £2. 5s

COMBE (Car.) Index Nummorum Imperatorum, et Csesarum, a Julio Cesare usque ad postumuin, ex sere magni moduli signatorum, royal 4to. sd. Is 6d . 1773

See British Museum.

CONDER'S Arrangement of Provincial Coins, Tokens, and Medalets, issued in Great Britain, Ireland, and the Colonies, sm. 8vo. plates, very neat, 12s . Ipswich, 1799

the same, printed on Quarto paper, With ExTensive Additions In Manuscript, by the late Mr. Matthew Young, and upwards of 1000 en graved figures of Tokens, arranged opposite thé Descriptions. The whole evidently prepared for a new edition, 2 vols. sm. 4to. £7. 7s

COOKE'S Medallic History of Imperial Rome; from the first Triumvirate to the Removal of the Imperial Seat by Constantine the Great. Prefixed is a General History of Roman Medals, 2 vols. 4to. milk 61 plates, in old гш»ш,£2. 10s . 1781

the same, 2 vols. 4lo. hf. bd. £1. 16s

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