The Seven Sages in English Verse, Volume 16

Thomas Wright
Percy Society, 1846 - 118 páginas

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Página 115 - And graunte us the blys of hevyne ! Yf ye wylle a stounde blynne, Of a story y wylle begynne, That gracyus ys to nevyne ; Of a kyng and of a quene, What bale and blys was them betwene, Y schalle yow telle fulle evyn: A gode ensaumpulle ye may lere, Yf ye wylle thys story here And herkyn to my stevyne. He was the kynge of Arragone, A nobull man and of grete renown, — Syr Ardus was hys name; He had a quene that hyght Margaret, Trewe as stele y yow be-hett, That falsely was broght in blame...
Página 7 - For nothyng that they cowde spere, They cowde nevyr of hur here, Then was the kyng sory: He seyde, " Now can y no rede, For welle y wot that y am but dede, For sorowe y wylle now dye! Allas! that sche evyr fro me wente, Owre false steward hath us schent Wyth hys false traytory!" «oo Thus leveth the kyng in sorowe, Ther may no blys fro bale hym borowe Tylle he be broght to grounde; Soche lyfe he leved many a yere, With mekylle sorowe and evylle chere, Nothyng may make hym sounde; Hyt dothe the kyng...
Página 35 - Hym thought for sorow he myght dee: Anoon the way he nam, And byfore the emperour cam, And sayed, " My lord, syr emperour, God the save and thyn honour!" The emperour answerde anoon, " A ! tratour, thow art that oon That I bytook my sone teche, And he hase loste hys speche, And wolde have lyne by my wyf : 131° He schal dee, by my lyf !"
Página 125 - ... they to hym in hye Syr Roger wyth grete envy, Kydd he was a knyght; They hewe on hym fulle boldely, Ther was none of alle that company So bolde nor so wyght. Syr Roger smote them on the hede, That to the gyrdylle the swerde yede, Of hym were they qwyte; They hewe on hym faste as they were wode, 31° On eche syde then sprong the blode, So sore on hym they dud smyte!
Página 87 - A rynge of hir fynger scho tooke, As tellys the Romans booke, And put hyt on hys, And, ' Lemman, were thou thys, And late my lorde see hit aryght, And brynge hyt me agayn er nyght.
Página 37 - Walaway scho gan to synge, And hyr hondis for to wryng : ' Mercy, sire, I am thy spouse, For Goddys love lat me to house...
Página 97 - I wyl gyf hym alf my londe, And sykyr hym trewly on honde, That I may gyf, by my lyf, And my dogter to ben hys wyf.' " The childe the fram the castel cam, These wordys undirnam, And that wyt God hym gafe, That on fouls lydyn he couthe; The childe hys mayster in concel nam, And sayed, ' Mayster, that I am 324° That can of the sothe telle, Why thys ravens crye and 30lle, And delyver the kynge Of alle hare lodly crying ?' "
Página 124 - ... be downe. 27° Marrok thoght utturly To do the quene a velanye, Hys luste for to fulfylle; He ordeygnyd hym a companye Of hys owne meynye, That wolde assente hym tylle. To a wode they wente in hye, There the quene schulde passe by, And there stode they alle stylle. There had he thoght redyly 28° To have do the quene a velanye, Fayne he wolde hur spylle!
Página 52 - Secretary, whereupon it was — Resolved — That the Report of the Auditors be received and adopted, and that the thanks of the Society be given them for their services.
Página 9 - The childe by the honde scho nam, And sayed to hym, " Lemman dere, Men wenes I be thy faderes fere: By hym that made sone and mone, He ne hade nevere with me done, No nevere more he ne schal; My body, maydenhod and alle, I have tokyn hyt to the, To do with what thy wille bee.

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