State Publications: A Provisional List of Official Publications of the Several States of the United States from Their Organization, Partes 1-2

Publishers ̓weekly, 1899

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Página 263 - We, the undersigned, members of the convention to form a constitution for the state of Wisconsin, to be submitted to the people thereof for their ratification or rejection, do hereby certify that the foregoing is the constitution adopted by the convention.
Página 189 - ... the guardians for the relief and employment of the poor of the city of Philadelphia, the district of Southwark, and the townships of the Northern Liberties and Penn...
Página 55 - Report of the Board of Directors of Internal Improvements of the state of Massachusetts, on the practicability and expediency of a rail-road from Boston to the Hudson river, and from Boston to Providence.
Página 262 - Laws of the Territory of Michigan, with marginal notes and an index; to which are prefixed the ordinance and several acts of Congress relating to this Territory. Published by authority. Detroit, 1820. 517p. Laws of the Territory of Michigan, comprising the acts of a public nature, revised by commissioners appointed by the first legislative council and passed by the second council; the...
Página 280 - The select committee to whom was referred so much of the message of the governor as relates to the...
Página 223 - The revised laws of Indiana, in which are comprised all such acts of a general nature as are in force in said state ; adopted and enacted by the general assembly at their fifteenth session.
Página 188 - An Act for the relief of Jacob Wolf and sundry other soldiers of the Revolutionary war, and for other purposes." A supplement to an Act entitled "An Act for establishing a Health Office and to secure the City and Port of Philadelphia from the introduction of pestilential and contagious diseases and for other purposes.
Página 12 - Dr. Eleazar Wheelock. With an appendix, containing the declaration of the trustees of that charity; a list of the names of the subscribers; an account of monies received and paid; together with Dr.
Página 276 - The State Historical Society of Wisconsin: Exercises at the dedication of its new building, October 19, 1900; together with a description of the building, accounts of the several libraries contained therein, and a brief history of the Society: Memorial volume.
Página 279 - The Joint Select Committee, to whom was referred so much of the Governor's message as relates to the...

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