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Bridge over the Onion-Ruins of Cymmer Abbey- This con-

founded by some antiquarians with the Abbey of Cwim-bir in
Radnorshire-Nanneau Park; celebrated for the favour of its
deer--Cataract of Rhaiadr ddu- Beautiful falls of the rivers
Cayne and Mawddach--Fine road on the banks of the æstuary
-- Sublime appearance of clouds breaking over the biforked

top of Cader Idris-Barmouth–Description of this fashionable

bathing place-Cheap accommodations-Tradition that Sarn

Bardrig was part of the Low Land Hundred swallowed up by an

jonundation of the sea --Proofs that the sea has been making

gradual advances on the western and south west coasts of this

kingdom-Paralysing effects of war-Sympathising with the

distressed not only right, but salutary..



The ease with which some travellers obtain the objects of their pursuit

more than others--Prevented visiting the summit of Snowdon-
Snowdonia-Llyn padera-Ruins of DolbadernCastle-Llyn peris
-Village of Llanberis-A Ffynnon vair or holy well with two
nonocular fish-Men endued with remarkable strength-Anec-
dotes of Foulke Jones Inhabitants of this district remarked for
longevity--Llanberis copper mine--Height of Snowdon-
Mountains in its vicinity-Slate mines-Origin of the name
Account that snow does not melt for years confuted— Most
eligible ascents--Plants peculiar to this place-Monocular fish-
Grotesque appearance of Glyder Vawr-Refutation of the infidel
idea that nature generates new species--Horrid, fissure of
Twll du--Lichens ; dye prepared from them-Singular appear.
ance of Trevaen-Rocking Stones on the top of the Glyder
bach-Phenomenon called Deear Dorro-Untenable geology of

Llangollen Vale-River Dee-Mode of washing-Llangollen, its

bridge one of the three elegant things in Wales --Neat cottage
of Lady E. Butler and Miss Ponsonby-Ruins of Castell Dinas
Bran; its history-Pillar of Eliseg-Valle Crucis Abbey-
Beauties of this ruin-Time when Monasteries were introduced
into Wales--Soliloquy-Sensations excited on a sight of religious

ruins-Clawdd Offa, famous boundary between England and

Wales, confounded with one of more recent date called Wat's

Dyke-Chirk park and castle; seventeen counties seen from an

elevation near the mansion---brief history of the rise, duration

and fall of Lord Marcher's encomium on the Welsh ....309

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