A Handbook of Sewage Utilization

Spon, 1872 - 60 páginas

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Página 7 - ... in suspension more than three parts by weight of dry mineral matter, or one part by weight of dry organic matter in 100,000 parts by weight of the liquid.
Página 41 - ... increase, but especially of milk, on the unsewaged than on the sewaged grass. 14. From a given weight of unsewaged grass reckoned in the fresh or green state, more milk was produced than from an equal weight of fresh sewaged grass; but a given weight of the dry or solid substance supplied in sewage grass was on the average more productive than an equal weight supplied in unsewaged grass.
Página 14 - The earth-closet, intelligently managed, furnishes a means of disposing of excrement without nuisance, and apparently without detriment to health. " 2. In communities, the earth-closet system...
Página 7 - Any liquid which contains in 100,000 parts by weight more than one part by weight of sulphur, in the condition either of sulphuretted hydrogen or of a soluble sulphuret.
Página vi - Commission appointed to inquire into the best mode of distributing the Sewage of Towns, and applying it to beneficial and profitable uses.
Página 30 - The process of filtration through sand, gravel, chalk, or certain kinds of soil if properly carried out is the most effective means for the purification of sewage to which reference has yet been made ; indeed, irrigation, as now carried out, owes no inconsiderable amount of its success to the contemporaneous effect of the filtration of the sewage through the soil of the irrigated fields ; for it is precisely in those cases in which the sewage is absorbed and disappears in porous land, that we have...
Página vi - Report of the Commissioners appointed in 1868 to inquire into the best means of preventing the pollution of Rivers (Mersey and Ribble basins).

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