The Fungi

Gulf Professional Publishing, 23 de jan. de 2001 - 588 páginas

The Fungi provides a comprehensive microbiological perspective on the importance of fungi, one of the most diverse groups of living organisms. Their roles in the natural world and in practical applications from the preparation of foods and beverages to drug production, and their relationship with man, animals and plants are clearly described. The recent contributions of molecular biology to mycology and the development of molecular methods for the study of fungal ecology, pathology and population genetics are also covered.

This invaluable work has been completely revised and updated. With new material relating to molecular biology, this new and highly successful title continues to be essential reading for students and researchers.

New to the second edition:

  • Modern classification
  • Medical and veterinary mycology section
  • Organelles and processes involved in hyphal growth
  • Molecular methods in ecology and pathology
  • Production of new drugs of fungal origin
  • Question and answer sections
  • Colour plate section

Praise for the first edition: "An enjoyable way to survey the subject of modern mycology. We are fortunate to have this excellent textbook." --MYCOLOGIA

"The text is beautifully written and an understanding and enthusiasm for this important group of organisms comes through on every page." --TRENDS IN MICROBIOLOGY

"This will improve undergraduate learning and promote a more integrated understanding of fungal biology. I will certainly use it in my teaching and am sure many others will do likewise." --NEW PHYTOLOGIST

"The coverage is extensive and informative. I am very pleased to recommend this book to those who want to know and understand fungi." --BIODIVERSITY AND CONSERVATION

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