Internal Ballistics

E. & F.N. Spon, 1889 - 240 páginas

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Página 12 - A Pocket-Book for Boiler Makers and Steam Users, comprising a variety of useful information for Employer and Workman, Government Inspectors, Board of Trade Surveyors, Engineers in charge of Works and Slips, Foremen of Manufactories, and the general Steamusing Public. By MAURICE JOHN SEXTON. Second edition, royal 32mo, roan, gilt edges, S^. Electrolysis: a Practical Treatise on Nickeling, Coppering, Gilding, Silvering, the Refining of Metals, and the treatment of Ores by means of Electricity.
Página 7 - Practical Electrical Units Popularly Explained, with numerous illustrations and Remarks. By JAMES SWINBURNE, late of JW Swan and Co., Paris, late of Brush-Swan Electric Light Company, USA i8mo, cloth, is. 6d. A Treatise on the Use of Belting for the Transmission of Power.
Página 3 - Preservation, 8 pp. Fruit, 8 pp. Fur, 5 pp. Gas, Coal, 8 pp. Gems. Glass, 45 pp. 77 figs. Graphite, 7 pp. Hair, 7 pp. Hair Manufactures. Hats, 26 pp. 26 figs. Honey. Hops. Horn. Ice, 10 pp. 14 figs. Indiarubber Manufactures, 23 pp. 17 figs. Ink, 17 pp. Ivory. Jute Manufactures, 1 1 pp., II figs.
Página 5 - Egyptian, manganate, Paris, Peligot, Prussian, smalt, ultramarine), browns (bistre, hinau, sepia, sienna, umber, Vandyke), greens (baryta, Brighton, Brunswick, chrome, cobalt, Douglas, emerald, manganese, mitis, mountain, Prussian, sap, Scheele's, Schweinfurth, titanium, verdigris, zinc...
Página 4 - The Elementary Principles of Carpentry. By THOMAS TREDGOLD. Revised from the original edition, and partly re-written, by JOHN THOMAS HURST. Contained in 517 pages of letterpress, and illustrated with 48 plates and 150 wood engravings.
Página 6 - American Foundry Practice: Treating of Loam, Dry Sand, and Green Sand Moulding, and containing a Practical Treatise upon the Management of Cupolas, and the Melting of Iron. By TD WEST, Practical Iron Moulder and Foundry Foreman. Second edition, with numerous illustrations, crown 8vo, cloth, IO.r.
Página 11 - A Treatise on Ropemaking as practised in public and private Rope-yards, with a Description of the Manufacture, Rules, Tables of Weights, etc., adapted to the Trade, Shipping, Mining, Railways, Builders, etc. By R. CHAPMAN, formerly foreman to Messrs. Huddart and Co., Limehouse, and late Master Ropemaker to HM Dockyard, Deptford. Second edition, I2mo, cloth, 3^. Laxtons Builders and Contractors...
Página 13 - Offsets Surveying by the Chain only — Surveying Hilly Ground — To Survey an Estate or Parish by the Chain only— Surveying with the Theodolite — Mining and Town Surveying — Railroad Surveying — Mapping — Division and Laying out of Land — Observations on Enclosures — Plane Trigonometry. Part 3. Levelling — Simple and Compound Levelling— The Level Book— Parliamentary Plan and SectionLevelling with a Theodolite — Gradients — Wooden Curves — To Lay out a Railway Curve —...
Página 13 - This work is not, in any sense, an elementary treatise, or history of the steam engine, but is intended to describe examples of Fixed Steam Engines without entering into the wide domain of locomotive or marine practice. To this end illustrations will be given of the most recent arrangements of Horizontal, Vertical, Beam, Pumping, Winding, Portable, Semiportable, Corliss, Allen, Compound, and other similar Engines, by the most eminent Firms in preat Britain and America.
Página 10 - CONTENTS : Machinery for Prospecting, Excavating, Hauling, and Hoisting — Ventilation — Pumping — Treatment of Mineral Products, including Gold and Silver, Copper, Tin, and Lead, Iron Coal, Sulphur, China Clay, Brick Earth, etc...

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