The Mathematical and Philosophical Works of the Right Rev. John Wilkins, Late Lord Bishop of Chester: III. An abstract of his essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language

Vernor and Hood, 1802

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Página 9 - That seeing they may see, and not perceive ; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them.
Página 248 - This design will likewise contribute much to the clearing of some of our modern differences in religion ; by unmasking many wild errors, that shelter themselves under the disguise of affected phrases ; which, being philosophically unfolded, and rendered according to the genuine and natural importance of words, will appear to be inconsistencies and contradictions. And several of those pretended mysterious profound notions, expressed in great swelling words, whereby some men set up for reputation,...
Página 192 - Tis safe from the uncertainty of tides, and the violence of tempests, which do never move the sea above five or six paces deep...
Página 243 - But, on the other side, if all the water falling upon one wheel would be able to turn it round, then half of it would serve with two wheels, and the rest may be so disposed of in the fall as to serve unto some other useful, delightful ends. "When I first thought of this invention, I could scarce forbear, with Archimedes, to cry out
Página 207 - Wilkins writes that the main difficulty and labour of it will be in the raising of it from the ground; near unto which, the earths attractive vigor is of greatest efficacy. But for the better effecting of this, it may be helped by the strength of winds, and by taking its first rise from some mountain, or other high place.
Página xi - That which first occasioned this discourse, was the reading of a little pamphlet stiled Nuntius Inanimatus, commonly ascribed to a late reverend bishop; wherein he affirms, that there are certain ways to discourse with a friend, though he were in a close(d) dungeon, in a besieged city, or a hundred miles off.
Página 188 - Use and Advantage, so as to be serviceable for remote Voyages, the carrying of any considerable Number of Men, with Provisions and Commodities, would be of such excellent Use, as may deserve some further Enquiry.
Página 189 - In which case this may be a proper remedy : let there be certain leather bags made of several bignesses, which for the matter of them should be both tractable for the use and managing of them, and strong to keep out the water : for the figure of them, being long and open at both ends. Answerable to these, let there be divers windows, or open places in the frame of the ship round the sides of which one end of these bags may be fixed, the other end coming within the ship being to open and shut as a...

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