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THE RECORD is divided into four departments, viz: Laws; Alphabetical, Detail and Classified lists.

The laws have been prepared especially for this publication, those of Mexico having been translated from the Spanish, and the digests of the commercial, corporation and mining laws of the States, Territories and Provinces of the United States and Canada were written by resident attorneys of acknowledged ability. Attention is called to the manner in which laws are indexed, enabling one to locate the matter or subject sought by glancing at the index at beginning of law.

In the “Alphabetical List” all companies and individuals are arranged in alphabetical order by products, industries or callings, giving name of company or individual, and location of principal office, thus forming a complete index to the Detail, list.

The “Detail List,” arranged by countries and States, Territories and Provinces, and each of these by towns and names in alphabetical order, gives each town where industries or individuals are located, its county--except in the case of Mexico, where the towns are followed by the name of the State wherein they are situate--population thus, “Pop. 1000.” Money order postffice thus, “ M. O.” Telegraph office thus, “ Tel.” Railway or waterway thus, “ Ry. 100,' the number referring to corresponding number in " Index to Railways and Waterways,” where name is given as well as that of the express company doing business at the point; the postoffice address where place given is not a postoffice, and the nearest shipping and banking points when place given be without either convenience.

This is followed by the name of operators and professionals, with information intended to give a brief abstract of the business done by companies or individuals, embracing at location of principal office name of company or individual, names and titles of officers, capital stock or capital, nature of business and location of works or properties. At the works or property's address is given the name of company or individual operator, with location of principal office, name and kind of works, character of product and annual output in tons of ore, etc., or tons, perch, cords, or feet of stone, number of days worked per annum, number of employes, kind of power used and name of superintendent.

That more detail information is not given in the present volume is owing to several causes, chief among which are, our correspondents often misunderstanding the nature of our inquiries, and thinking all we required was the name and address of company or individual. The dullness in the silver mining industry, for the past three years, rendered many hitherto valuable mines barren of any information save the name and location, and the same is true of the iron mining and stone quarrying industries, as well as some other lines listed. We are pleased to state, however, that there is a better feeling among mining interests than has been known for some time, and we trust to be able to add very materially to the volume of information in the next issue.

On the other hand we have had properties reported as mines which, upon investigation, we found to be but claims or prospects, and whenever we have ascertained such to be the case we have so marked them.

Every name listed in the work has been verified so far as possible, each company or individual given having been communicated with either by letter or personally, and a great number by both methods, so that we are reasonably certain the lists are correct.

The profes sional men listed have been recommended to us by persons engaged in mining or quarrying as being reliable and capable in their respective professions, and as it is our desire to make the publication a standard authority, we desire only the names of such for insertion, and should the name of any unworthy person appear in the list of professionals we will be greatly obliged to be informed of the fact at the earliest possible moment, that we may investigate the matter.

Following the Detail is the "Classified List " of machinery and supply houses, and professional men, which is intended for the exclusive benefit of advance subscribers, and will be a ready reference for persons desiring to know where to obtain any kind of machinery, supplies or professional services.

Chicago, Ill., U. S. A.,





NOTE.-The figures following “Ry." after name of a town in a)phabetical or detail lists correspond with num-
bers of railways and waterways in this index, showing on which of such said town is located.

1. Abbeville & Waycross RR. Southern Express.
2. Abbeville So. Ry. So. Express. (Plant System.)
3. Abbotsford & Northeastern RR. National Express.
4. Addison & Pennsylvania Ry. W., F. & Co. Exp.
5. Adirondack Ry. Adirondack Express.
5a. Akron & Cuya hoga Falls Ry. Am. Ex.
5b. Akron, Bedford & Cleveland Ry. Am. Ex.
6. Alabama & Vicksburg Ry. So. Ex. (Q. & C. Route.)
7. Alabama Great So. Ry. So. Ex. (Q. & C. Route.)
8. Alabama Midland Ry. So. Ex. (Plant System.)
9. Alabama River.
10., Albert Lea Route. American Express.
11. Alberta Southern Ry. Canadian Express.
12. Alberta Ry. & Coal Co. Great Falls & Canada Ex.
13." Albia & Centerville Ry. U. S. Ex. (Iowa Central).
14. Alleghany & Kinzua RR.
14a. Allegheny & South Side Ry.
15. Alleghany Valley Ry. Adams Express.
16. Alliance & Northern RR. Adams Express.
16a. Altamont & Manchester R.R.
17. Altoona & Phillipsburg Connecting RR. Am. Ex.
18. Altoona, Clearfield & Northern RR. Adams Express.
19. Amite River. (Louisiana.)
20. Annapolis, Washington & Balt. RR. Ad, and U. S. Ex.
20a. Ann Arbor R.R. Am. Ex.
20b. Ann Arbor & Ypsilanti Ry. U. S. Ex.
21. Apalachicola River. (Florida.)
21a. Arcata & Mad River R.R. W. F. & Co.'s Ex.

Arizona & New Mexico Ry. W., F. & Co. Ex.
23. Arizona & Southeastern Ry. W., F. & Co. Ex.
24. Arkansas & Louisiana Ry. W., F. & Co. Ex.
26. Arkansas Midland RR. Pacific Express.
26. Arkansas River.
27. Arkansas Southern RR.
28. Arrow Lakes-Upper and Lower. (British Columbia.)
29. Ashland Coal & Iron Ry. Adams Express.
30. Ashville & Coosa Rys Southern_Express.
31. Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR. W., F. & Co. Ex.
32. Atlanta & Florida Ry. Southern Ex. (Southern.)
33. Atlanta & West Point RR. Southern Express.
34. Atlantic & Danville Ry. Southern Express.
35. Atlantic & Lake Superior Ry. Canadian Express.
36. Atlantic & North Carolina RR. Southern Express.
37. Atlantic & Pac. RR. W., F. & Co. Ex. (A., T. & S. Fe.)
38. Atlantic City RR. United States Express.
39. Atlantic Coast Line. Southern Express.
40. Atlantic Ocean.
41. Atlantic, Suwanee River & Gulf Ry. Southern Ex.
42. Augusta & Asheville Short Line. Southern Express.
43. Augusta Southern RR. Southern Express.
44. Au Sable & Northwestern Ry. American Express.
45. Austin & Northwestern RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex.
46. Baltimore & Annapolis Short Line RR. U. S. Ex.
47. Baltimore & Delaware Bay RR. Adams Express.
48. Baltimore & Lehigh Ry. Adams Express.
49. Baltimore & Ohio RR. United States Express.
50. Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Ry. U. S. Ex.
51. Baltimore & Potomac RR. Ad. Ex. (Penn. RR.)
52. Baltimore, Chesapeake & Atlantic Ry. Adams Ex.
53. Bangor & Aroostook RR. American Express,
54. Bangor & Portland Ry. Adams and I'nited States

55. Barclay RR. United States Express.
55a. Bare Rock Ry.
56. Barnegat RR. Adams Express. (M. & L. B. T. Co.)
57. Barre RR. American Express.
58. Bath & Hammondsport RŘ. U. S. and W.,F. & Co. Ex.
58a. Battle Mountain & Lewis Ry.
58b. Bay of Fundy Ry.
59. Bay of Quinte Ry. & Navigation Co. Canadian and

Dominion Expresses.
60. Beattyville & Cumberland Gap RR. Adams Express.
60a. Beaver Creek Ry.
61. Beaver & Elwood RR. American Express.
G2. Bedford Belt Ry.
63. Beech Creek RR. American Express.

64. Bellaire, Zanesville & Cincinnati Ry. Adams Ex.
65. Bellefonte Central RR. Adams Express.
C6. Bellingham Bay & British Columbia RR. Dominion

Express. _(Operated by Great Northern Ry.)
66a. Bellingham Bay & Eastern R.R.
67. Bennington & Rutland Ry. National Express.
68. Bentonville RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.
69. Big Four Route. American Express.
70. Big Stone Gap & Powell's Valley Ry. Southern Ex.
70a. Big Sandy River R.R.
71. Birmingham & Atlantic RR. Southern Express.
72. Birmingham, Selma & New Orleans Ry. So. Ex.
73. Birmingham, Sheffield & Tennessee River Ry. So Ex.
74. Black Hills & Fort Pierre Ry._American Express.
75. Black Hills Line, Am. Ex. (F., Elk. & Mo. Val. RR.)
76. Blair Line. American Express. (K. C., O. & S. Ry.)
77. Bloomsburg & Sullivan RR. United States Express.
78. Blue Ridge RR. Southern Express.
79. Blue Ridge & Atlantic RR. Southern Express.
80. Bluff Line. American Express.

0a. Bodie & Benton R.R. W. F. & Co.'s Ex.
20b. Boone Valley Coal & Ry. Co. Am. Ex.
81. Boston & Aibany RR. Adams and American Ex's.
82. Boston & Maine RR. American Express.
83. Boston, Revere Beach & Lynn RR. Bos. Local Ex.
84. Boyne City & Southeastern RR. Adams Express.
85. Bradford, Bordell & Kinzua Ry. W., F. & Co. Ex.
86. Brainerd & Northern Minnesota Ry. Brainerd R

Northern Minnesota Express.
87. Brazos River. (Texas.)
87a. Breckenridge R.R.
88. Bridgton & Saco River RR. American Express.
Ssa. Brighton & Lansing R.R.
89. Brinkley, Helena & Indian Bay RR. Pacific Express.
90. Bristol RR.
91. Bristol, Elizabethton & North Carolina Ry. So. Ex.
92. Brockville, Westport & Sault Ste. Marie Ry. Dom. Ex.
93. Brooklyn & Brighton Beach RR. Long Island Ex.
94. Brownstone & Middletown RR.
95. Brunswick & Western RR. So. Ex. (Plant System.)
96. Buffalo & Susquehanna RR. American Express.
97. Buffalo, Attica & Arcade RR. American Express.
98. Buffalo. Rochester & Pittsburg Ry. American Ex.
99. Burlington & Mo. River Ry, in Neb. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Rt.)
100. Burlington & N. W. Ry. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Route.)
101. Burlington & Western Ry. Ad. Ex. (Bur Route.)
102. Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Ry. U. S. Ex.
103. Burlington Route. Adams Express.
104. Butte, Anaconda & Pacific Ry. Gt. Northern Ex.
105. Cairo RR.
106. Cairo Short Line. Am. Ex. (St. L., A. & T. H. Ry.)
106a. Caldwell & Northern R.R.
107. California & Nevada RR.
108. Calgary & Edmonton Ry. Dom. Ex. (Can. Pac.)
109. Calgary & Fort Macleod Ry. Dom. Ex. (Can. Pac.)
109a. Caloosahatchee River.
110. Camden & Atlantic RR. Adams and Camden & At-

lantic Expresses.
111. Canada Atlantic Ry. Canadian Express.
112. Canada Eastern Ry. Canadian Express.
113. Canadian Government Pys. Can. and Dom. Ex's.

(Operated by Inter-Col. and P. E. I. Rys.)
114. Canadian Pacific Ry. Dominion Express.
114a. Canton & Masillon R.R. Am. Ex.
115. Cape Charles Route. Ad. Ex. (N. Y., P. & N. RR.)
116. Cape Fear & Yadkin Valley Ry. Southern Express.
117. Cape May, Delaware Bay & Sewell's Point RR.
118. Caraquet Ry.
119. Carillon & Grenville Ry.
120. Carolina Central RR. So. Ex. (Seaboard Air Line.)
121. Carolina, Cumberland Gap & Chicago Ry. So. Ex.
122. Carolina, Knoxville & Western Ry. Southern Ex.
123. Carolina Midland Ry. Southern Express.
124. Carrabelle, Tallahassee & Georgia RR. Southern Ex.
125. Carson & Colorado RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.
125a. Carthage & Western R.R.

126. Carthage RR. Southern Ex. (Seaboard Air Line.)

11a. Catasauqua & Fogelsville R.R. L. S. Ex.

1:37. Catskill Mountain Ry: American Express.

Jia. Cedar Papids & Marion R.R.

32. Central New York & Western RR. American and

United States Expresses.

129. Central Ontario Ry: Canadian Express.

130. Central Pennsylvania & Western ÅR. Adams Ex.

131. Central RR. of Georgia.' Southern Express.

132. Central Ry. of New Brunswick. Canadian Express.

133. Central RR. of New Jersey. United States Express.

134. Central RR. of Pennsylvania. American Express.

135. Central RR. of So. Carolina, So. Ex. (At. Coast Line.)

136. Central Vermont RR. American and National Ex's.

137. Central Washington RR. N. P. Ex. (N. P. RR.)

138. Centralia & Chester RR. Adams Express.

139. Chambersburg & Gettysburg RR. Adams Express.

140. Charleston & Savannah Ry. So. Ex. (Plant System.)

141. Charleston, Clendenin & Sutton RR,

142. Chateaugay RR. National Express.

143. Chattanooga & Lookout Mountain Ry. Southern Ex.

144. Chattanooga, Rome & Columbus RR. Southern Ex.

145. Chattanooga Southern Ry, Southern Express.

146. Cheraw & Chester RR. Southern Express.

147. Cherew & Darlington RR. So. Ex. (At. Coast Line.)

118. Cheraw & Salisbury RR, So. Ex. (At. Coast Line.)

149. Chesapeake & Nashville Ry. Adams Express.

150. Chesapeake & Ohio Ry. Adams Express.

151a. Chesapeake & Western Ry.

151. Chesapeake, Ohio & Southwestern RR. Southern Ex.

152. Chester & Lenoir RR. Southern Express.

153. Chester, Perryville, Ste. Genevieve & F. Ry. Am. Ex.

154. Chicago & Alton RR. United States Express.

151a. Chicago & Calumet Terminal Ry.

155. Chicago & Eastern Illinois RR. American Express.

156. Chicago & Erie RR. Wells, Fargo & CO. Express.

157. Chicago & Grand Trunk Ry. National Express.

158 Chicago & Kenosha Ry.

159. Chicago & Northern Pacific RR. Northern Pac. Ex.

160. Chicago & Northwestern Ry. Am. Ex. (N. W. Line.)

161. Chicago & Southeastern Ry. Adams Express.

152. Chicago & Southeastern Ry. (Indiana.) U. S. Ex.

163. Chicago & Texas RR. Adams Express.

162a. Chicago & Western Indiana Ry.

164. Chicago & West Michigan Ry. American Express.

165. Chicago, Bur. & K. C. Ry. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Route.)

166. Chicago, Pur, & Northern RR. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Route.)

167. Chicago, Eur. & Quincy RR. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Route.)

168 Chicago, Detroit & Niagara Falls Short Line,

199. Chicago, Fairchild & Eau Claire River RR.

110. Chicago, Fort Madison & Des Moines Ry. Am. Ex.

1.1. Chicago Great Western Ry. United States Express.

1... Chicago, Jowa & Dakota Ry. American Express.

173. Chicago. Kalamazoo & Saginaw Ry. American Ex.

lit. Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Ry. United States Ex.

175, Chicago, Paducah & Memphis RR. Adams Express.

ITA Chicago. Peoria & St. Louis Ry. Ad. and Am. Ex's.

117. Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry. U. S. Ex.

178. Chicago, Rock Island & Texas Ry. United States Ex.

179. Chicago, St. L. & Pittsburg RR.Ad. Ex. (Penn. Co.)

I$. Chicago. St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Ry. Ameri-

can Express. (Onerated by Northwestern Line.)

181. Chickamauga & Durham RR." Southern Express.

182 Chino Valley RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express,

13. Chippewa River & Menomonie Ry.

14. Choctaw, Oklahoma & Gulf RR. W., F. & Co. Ex.

16. Cincinnati R Kentucky Snuthern RR.

18 Cincinnati & Muskingum Valley Ry. Adams Express.

18. Cincinnati & Westwood RR. United States Express.

188. Cincinnati, Dayton & Chicago RR. United States Ex.

189. Cincinnati, Georgetown & Portsmouth RR. Cincin-

nati, Georgetown & Portsmouth Express.

191. Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton RR. U. S. Ex.

191. Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw Ry. American Ex.

192. Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Ry. American Ex.

193. Cincinnati. N. O. & Tex. Pac. Ry. Adams & So. Ex.

(Q. & C.)

194. Cincinnati Northwestern Rv. United States Express.

195. Cincinnati, Portsmouth & Virginia RR. Adams Ex.

19. Cincinnati. Saginaw & Mackinaw RR. National Ex.

191. Cin., Wab. & Mich. Rv. Am. Ex. (C., C., C. & St. L.)

1972. Marendon & Pittsford Ry.

198. Clarion River Ry.

199. Mendenin & Spencer RR.

200. Cleveland, Akron & Columbus Rv. Adams Express.

201. Cleveland & Marietta Ry. American Express.

2012. Cleveland & Pittsburg Ry. Ad. Ex.

2012. Cleveland, Canton & Southern RR. American Ex.

203. Cleveland. Cincinnati, Chicago &

St. Louis Ry.

American Express.

204. Cleveland, Lorain & Wheeling Ry. United States Ex.

2040. Cleveland Terminal & Valley R.R. U. S. Ex.

205. Clover Leaf Route. Nat. Ex. (Toledo, St. L. & K. C.)

206. Colorado Eastern Ry.

207. Colorado Midland RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.

208. Colorado River.

209. Colorado River. (Texas.)

219a. Colorado, Wyoming & Great Northern Ry.

210. Columbia & Kootenay Ry. (Nelson & Fort Sheppard.)

211. Columbia & Puget Sá, RR. N. P. Ex. (Ore. Imp: Co.)

212. Columbia, Newberry & Laurens RR. Southern Ex.

213. Columbia River. (British Columbia, Washington and


214. Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo Ry. Adams Ex.

215. Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking Ry. Wells, Fargo

& Co. Express.

216. Columbus Southern Ry. Southern Express.

217. Colusa & Lake RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.

218. Concord & Montreal RR. Am. Ex. (Bos. & Maine.)

219. Connecticut River.

220. Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley RR. National Ex.

221. Coos Bay, Roseburg & Eastern RR. & Nav. Co.

Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.

222. Cornwall RR, United States Express.

223. Cornwall & Lebanon RR. Adams Express.

223a. Coronado R.R. W. F. & Co.'s Ex.

224. Cotton Belt Route. Pacific Express.

225. Coudersport & Port Alleghany RR. American Ex.

226. Covington, Flemingsburg & Ashland RR. Adams Ex.

227. Crooked Creek RR.

228. Crown Point Iron Co.'s RR. National Express.

229. Crystal Ry. Pacific Express.

230. Cumberland Ry. Canadian Express.

.231. Cumberland River. (Tennessee.)

232. Cumberland & Pennsylvania RR.

233. Cumberland Gap Despatch. Ad. & So. Ex. (N. & W.)

234. Cumberland River & Tennessee RR.

235. Cumberland Valley RR. Adams Express.

236. Daguscanonda RR.

236a. Dakota, Wyoming & Missouri River R.R.

237. Dansville & Mount Morris RR. W., F. & Co. Ex.

238. Danville & Western Ry. Southern Express.

239. Dardanelle & Russellville Ry.

240. Darien & Western RR. Southern Express.

241. Dayton & Union RR. U. S. Ex. (C., C., C. & St. L.)

241a. Dayton Coal & Iron Co.

242. Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati RR. United States Ex.

243. Delaware & Hudson RR. Nat. and Adirondack Ex's.

244. Delaware, Lackawanna & Western RR. U. S. Ex

245. Delaware River.

246. Delaware River RR. West Jersey Express.

247. Delaware River & Lancaster Ry.

248. Delaware, Susquehanna & Schuylkill RR.

249. Denver & Rio Grande RR. Denver & Rio Grande Ex.

250. Denver, Lakewood & Golden RR. Pacific Express.

251. Denver, Leadville & Gunnison Ry. Pacific Express.

252. Denver, Texas & Fort Worth RR. Denver & Rio

Grande Express. (Operated by U. P., D. & R. G.)

253. Des Moines & Kansas City Ry. Adams Express.

254. Des Moines, Northern & Western RR. U. S. Ex.

255. Detroit & Mackinac Ry. American Express.

256. Detroit, Grand Haven & Milwaukee Ry. Nat. Ex.

257. Detroit, Lansing & Northern RR. American Express.

258. Detroit River.

259, Dominion Atlantic Ry. Maritime Express.

260. Dover & Statesboro RR. Southern Express.

261. Drummond County Ry. Canadian Express.

262. Dry Fork RR. Adams Express.

263. Duluth & Iron Range RR. United States Express.

264. Duluth & Winnipeg RR. Duluth & Winnipeg Ex.

265. Duluth, Missabe & Northern Ry. American Express.

263a. Duluth, Mississippi River & Northern Ry.

266. Duluth, Red Wing & Southern RR. American Ex,

267. Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Ry. Western Ex.

267a. Duluth Terminal Ry.

267b. Duluth Transfer Ry.

268. Dunkirk, Alleghany Valley & Pittsburg RR. Am. Ex.

209. Durham & Northern Ry. So. Ex. (Seabcard Air Line.)

270. Eagles Mere RR.

271. Fast & West RR. Southern Express.

272. East Broad Top RR.

273. Eastern Kentucky Ry. Adams Express.

274. Eastern Minnesota Ry. G. N. Ex. (G. N. Ry.)

275. Eastern Ohio RR. United States Express.

276. East Louisiana RR. Southern Express.

277. Faston Amboy RR. United States Express.

277a. East St. Louis & Carondelet R.R.

278. East Tennessee & Western North Carolina RR.

Southern Express.

279. East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Ry. Southern

Express. (Southern.)

279a. East Walker River. (Calif.)

280. Eel River & Eureka RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex.

281. Elgin & Havelock Ry. Dominion Express,

282. Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Ry. United States Express.

283. Elkhart & Western RR. American Express.

284. Elkhorn Valley Line. Am. Ex. (F., Elk. & Mo. Val.)

285. Ellaville, Westlake & Jennings RR.

286. Elmira. Cortland & Northern RR. National Express.

287. Emporiu.n & Rich Valley RR.

288. Erie & Huron Ry. Dominion Express.

288a. Erie & Pittsburg R.R.

289. Erie & Wyoming Valley RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex.

290. Erie Canal.

291. Erie Lines. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.

292. Esquimalt & Nanaimo Ry.

233. Eureka & Palisade RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Express.

294. Eureka Springs Ry. Wells. Fargo & Co. Express.

293. Evansville & Indianapolis RR. American Expresy

296. Evansville & Richmond RR. Adams Express.

297. Evansville & Terre Haute RR. Adams Express.

248. Evansville Route. American Express.


298a. Evansville Suburban & Newburg R.R.
299. Everett & Monte Cristo Ry. Northern Pacific Ex.
300. Excelsior Springs RR. Pacific Express.
301. Fairhaven & Southern RR. G. N. Ex. (Gt. Northern.)
302. Fall Brook Ry. American Express.
303, Farmville & Powhatan RR. Southern Express.
304. Findlay, Fort Wayne & Western Ry. American Ex.
305. Fitchburg RR. American and National presses.
306. Flint & Pere Marquette RR. American Express.
207. Florence & Cripple Creek RR. D. & R. G. Ex.
308. Florida East Coast Ry. Southern Express.
309. Florida Midland Ry. Southern Express.
310. Florida Central & Peninsular RR. Southern Express.
311. Florida Southern RR. Southern Ex. (Plant System.)
312. Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville RR. Am. Ex.
313. Forest City & Sioux City RR.
314. Fort Wayne, Cincinnati & Louisville RR. t'. S. Ex.
315. Fort Wayne, Terre Haute & S. W. Ry. Adams Ex.
316. Fort Worth & Denver City Ry. Pacific Express.
317. Fort Worth & New Orleans Ry. Wells, Fargo & Co.

Express. (Operated by Hous, & Tex. Cent.)
318. Fort Worth & Rio Grande Ry. Pacific Express,
319. Fountain Head RR.
320. Franklin & Megantic RR. Franklin & Megantic Ex.
321. Fraser River. (British Columbia.)
322. Fremont, Elkhorn & Missouri Valley RR. American

Express. (Operated by Northwestern Line.)
323. Fulton County Narrow Gauge Ry. Adams Express.
324. Gadsden & Attalla Union Ry. Southern Express,

Gainesville, Rocky Point & Micanopy RR. So. Ex.
326. Galesburg, Etherley & Eastern RR.
327. Galveston & Western Ry. Southern Express.
328. Galveston, La Porte & Houston RR. American Ex
329. Genesee & Wyoming Valley Ry. American Express
330. George's Creek & Cumberland RR.
331. George's Valley RR. American Express.
332. Georgetown & Western RR. Southern Express,
332a. Georgia & Alabama R.R. S. Ex.
333. Georgia RR. Southern Express.
331. Georgia, Carolina & Northern Ry. Southern Express.

(Operated by Seaboard Air Line.)
335. Georgia, Midland & Gulf RR. Southern Express.
336. Georgia Northern RR. Southern Express.

Georgia Southern & Florida RR. Southern Express.
338. Gila Valley, Globe & Northern Ry. W., F. & Co. Ex.
339. Glendon & Gulf RR.
33. a. Glen Haven R.R.
340. Glen Springs RR.
341. Grafton & Brunswick RR.
342. Grafton & Upton RR. Adams Express.
343. Grand Rapids & Indiana RR. Adams Express.
344. Grand Trunk Ry. National and Canadian Expresses.
344a. Grássy Islard R.R.
345. Great Falls & Canada Ry. Great Falls & Canada Ex.
346. Great Northern Ry. Line. Great Northern Express.
347. Great Salt Lake & Hot Springs Ry.
318. Great Southern Despatch. Adams and Southern Ex-

presses. (Operated by Norfolk & Western.)
349. Green Bay, Winona & St. Paul RR..U. S. Ex.
350. Greenfield & Northern RR. Adams and Southern Ex-

presses. (Operated by Kan. C., Ft. S. & Mem.)
351. Green Ridge RR.
352. Green River. (Kentucky.)
353. Greenwich & Johnsonville Ry. National Express.
354. Gulf & Chicago RR. Southern Express.
355. Gulf, Beaumont & Kansas City Ry. W., F. & Co. Ex.
356. Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Ry. Wells, Fargo & Co.

Express. (Operated by A., T. & S. F.)
357. Gulf of Georgia. (Pacific Ocean, British Columbia.)
358. Gulf of Mexico.
358a. Gulf of St. Lawrence.
359. Gunpowder Valley RR. Adams Express.
359a. Hamilton, Grimsby & Beamsville Ry.
360. Hamilton & Kingston RR. Adams Express.
361. Hancock & Calumet RR.
362. Hannibal & St. Joseph RR. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Route.)
363. Harriman Coal & Iron Ry.
364. Hartwell RR. Southern Express,
365. Hawkinsville & Florida Southern Ry.
366. Hearne & Brazos Valley RR.
366a, Hecla & Torch Lake Ry.
366b, Hendersonville & Brevard R.R.
367. Hidalgo & Northeastern RR. Hidalgo Express.
368. Hollins, Heflin & Sylacauga RR. Southern Express.
369. Hoosac Tunnel & Wilmington RR. Hoosac Tunnel &

Wilmington Express.
370. Hoosac Tunnel Route. American and National Ex's.
371. Hot Springs RR.
372. Houck's Missouri & Arkansas RR.
373. Houston & Shreveport RR. Texas Express.
374. Houston & Texas Central RR. W., F. & Co. Ex.
375. Houston, East & West Texas Ry. Texas Express.
376. Hudson River. (New York.)

Humeston & Shenandoah RR. Adams Express,
378. Hunter's Run & Slate Belt RR. C'nited States Ex.
379. Huntington & Broad Top Mountain RR. Adams Ex.
380. Hutchinson & Southern RR. United States Express.
381. Illinois Central RR. American Express.
382. Illinois River.
382a. Illinois Western Ry.
383. Indiana & Illinois Southern RR, Adams Express.

384. Indiana, Decatur & Western Ry. American Express.
385. Indiana, Illinois & lowa RR. Adams Express.
386. Indian Springs & Flovilla RR.
387. Intercolonial Ry. Canadian and Dominion Expresses.
388. International & Great Northern RR. Wells, Fargo &

Co. and Pacific Expresses.
389. International Route, W., F. & Co. and Pac. Ex's.
390. Interoceanic Ry. of Mexico. Hidalgo Express.
391. Iowa Central Ry. United States Express.
392. Iowa Northern Ry. United States Express.
393. Iron Ry. United States Express.
394. Irondale, Bancroft & Ottawa Ry.
395. Iron Range & Huron Bay RR.
395a. Ironton R.R.
396. Jackson RR.
397. Jacksonville & Atlantic Ry. Southern Express.
398. Jacksonville, Louisville & St. Louis Ry. Adams Ex.
399. Jacksonville, Mayport & Pablo Ry & Navigation Co.
400. Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Indian River Ry.

Southern Express. (Operated by Fla. E. Coast.)
401. Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Řy. Southern Ex.
402. James River. (Virginia.)
403. Jamestown & Lake Erie Ry. American Express.
404. Jellico, Bird Eye & Northern Ry.
405. Joliet & Blue Island Ry.
406. Kanawha & Coal River Ry.
407. Kanawha & Michigan Ry. U. S. Ex. (Ohio Central.)
408. Kana wha River.
108a. Kankakee & Seneca R.R. Am. Ex.
409. Kanona & Prattsburg RR. Wells, Fargo & Co. Ex.
410. Kansas City & Atlantic RR.
411. Kansas City & Beatrice RR. Pacific Express.
412. Kan. City & Independence Air Line. W., F. & Co. Ex.
412a. Kansas City & Independence Rapid Transit Ry.
412b. Kansas City & Memphis R.R. & Bridge Co.
413. Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield Ry. Adams Ex.
414. Kansas City, Ft. Scott & Mem.RR. Ad. and So.Ex.'s.
415. Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham RR. So. Ex.
416. Kansas City Northwestern RR. Pacific Express.
417. Kansas City, Osceola & Southern Ry. American Ex.
418. Kansas City, Pittsburg & Gulf RR. Wells, Fargo &

('o. and Pacific Expresses.
419. K. C., St. Jos. & Coun. Bluffs RR. Ad. Ex. (Bur. Ro.)
419a. Kansas City Suburban Belt Ry.
420. Kansas City, Watkins & Gulf Ry. Pacific Express.
421. Kaslo-Slocan Ry.
422. Keeseville, Au Sable Chasm & Lake Champlain RR.

National Express.
422a. Kelleys Creek Improvement Co.
423. Kennebec Central RR. American Express.
124. Kent Northern Ry.
424a. Kentucky & Indiana Bridge Co.
425. Kentucky Midland Ry. Adams Express.
426. Keokuk & Western RR. Pacific Express.
427. Kewaunee, Green Bay & Western RR. American Ex.
128. Kickapoo Valley & Northern Ry. United States Ex.
429. Kildare & Linden Ry.
430. Kinderhook & Hudson Ry. American Express.
431. Kingston & Pembroke Ry. Dominion Express.
432. Kingston, Napanee & Western Ry.
433. Kishacoquillas Valley RR. Adams Express.
431. Knoxville & Augusta RR. Southern Express.
435. Knoxville & Ohio RR. Southern Ex. (Southern.)
436. Knoxville, Cumberland Gap & Louisville RR. So. Ix.
437. Kootenay Lake. (British Columbia.)
438. Kootenay River. (British Columbia.)
439. Kymulga & Coosa River RR.
440. Lake Champlain & Moriah RR.
441. Lake Charles & Leesville Ry.
442. Lake Erie.
443. Lake Erie, Alliance & Southern Ry. Adams Express.
444. Lake Erie & Detroit River Ry. Canadian Express.
445. Lake Erie & Western RR. United States Express,
446. Lake Huron.
447. Lake Michigan.
448. Lake Ontario.
449. Lake Pontchartrair. (Louisiana.)
450. Lake St. Clair.
451. Lake Shore & Michigan So. Ry. Am. and U. S. Ex's.
452. Lake Superior.
452a. Lake Tahoe Ri.
453. Lake Winnipes:
454. Lake of the Woods. (Manitoba.)
455, Lakeside & Marblehead RR. United States Express.
456. Lancaster & Hamden Ry.
457. Lancaster & Reading Narrow Gauge RR. Adams Ex.
458. Lancaster, Oxford & Southern RR. Adams Express.
4a. La Salle & Bureau R.R.
459. Laurens RR.
460. Leavenworth, Topeka & Southwestern Ry. Wells,

Fargo & Co. Express.
461. Lebanon Springs RR. National Express.
162. Lehigh & Hudson River Ry. U. S. and W. F. Ex's,
463. Lehigh & Lackawanna RR.
461. Lehigh & New England RR. United States Express.
465, Lehigh Valley RR. I'nited States Express.
465. L'Epiphanie & L'Assomption Ry. (Canadian Pacific.)
467. Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Ry. (Can. Pac.)
468. Lexington & Eastern Ry. Adams Ex.
468a. Lexington Terminal Ry.
469. Ligonier Valley RR.

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