Britain's Forgotten Wars: Colonial Campaigns of the 19th Century

The History Press, 14 de set. de 2016 - 224 páginas
This is a collection of Ian Heron's three books, "Massacre and Retribution", "The Savage Empire" and "Blood in the Sand". Much has been written about the great British military triumphs of the 19th century, but there are many more astonishing stories which have been largely forgotten. These forgotten wars cannot hope to compete in history with the Crimean War or the Boer War, but for acts of sheer courage and endurance, they deserve to be remembered. Using the actual words of the soldiers themselves, Ian Hernon presents an account which evokes Victorian colonial warfare in all its barbarity and the self-righteous belief of the British in the rectitude of their cause.

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The First Kandy War 18035
The Falklands 1833
The Jamaica Rebellion 1865
The Arracan Expedition Andaman Islands 1867
The Magdala Campaign 18678
The Modoc Indian War 18723
The Riel Rebellion 1885
The Ashanti War of the Golden Stool 1900
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Ian Hernon has been a lobby correspondent at the House of Commons for the past twenty four years. He is married with two daughters and lives in Kent.

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