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PORTFOLIO Of Studies, Fob Artists And StuDents, royal folio, 72 varioui plain, consisting of Heads, Eyes, Ears, Statua, Laudicapei, etc. chietitl bu lnskipp, Jacob and Sharp: 18* J*" 1792-1838

PORTFOLIO or View», English, Scottish, And Welsh, 28 Imu'uiu, bu John Smith, Westull, Wilson, Bwkler, 6fc. impl. folio, 10» 6d ( 1790)

PORTFOLIO Op Humorous Prints, 4lo. containing various subjects, chiefly French, and coloured, il lustrating manners in France and Spain, Is Qd



— BRITISH GALLERY of Contemporary Por

Traits; being a Series of nearly 150 fine Engravings of the most eminent Persona now living, or lately deceased, in Great Britain and Ireland, 2 vols, atlas 4to. (pub. at £31 5s ) bds. leather backs, £2. 12» 6<i Cadell, 1822

— tbe earn?, 2 vols, folio, hi. Id. morocco, top edges

gilt, £3. 3i

— the same, Largest рлгев, Proof Impressions,

2 vols, in 1, impl. folio, 126 plates, (pub. at £50.) ruuia ettra, marbled edges, £6. 6»

Cadell, 1809-16 This Is я desirable companion to Lodge, as il doe» not contain any of the tame portraits.


Chaucer to Cowperandlieattie,2vols. impl. Î to. Large, Papfr, containing 138 highly-finished Portraits, engraved by FUtler, Warren, Worthinglon, Finden, ifc, India Proofs, (pub. at £32.) rrd morocco, gilt edges, by Lewi*, £5. 15s o\/ 1824

— tbe same, 2 vols, in 23 parts, impl. folio, com


Lette в s, £7. 7i . 1824

Only 20 copies of this sise were raeentert, all of which were subscribed for at Fifty Guineas Bach.


lection of whole length Portraits of celebrated Actors and Actresses (in character), with Biographical Notices, by D. Terry, impl. 4to. containing iOßne plates, India Proofs, iritna duplicateset, beautifully coloured, in ail 40 plates, (pub. at £8. 8i unbound) hf, bd. ruuia, marbled edges, £1. Ibtid . 1822


4to. 16 large and beautiful portraits, engraved in high relief, by the patent process, accompanied by Biographical Sketches, (pub. at £1. Ils6d) richly bound in cloth, full gilt on back and sides, 18> . 1838


of Queen Victoria, impl. 4to. 17 fine portraits of the English Female Nobility, from drawings by Chalón, II.niter and Lane, (pub. at £2. 2s) green morocco, gilt edges, 15a 1843

— LIVES of Eminent and Remarkable Characters,

born or long resident in tbe Counties of Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, royal 8vo. 68 portraits, hf. bd. uncut, 10» 6d . 1820

— MEE'S (Mrs.) Gallery of Beautify, or Por

traits of Ladies distinguished for Beauty in the Court of George III. impl. folio, 6 large engravings, India Proofs, vis. the Vuchessesof Beaufort and Rutland, Countess of Charlemont, Viscountess St. Asaph, Lady Heathcote, and Lady Hamilton, sd.\0s6d . 1812

Portraits (English)—continued.

— NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY of Illustrious and Eminent Personages of the Nineteenth Century, with Memoirs by Jerdan and Dr. Stebbing, 5 vols. 8vo. containing 184 beautifully engraved portraits, (pub. at £8.) hf. bd. morocco eitra, uncut, £2.18s Fisher, 1829-34

— the same, Large Paper, 5 vols. impl. ovo. fine impressions, ( pub. at £12. 10s) hf. bd. calf, marbled edges, £3. 18s in. 1829-34

— another set, 40 parts, imp), 8vo. 120 portraits, India Proofs, (pub. at £10.) £2. 8s 1829-32

— PORTRAITS At WOBURN ABBEY.—A Collection of old Portraits of the House of Ruse» Ll, or relating thereto, engraved after pictures by Van Dyck, Reynolds, Houbiaken, and others; including a fine Indian ink drawing of the Gallery, and views and plans of the Abbey, with descriptive letter-press collected from various sources, inlaid in 1 vol. atlas folio, hf, bd. calf, lettered " Not« to the Portraits at Wobitrn Abtiey, by Horace Wolpole, Earl of Orford" with hit autograph, £4. 4s

— PORTRAITS (155) published by Harding to illustrate Walpole's Royal And Noble AuThors Of Great Britain, struck off on impl. 4to. paper, fine impressions, hf. bd. £1. 10s

— PORTRAITS (80) published to illustrate Dallaway's edition of Walpole's Anecdotes of PainTers and Engravers, Proofs Before The LetTers, worked off in cuarto, (only 12 sets so printed, at 20 guineas each), £4. 14s 6d

— PORTRAITS of Characters illustrious in British History, from the Reign of Henry VIII. to the death of James II. royal 4to. 60 beautiful mezzotinto engravings by and Turner, Proofs, morocco eitra, gilt edges, £1. 16»

Lon.1. Wotdburn, 181011

— The Antiquity, Honour, and Dignity of Trade, particularly as connected with the City of LonDon, by a Peer of England, 4to. illustrated by 48 Portraits of Kings, Princes, Statesmen, Judges, Authors, &c. many rare, blue moroccoeitra, leather joints, gilt edges, £2.12» 6d W«ínT¡»<t«r, 1813

— A PORTFOLIO Of PORTRAITS, chiefly modern Engravings, many of them proofs, including Sir Thos, Lawrence, Maltbus, and Lord Mounteagle, by Linnell, Byron by Sanders, Lady Russell by Chalón, together 40 prims, atlas folio, interleaved, hf. bd. calf gilt, £3. 3>

published from 1830-36 From the collection of the late Sir Augusto» W. Calicot l.

— SCO'lTISH—Iconographie Scotica, or Portraits of Illustrious Persons of Scotland, engraved from tbe most authentic Paintings, etc. with their Lives by J. Smith, royal 8vo. 20 fine plates, bds. scarce, 14s 1798

— the same, royal 4(o. Large Paper, Proofs, bds. 18s . 1798

This collection is dînèrent from that of Pinkerlon nnder a similar tille, sec page 167.

English and Foreign.

— PR1NCELYCK CABINET, etc. door Nie. de Clerck. The Roysl Cabinet, etc. (in Dutch 1, sm. folio, containing 55 fine portraits (eiigrared in the nuinner of the Buziticologia), of all the Potentates of the time, and several Diplomatic characters, including Queen Anne, James I., Charles /., Prince Maurice, the Dukes of Brunsuick, Wirtemberg, Elizabeth of Bohemia, Horace Veie, &c, vellum, Ills . Dell', 1625 Portraits (Entlieh and Foreign)—continued.


PORTRAITS, published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge: a Series of 168 Hortraits. beautifully engraved on steely accompanied by Memoire written by various distinguished Biographers, 7 vole. impl. Bvo. beautifully printed and embellished by woodcut tail-pieces, (pub. at £7. 7s) bound in extra cloth, top edges gilt, £3. 13i 6d 1833-37

— the same, 7 vols. hf. bd. morocco, edges gilt, £5.

— the same, whole morocco, handsomely bd. £6. \6s6d

— the same, Proofs On India Paper, 2 vols, folio,

168 plates, without letter-press, none having been printed for this size, (pub. at £15. 15s) hf. bd. morocco, top edges gilt, £6. 6i

*«* This splendid and very interesting Series ii engraved in the highest style оГ art, on steel, in the ваше manner ai ùwlge's Portraits, with which work it competes for superiority. The Portraits being different in the two collections, they form désirable companions. The present work is the only one of its class which conrains highly finished Foreign Portraits on an extensive scale, and as these are generally of characters almost as familiar to as as those of our own country, ihey mix well with the English worthies, and form a diversified and interesting field of contemplation. The Biographical Sketches, it is well kuowu, are powerfully writteD.

Alphabetical List of the Portraits.

[table][merged small]

Portraits (English and Foreign)—continued.

— ROYAL PERSONAGES, impl. folio, 15 very

large whole length and equestrian portraits,finely engraved in tnetiotinto by Earlom and Turner; including Elizabeth, Mary, James I., Charles /., Cromwell, and Charles II., (pub. at £10. 10s) red morocco, gilt edges, £1. 1 Is 6d 1816

— TOONEEL Dee KEYSEREN, Coningen, Her

togen, Princen, Graven ende Krygs-Helden, (Theatre of European History during the Middle Ages) 2 vols, in 1, fol. with upwards of 140 ports. of the most remarkable Personages of all countries, including Edward the Black Prince, the. Earl of Shrewsbury, Henry VII, and VIII., Edward VI., Mary, Elizabeth, James IV. and V,, Kings of Scotland, Mary Queen of Scots, Varnley, Francis I. arid II., Columbus, Vesputius, Pisarro, Ferd. Cortex, Joan of Arc, William Tell, Sfc. finely engraved by De Clerc, old gilt calf, £1. 16s Delf, 1615-17

— A large portfolio with leaves, in a handsome old

rmsia binding, lettered: ' Heads of Illustrious Men;' containing 80 old Portraits, English and Foreign, including some by Albert Durer, Suyderhoef, Vostermann, Hondius, Duflos, Faber, Simon, Faithorne, and others, many very scarce, mounted, atlas folio, £4. 14s 6d

— Portraits of Celebrated Characters, chiefly

English, all illustrative of IK-»huías, engraved by Cooper, 54 plates, India Proofs, inserted between tinted leaves, in a 4fo. volume, hf bd. morocco, £1. lis 6ü[ Batdwyn, N. D.

Danish, etc.

— HO FM AN, Portraits Historiques des Hommes

illustres de Dannemark, avec les Mémoires du Grand Chanceliier Griffenfeld, &c. 6 parts in 1 vol. 4to. containing upwards of 100 fine portraits, (several English), and vignettes, by Wille and other first rate artists of the time ; fine impressions; also Genealogical Tables of Illustrious Families in Denmark, old Danish calf, gilt, £2. 12s 6d Copenhaguen, 1746

— the same, 6 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Large Paper,

russia, leather joints, gilt edges, from Mr. Hanrotfs collection, £2. 12s 6d' ib. 1746

Dutch, etc.

— PRINCIPES Hollandiffi, Zelandise, et West

frisiœ, ab anno 863 ad ultimum Philippum Hispaniarum Regem, incisi et descripti aus-. picas P. Scriverii; impl. folio, 38 remarkably fine large portraits after Titian, Rubens, and others; engraved by Soutman and Vistcher, (including Jacoba, Duchess of Gloucester, (mother of Duke Humphrey), Charles V., Maximilian, the Philips, and other Granger portraits), .brilliant impressions, fine copy in vellum ; from Horace Walpole's collection, £2. 8, Harlemi, 1650


painted by Soutman, engraved by Van Sompel, 14 large and striking plates, several belonging to the Granger Series,—Principes Hollandize, etc. after Titian, Rubens, o)c. engraved by Soutman and Visscher, 38 plates—in lyol. atlas fol. hf. bd. £1. 8l French, etc.


gereau, Bernadette, Bertbier, Beurnonville, Desaix, Dumas, Hoche, Joubert, Jourdan, Kellermann, Kilmaine, Kleber, Macdonald, Marceau, Massena, Monnier, Moreau, Picbegru, and Scherer, atlas folio, 20 large full length portraits,finely coloured, hf. bd. red morocco, scarce, £3. 16s Pari», 1801 Portraits (French, etc.)—continued.

— GALERIE de Portraits de Personnages célèbres,

12mo. 15 finely engraved miniature portrait! of Kapoleon and his family, by Bosselmann, green marocco,gilt edges, 10s 6d Paris, {Ostervald)


des Personnages les plus illustres, qui ont paru en France depuis François I., (et quelques années avant) jusqu' à la fin de Louis XVI. 45 parts, impl. folio, containing \80 fine portraits, betides facsimile autograph letters to the greater number, (pub. at 540 francs) £10. 10s

Paris, 1828, etc.

the same, 28 parts, impl. folio, 108 portraits; be

sides facsimiles, £4. is


dont les Noms Бе rattachent plus particulièrement aux divers Evénements qui ont eu lieu en France depuis 1789, jusqu'en 1829, 4 vols, impl. folio, upwards of 200fine lithographic portraits, and numerous facsimile autographs, (pub. at 600 francs, unbound) hf. bd. russia, marbled edges, £14. 14s Fori«, 1832

— tlie same, parts 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10,13, 15 to 20,

23, containing 63 portraits, besides autograph letters, £1.10«

"Composée de 300 portraits des personnes célèbres, avec an ûc simile de lenr écriture ; le toot publié en 50 livraisons, an prix de 12 tranca chacune. C'est one collection remarquable par l'authenticité des portrait* et par la belle exécution des lithographies."—Brunei.


depuis 1789 jusqu' à 1829, 2 vols. impl. 8vo. containing upwards of 200 lithographit portraits, hf. bd. morocco, £3. 3« Ports, 1833

This contains Portraits of the same persons as the large work, but on a reduced scale, and without the autographs.

— PORTRAITS à la PLUME: Hommes Illustres

de la Province de Bourgogne, 4to. 39 ¡mail portraits, cleverly drawn in Indian ink, {including Salmasius, Rabutin, Bossuet, b\c.) calf, neat, £1. U . 1734

— A Series of 28 Large Portraits, highly finished

in colours, of celebrated Personages, Ancient and Modem, chiefly engraved by Alix, after Vanloo, Carnery, ifc. including Lycurgus, Solon, Brutus, William Tell, Franklin, Linnœus, Henri IV. Sully, Button, Montesquieu, Descartes, Montaigne, Diderot, Fénélon, Helvetius, Raynal, Voltaire,J.J. Rousseau, Mably,Mirabeau,J.P. Marat, Mlle. Corday, Ninon de l'Enclos, Gabrielle d'Estrées, royal folio, hf. bd. £2. 2i

Fori», (1796?) Grecian, etc.

— PORTRAITS des GRECS et des Philhellenes

les plus célèbres, suivies de quelques Vues, par Krazeisen, 5 parts, impl. folio, containing 20 large lithographs of the principal leaders iu the Greek Revolution, {including Al. Gordon, Cotocotroni, Hastings, 6jc), India proofs, 12s

Munich, 1828-9 Italian, aie.

— DOGES Of VENICE—Matins; Ducalis Regia?

Lararium, sive Reipublic« Yenetae Principum omnium Icones, folio, 103 portraits, calf, scarce, 18s . Venetiis, 1659


più illustri, dell« Provincie Austro-Venete, cbe fiorirono nel secólo XVIII. edit. B. Gamba, 2 thick vols. 8vo. containing 90 portraits, neatly engraved in oui I ¡ne, with descriptive letter press, hf. bd. morocco, uncut, £1.5« Гене:¡a, 1822

Portraits (Italian, etc.)—continued.

— LE GLORIE DE GLI INCOGNITI, overo sli Huomini illustri della Accademia de' Signori Incogniti di Venetia, 4to. 106 portraits, limp vellum, 10s tir/ . IWtia, 1646

— HOUSE or SAVOY.—Ferrerro a Labriano, August» Regixque Sabauda; Domus Arbor Gentilitia, folio, 33 remarkably fine portraits of the Counts and Dukes of Savoy, calf, neat, {from the Duke of Sussex's library), £1. Is

Aug. Taurin. 1702

— the same, very fine copy, from Mr. Heber's library, old Dutch calf, full gilt, £1. lis 6d

— ILLUSTR1UM VIRORUM ut exstant in Urbe, Expressi Vultus carlo Augustini Yeneti. Romse, 1659, folio, 17 portraits, fine impressions, German bds. rare, 16s Patavii, 1648

— ROMAN EMPERORS.—HENN1N1I Historia Imperatorum Romanorum a Julio Ca?aare usque ad Josepbum, (A.D. 1710), folio, with 125 portraits, neat, 15s Aunt. 1710

— TOMASINI Patavini Illustrium Virorum elogia, sm. 4to. containing 74 portraits of celebrated Literary Characters and Men of Science, including Tasso, Sfortia, Tycho hrahe, Fallopius, Piccolomini, ¿ic.ohi vellum, 10s (id Patavii, 1630

— ITALIAN PAINTERS, Etc.—See Serie degli Uomini illustri nettu I'ittura, Scultura, ed Architettura.


Ritratti d'lllustri Italian!.

Portuguese and Spanish.

— LOBKOW1TZ, Philippua Prudens, Caroli V.

films, Lusitania: legitimus Rex demonstratus, folio, containing a series of 25 fine portraits of the Kings of Por tuga I,from Count Henry and A Ifonso /. to Phillip 111. and Ferdinand {Infanta), engraved by GalUtus, bds. 18s Antuerpia, 1639


The Royal Family or Russia, folio, 24 iWti

tijul portraits after paintings made by order of the Emperor, by Benner, engraved by Johannot and others, bds. 16s St. Petersb. 1821

— the same, 24 plates, Proofs Before The Letters

in a portfolio, £1. 1 Is 6d

Cost 1'ii. 6s in St. Petersburg.


— WALCH, Portraits aller Burger-Meister der

Republique Zürich, von 1336 bis 1742, royal folio, frontispiece, and 60 large and very fine mezzotint engravings of all the Burgomasters of Zurich, by Watch, after designs by Fuessli, very neat in old russia, £1. lis bd Kempten, 1756 Turkish.

— YOUNG'S (John) Series of Portraits of the

Emperors of Turkey, from the foundation of the Monarchy to the year 1815, atlas folio, consisting oj 30 eiquisitety coloured plates, with an historical vignette beneath each portrait, and biographical accounts in English and French, (pub. at 25 guineas) red morocco extra, borders, gill edges, £5. 5s Bulmer, (1815)

11 This WW к was undertaken at Ihe command of the

late Sultan Skliv, and completed In' the orders

of the present Emperor of the Turks. The whole of the Impression was, 1 believe, sent to the Ottoman Court. It is a very magnificent work."—Dibdln'e Bibliographical Decameron, tome //.p. 391.

The few copies which were presented todistingubhed persons in this country, have occasionally produced large prices by auction ; upwards of thirty pounds.

Portraits (Ecclesiastics).

— CAPUCINS., Flores Seraph ici, sive

Icones, Vit« et GestaVirorum illuetríum Ordinis Capucinorum, anno 1525 usque ad 1580, folio, with a fine ornamental f rontispiece, and 94 curious full length portraits oj Capucin Monks in the act of performing miracles, engraved by Loejf 1er, after Schot, old vellum, £1. И* Ы 'Cotonía, 1640

— CA RDÎNALS. Aldi, Eloges historiques des Car

dinaux Illustres, François et Kstran^ers, 4to. with 40 portraits, including Cardinals Sadolet, Pote, Grantelte, X imenes, Bembo, Baronius, Bellarmine, Ar. old calf, 14s Paris, 1644

— FIKMAM (H.A.) "Seminarii Romani Pallas

Purpúrala; sive Cardinales qui e Seminario Romano prodiere, folio, La not: Papf.r, 32 portraits of Roman Cardinals, old cal), gilt edges, from Horace Watpete1s library, 18s Poma, 1659


Beurier, Vies des Fondateurs et Reformateurs des Ordres Religieux, 4to. 50 beautifully engraved portraits, surrounded bu ornamental borders by Van Lochom, in the manner of Crispin De Pas, including our Saviour, St, Augustin, St. Jerome, St. Bruno, Ignatius Loyola, De Salis, etc limp vellum, 16j Paris, 1635

— BIN ET, Vies des Principaux Fondateurs des

Religions de l'Eglise, représentée dans le l'Abbaie de S. Lambert de Liessies en Haynaut, sm. 4to. with AO fine portraits, surrounded by ornamental borders, engraved bu С. and T. Galle, calf, neat, 18s Anvers^ 1634

— the same, 4to. very fue сори, blue morocco extra,

gilt edges, £1. 18s ih. 1634

— LIVES ov The Primitive Fathers, the Glory of

their Times, containing their chiefeet Actions, Works, Sentences and Deaths, sm. 4to. 45 neat portraits, including among the English ones, Bede, Anselm, Alex. Hales, calf gilt edges, fine copy, £1.45 . 1640

— POPES.—Cbronologia Summorum Pontificum,

in qua habentur Effigies ex antiquis Numismatibue et Picturie deiineatœ, a Panvinio, Baronio, et Ciaconio, excerpta, elephant folio, 16 very large plates, containing 253 portraits of all the Popes, from St. Peter to Leo XI I. hf. bd. calf, rare, £1. 16s Ilomœ, ( 1824)

— POPES And CARDINALS.—Rossi, Effigies

Pontificum et Cardinalium Romanorum, 2 vols, folio, nearly 350 fine portraits, with armorial bearings to each, engraved by Rossi, Rubels, \Vesterhaut, Blandean, and others; a fine collection, neat Ы old calf, £3. 13* 6d 1589

— REFORMERS—See Rolt—Ve, beiden. Painters, Artists, and Authors.

— PAINTERS.—De Bie,GuIden Cabinet,тап de

edele Schilder Konst, 4to. containing 91 fine portraits, engraved from the originals by Meissens, De Jode, HotLtr, and others, fine impressions, neat in calf, £1. 10i . Aniw. 1661

— the same, Ato. fine copy in vellum, £1. 1 Is 6d

— the same, slightly soiled, very neat in calf,£\, \s

— the same, sm. folio, early impressions, without the

tetter-press, calf; from the library of the Duke of Sussex, £2. 2s

— CELEBRATED PAINTERS, consisting of

Twenty Portraits, with as many Specimens of their Works, engraved by John Corner, accompanied by Memoirs, royal 4to. Large Paper, (pub. at £3. 3s) hf. bd. morocco, 15i 1825

Portraits (Painters, Artists, etc.)—contd*

— HOUBRAKEN, NederlsntscheKonet-Schilderi (Lives and Portraits of Dutch and Flemish Painters), 3 vols. Bvo. with 48 fine plates, containing 106 portraits, fine сори in Dutch calf, £1. ÍOs . Amsterdam, 1718-21

— See Mander (Van).

— PICTORUM aliquot celebrium pnecipué Germania? Inferioris Effigies, 3 parts in 1 vol folio, 70 very fine portraits, ehiefiy of Flemish and German Painters, but including Isaac Oliver, Holbein, Albert Durer, etc. engraved by Hinry Honuil's, the elder, brilliant impressiims, German bds. rare, £3.3s Haga-, ex Off. Hondii, ( 1610 1 )

— BOHEMIAN And MORAVIAN ARTISTS And SCHOLARS, Abbildungen Böhmischer, und Mührischer Gelehrten und Künstler, (von F. M. Pelzel), 4 vols. 8vo. with 120 portraits, including Comeniui, Jerome of Prague, Huts, Hollar, Tucho Brahe, Raphael Mengs, Ridinger, Saxoferrato, etc, aid vellum £1. Is Prag, 1773

— GERMAN POETS.—Pfenninger, Caractères des Poètes les plus distingués de l'Allemagne, 8vo. with 16 portraits, including G essner y Wieland, Klopstoch, Goethe, etc. old cal) gilt, 9s

Zuric, 1789

— DE BRY, BIBLIOTHECA CHALCOGRAPH ICA a Boissardo collecta, the 9 parts complete in I thick volume, 4to. containing AZI fine portraits oj learned men, russiaextra, gilt edges, £5.5.(

Heidelberg, 1669

Statesmen and Warriors, etc.

— PORTRAITS Of AMBASSADORS, &c— Les Portraietz au naturel avec les Armoiries et Blasons, Noms, et Qualités des Plénipotentiaires assemblez à Munster et Osnaburg, pour faire la Paix Générale, 4to.33fine portraits by Pignon, including Andrada, Oxcnstern, Longuevitle, b\c. limp vellum, 14s Paris, 1648

— ENGLISH And FOREIGN.—A miscellaneous Collection, 124 in number, nearly all engraved by Moncornet and Auanvand many remarkably fine, mounted onjolio paper, hf. bd. calf, 18s . (1650)

Among theie are Thomas Howard, first Earl of Surrey, Cromwell, Hi iure Riiuen, Marshal Biron, Sully, P. Sforza, Duke ы Gulae, C. De Witt, Manillar, Count Salm, Gonaalva Cordova, various Prince a of Orange, French nobles, Stc.

— PORTRAITS de plusieurs Comtes, Barons, Chevaliers, Généraux, Gouverneurs, et autres Personnes Illustres, folio, 48 portraits, including Dudley Earl of Leicester, Earl of Essex, Sir Horace rere, &¡c. sewed, 5s beide, (1720)

— RITRA1TI et Elogi de' Capitani lllustri, descritti da Roscio, Mascardi, et altri, 4to. 132 portraits, including Barbarossa, Cesar Borgia, Columbus, Ferdinand Cortes, Francis I., Gaston de Foix, Sir John H auk wood, Fietco, Gustavus Adolphus, Scanderbech, Tamerlane,Maximilian /., etc. calf, 12s ■ Roma, 1646

Capitani iiiustri, scntti da Craseo, 4to. 100

portraits, including Charles I., Count Mansfelt,
Monk Duke of Albemarle, Ruyter, Tramp, Oliver
Cromwell, Fairfax, Wallenstein, Tilly,etc. vellum.
Us Venesia, 1683

Tbli ii a different collection from the preceding.

Portraits (Statesmen and Warriors)—contd.

■— SIXTEEN Portraits of Illustrious Persons who visited London in June 1814, (Emperor of Russia, King of Prussia, Blucher, Flatoff, 1I umbold t, Öc с. ) pain ted by Stroehling, en graved by Vendramini, 4 parts, folio, erf. 10s 6d



TEMPORARIES.— Meyer, Portraits des Souverains de l'Europe et dt s Hommes illustres modernes, 4to. 130 plûtes, (George IV. Louis XVÎll. Napoleon and Iiis family, Grouchy, Cambacèrês, Ney,and most of the French Generals and Minuters, Blucher, Schwarzenberg, Keltermann, S c. tyc.) French boards, gilt edges, £1.5« . Paris, 1817


Teutonic! Ordines, Effigies Magnorum Magietrorum in sere incisa? a Jo. Salvero, folio, 50 Jine plates, including several Archdukes of Austria: and Nobilitu of Austria and Prussia, alt in Armour, with their Mantles, Badges, Armorial Bearings,%c hf. bd. vellum,\Ss Herbip. (1720)

— For other works and volumes of Portraits,

see Albrri Anabaptists Biographical Mirror Brucker Brunner Bullart Butter Campo Caricatures Caulßeld Clement de Treille Coronation of George IV., Napoleon, and Charles X. Freher Fugger GrammontGreenwich Naval GalleryHistoric Gallery Holbein Houhraken Howard Futnily. illustrated Jameson KleinLanden Lawrence Lemoyne Lodge Mander Metallic EngravingMuseuînFlorentinumMonarchyNau7itonPanvinus Perrault— PfenningerPinkertonPlutarque FrançaisPolonais Révolution FrançaiseHeunotds SandrartScott Serie Shakspeare TannerThane— UrúniVan DyckViscontiViteWal poleWoodburn.

PORTS De FRANCE, dessinés pour le Roi par M. Ozanne, Ingenieur Royal, oblong folio, 60 beautiful engravings of the French Coast and Shipping, by Le Gouax, very neat in French calf, ¿1.51 . Paris, 1791

PORTS or ENGLAND—See Finden—LondonTurner.

PORTUGAL—See Bradford Kinsey Landman Murphy.


Kar ce, 18s • Hambourg, 1795

POUNCY'S Etchings of Picturesque Scenery in England and Wales, after Drawing! by Hearnc, ( Hern, Hereford, Warwickshire, §c.) royal folio, 6 fine plate», proofs, hf. bd. 9s 1798 POUSSIN 'S (Gasper) landscapes, consisting of 22 fine large Etchings by Glauberand Moucheron, one apparently by himself; also 9 Imitative Drawings (probably by George Jones, Royal Academician, from whose collection this volume came), royal folio, bound in calf, very neat, £2.12s 6d . Amsterdam, N. o.

PAESI, dipinti nel Palazzo Massimi e nel

Palazzo Colonna, 2 parts, impl. folio, '13 plates, -<-*--' by Pinelli and Giuntotardi, id. £ I. I s

Нота, Iii 11-13

POUSSIN (NicoLo) Vita della gran Madre di Dio, royal folio, 22 plates of the Life of the Virgin Mary, engraved by PolauzanijSd. 15s

the same, 22 plaies—Sei Disegni dal Guercino,

6 fine plates engraved hy Hartolatsi, proofs—Varia experimenta etc. Paesi inventati da Marco Ricci, portrait, and 20 fine large Etchings by himself,first state; together 49 plates, in 1 vol. impl. folio, Italian binding, £2. 8s Roma, 1798, etc.

Eloge de Nicolas Poussin, par Guibal, 8vo.

frontispiece, hf. bd. Is . 1783

PRAUN (Paul de). Description de son Cabinet à Nuremberg, par C. T. de Murr, {engravings bu A. Durer, Marc Antonio, etc. Gems, Coins) 8vo. 7 plates, sd. 3i . 1797

PRAY ER (TH E COMMON) ILLUSTRATED.— impl. 8vo. illustrated withupuards of 150 fine engravings, ancient and modern, including some scarce prints and proofs, and several drawings, all neatly inlaid or mounted, in 2 portfolios, £3.3» Oif. 1815 This COil the illtiftrator upwards of £20.

PRAYER (THE COMMON) And PSALMS, Engraved Throughout By James Sturt, royal 8vo. Large Paper, with numerous engravings, each page surrounded by an ornamental border, vera fine copy in old blue morocco, gilt edges, £4.4» . 1717


COMMON PRAYER, by Stebbing, complete in 12 parts, impl. 8vo. illustrated with many hundred woodcuts, (pub. at £1. 10s) sd. £1. Is 1842

PRECATIONES Р1.Ж, ex scriptis Melancthonis, a Luca Hackmeistero collect», 12mo. 32 finely executed wood-cuts, olive morocco, gilt edges, £1. Is Vitebergce, 1559

PRECIOUS STONES.—Corsi (F.) delle Pietre Antiche, Libri IV.—Corsi Catalogo ragionato d' una Collezione di Pietre di Uecorazione, formata e posseduta in Roma, 2 vols. 8vo. stl. 8s . Roma, 1825-28

— delle Pietre Anticbi, 8vo., 5s

PREVOST, Manon Lescaut, illustrated by Tony Johannot, royal 8vo. with numerous fine woodeut», including many large ones on India Paper, (pub. at 15s) cloth Ms. 7s fid 1841

PRICE Un The PICTURESQUE, in Scenery and Landscape Gardening, with an Introductory Essay on Taste, and much additional matter, by Sir Thomas Dick Lauder, Bart, complete in one thick and elegantly printed volume, 8vo. illustrated by 60 beautiful engravings on wood, (pub. at £1. Is) bound in cloth, with emblematical gilding on the bach and sides, 12s 1842 "The exqnir-ile and highly cultivated taste which the author displays, and the nice discrimination which be exhibits, have uniformly cached the ailmiration of all who have perused his Essays, whicli will be found to contain much, it not all, that is requisite for the promotion of Landscape Gardening opon the best principles."

"Sir TJvedale Price is a correct and elegant scholar, and aa an English writer not surpassed by any of hia contemporaries in purity of style. —Dr. Parr.

"Sir Thomas Dick Lauder's republication of Sir TJvedale Price's much esteemed work ou the Picturesque makes an elegant volume for tbe drawing-room table. It is embellished with no less than sikty illustrations on wood, and is brought uni in all respects with considerable care. Sir Thomas bas added a great deal of original mailer, chiefly in Ihe form of new observations inonlfled inio Ihe teal, and distinguished from the real by being enclosed in brackets. The work is altogether a remarkable production, and well worth tbe perusal of every person engaged in landscape gardening, or the laying oat of pleasure grounds.''—Atlas.

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