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supinus, " pro peccatis patris sui, Ca, cursu latronum tute custodirent." The roli Martelli.Next comes Charles le pretty baby king, little Louis X., Chauve, who, with Cæsar's laurel, who died at eight months, is a lovelycould never get Cæsar's knack of writ- looking infant, and gives relief to the ing Latin; witness the following edict, quaint tombs near him, where imbri. where, in honour of St Denys, he or. cated warriors lie in quilted mail, dains, “nullum teloneum, vel barga. while coloured figures in wood, with naticum, nec rotaticum, nec pontati. short petticoats, and of true Dutch cum, nec cæspitaticum, nec pulverati. build, stand over them. Hideous blue cum, nec salutaticum, nec mutaticum, angels support golden heads of denec ad nostrum opus nec ad vestrum, parted sovereigns, on red cushions, nec ad juniores nostros ullo exigere while the yellow or green slippers of aut exactare præsumatis !" The Reine the royal form rest upon the tank of Blanche sleeps here in black marble, some frightful abortion of natural hisand Philip Augustus, who, in 1190, tory, a mis-shapen dog, a lamb with a enclosed Paris with a rampart. He golden fleece, or a round-headed lion built the Halles, Halas, Magnas with a man's face and a rat's tail. Domus in quibus, tempore pluviali, On the whole, a day at St Denys is omnes mercatores merces suas mun- far from being unproductive of enterdissimo venderent, et in nocte, ab in. tainment or instruction,


Mr— 's drawing-room is an ele. orgracefulattentions of, gant drawing-room-we speak of the that any thing put down to be eaten, men and women we meet there, not abruptly before them, would only be of his tables and chairs. It is one an impertinence, and stop mouths of those which one frequents with more agreeably employed. The adroit feelings of unqualified approval, and service seizes the happy moment, when never too often. His dinners are with an agreement as to a cantatrice's merits, out pretension, good, and remarkably or an actor's originality is arrived at, well served. In their social composic and the conversation for an instant tion he knows both who is who, and languishes ; this is the time, surely, what is what; and to partake of that for the entremet, the sole en matelotte repast chez lui, which is at once the Normande, the pleasing mixture of the criterion of an host's abilities and a Macedoine de legumes, or that abyss of specimen of his society, is, in the good things, the truffled vol-au vent, Maison ****, an assured enjoyment which lies smoking before you. The of several hours, for which you feel wine, being necessarily good, is not, grateful and flattered. One already as in England, descanted on ; no dish foresees a beautiful avenir, where the is criticised ; the elegant refinements soup is not an unmeaning expletive, of easy circumstances, and the good but challenges attention by its excel taste of the invited, spare you the lence, and is promptly distributed by possibility of a shock, and are appamany hands. The first moments of rent throughout ; no awkward butler suspense are past-you have recon- breaks mismanaged corks; an invi. noitred your position—you have taken sible functionary executes that duty your roll out of its spotless napkin, and without reproach. The footmen are unfurled it on your knee-you are silent in their service, unless, when going to make that first sotto voce and bringing round some bottle of more decided movement towards acquaint- recherché quality, they whisper the ance with your voisine, which, in- patronymic. They note your slightest · spirited by the soup and half a glass movement of want, existing or satisof fine sherry, gets on afterwards fied, and never trouble you to repeat a of its own accord. In this agreeable demand. No lowering spouse looks salle à manger the dishes always come thunder-clouds at some awkward exat the right moment - the damask hibition of the homeliness of the family arepa is always occupied—the servants resources ; no conscious husband watch the guests' movements, and strives to cover his wife's discompoknow that while they are interesting sure by becoming prematurely and each other in sparkling sallies of wit, unnecessarily gay; no flippant impertinences pašs muster; no indiscrimin clined, let him keep his own counsel : nate praise or censure of men, books, and if he have already been indiscreet or things, no loud assertion of egotis. enough to speak out to a lady confitical opinion, or egregious self-esteem dante, let him hold, suspect her offer will here meet with sympathy or of introducing him to the “ charming support. Scandals past, present, young friend" with whom she may or to come, form no part of the have been at school. A man disposed conversation : vulgar retaliation upon to matrimony, as an expedient state, French prejudices are abstained from; will go through any thing to arrive at provincialisms or solecisms offend it! On one of those fatal occasions, not. The conversation is, perhaps, when introductions to all that is ennever deep, but it is seldom dull; it chanting are generously promised and may affect, perhaps, the last fashion gratefully accepted, did we find our of phrases yet unvulgarized by use, way up three pair of stairs of corkbut still its essence is the mainten- screw architecture, and land upon ance of that happy medium between two or three square feet of neutral sustained argumentation (which mo- territory, between two exactly similar nopolizes attention and induces dys. doors exposed to equal assault in the pepsia) and that raw violence of exploratory uncertainty of the guest. manner which, in addressing you, Here did we take our last draught of forces unqualified dissent, or compels respirable air for that night! we hit to silence and reserve. As dinner upon the right bell, and were again proceeds, it flows with more and more admonished on the threshold, that we facility and fewer interruptions; each must be very sentimental if we would has fair play; the whole is a piece of prosper in our undertaking; the door concerted music, a diapason of har of the exterior oven presently opened, mony, and a Solo would scarcely be and in we went. There were three commenced ere it was quietly put rooms, at least there were three times down. It is not conceded to any four walls defining the limits of three large dealer in anecdote, at Mr _ 's compartments of contracted space, parties, to inflict his tiresome memory the whole of which would have made on reluctant audiences. Even the célē. a respectable aviary, but would have brités do not engross attention. The been scarcely a zoological allowance profound thinker, from whose prolific for monkeys. These boxes, of course, wisdom society abroad may have opened and steamed into each other, drawn her largest supplies, here imi- wafting reciprocal gales of musk and tates those mighty rivers, which im- music to the equal annoyance of the part only the overflowings of their victims who were being black-holed full urns, and as they pass along, dis- with surprising resignation ! cover not in the serenity of their sur The innermost room had been renface the depth of their resources. All dered entirely insupportable by a stiff waters are equally deep to the eye, fire, which it maintained till it came and like them, the mind's depths must to a natural death for want of air, on be fathomed to be known. To perfect which desirable event the guests, who the whole, a condiment to the intelhad been equally ready to expire, be. lectual banquet is supplied in the free- gan to show tokens of revival. This masonry of a liberal education, and furnace, or engine-room, was moreover all rise with improved conversational papered of a fiery-red, with butterflies powers to join the ladies and contri- and passion-flower devices for border; bute to their amusement. A few an equally glaring carpet, covered musical friends drop in, and the rest every inch of the twelve by fourteen of the evening is passed in listening feet of surface on which it was extend. to what is perfect in its kind, and new ed; and a voluminous rug almost smokin its quality. May many such din. ed in front of the fire-place. The rest ners be in store for us (inasmuch as of the furniture was all dwarfish, to toutes les grandes pensées viennent correspond to the room, except a huge de l'estomac), and may many such piano—an immense old broken-kneed soirées follow them!

Vauxhall-song affair—which quite ocBut, alas! all parties are not cjus. cupied one side of the small parallelo. dem farina! Take a specimen of ano. gram, compelling the guests who were ther!

to appland its achievements to the When a man is matrimoniously in other, and, played on or silent, was the lion of the evening. Such large instru. the moon, its moral exhortations to ments, we found, were always objects Lord Byron, its mawkish valedictions of respect; some opined "it must have of young friends going to Cambridge, cost a deal of money :" some stated its lines written at sea, (and signed that it was particularly adapted to M. E, which must mean maris expers) sacred music and we wished it in Stor stanzas from abroad, which only Peter's accordingly. Some celebrated show the writer not to have been at finger had pronounced upon its tones home in any thing but his Spellingbefore it had been purchased ; loud book !-or to crown all, its charades, to be sure it was, but then it was so its epigrams, its profane micrographieasy to open the window (bien entendu cal curiositiesthe stone tables of the when the wind was not easterly) and law, or the prayer of the Redeemer disperse a portion of its vibrations. within the circlet of a ten sous piece. The chimney-piece was ornamented The Album penalty exacted to the with flowers, cut out by some of the fac letter, and our civility and patience mily, and paper pinks and muslin roses, having outdone themselves, we thank. on silk-twisted wire-stalks, and under fully look up, and are prepared to reglass bells, flanked a clock in alabaster. sign the interesting volume into the But what could our Louisa be thinking hands of the fair proprietor, when of, to hang up those horrible daubs, by two tall gentlemen, who had been her fair hand, in oils? one was ac- obtaining but a bird's eye view, are cordingly compelled, on this confes- already competitors! Two long right sion, to say “ very pretty," to a cer- arms are suddenly extended towards taiply original sketch of Love sleeping the relinquished prize: two long right on a green bank-green, indeed, but arms are as suddenly retracted, with not exactly the right sort of green; galvanised politeness on perceiving and as for the Cupid thus served up each other's intentions. These were on chopped spinnach, he looked as the active of the party, but many a silent if he were not likely ever to wake guest was sitting there in mute submisagain. That Warrior's head, we sion to the inscrutable decrees of fate, have surely seen before in some fo and leaden-eyed expectation of eleven reign collection-and now that we o'clock, which was still far distant ! recollect, it was from the top of a Tea came, and a third cup per man coach on Snowhill, where such a had been proffered and refused. The Saracenic head has glared on us since ill-made card-table had opened its we were five years old. We believe sybilline leaves, and displayed to eager he gets rouged every three or four eyes its wax-bespattered thread-bare years, but Louisa's warrior will not baize : premonitory of long whist, require it.

five sous points, captious trick-takers, A calmer sea than that, never women partners, and thin French showed smooth surface of a deeper cards. The young people, we hear, blue ; por did the same element ever are expected to dance! Dance ? exbibit more froth below, or blacker what! in that cupboard, where a score sky above, than the pendant, on of mice would interfere with each another piece of canvass covered by other's tails ? Dance ? to that horrible the same indefatigable young lady, Megatherion, the grand piano? No, at whose bidding quicksilver rivulets by St Vitus! No, by our innate self. run out of lead-coloured lakes, snow. esteem, and our instinct of self presercapt mountains are provided with vation. Leap, like Curtius, into that green hills for footstools, inextricable gulf of un-to-be-rewarded immolation, forests of black trees, are bisected by we neither can nor will ! besides, a gash or wound over which a bridge could two indifferent arms do all the is thrown to intimate that some geo- dancing duty of this preposterous logical feature is designed, or a most evening? The limbs of Briareus and peculiar sky is studded with birds, Antæus, moved by the gallantry of a stuck immovably between heaven and modern colonel of militia would be earth-and so much for paysage, the left at fault, and we must look for the fine arts, and Louisa.

lucky moment when the necessity of Did our sufferings, pulmonary, cum our departure can be confidentially taneous, or moral, terminate here? whispered, together with our immense Oh, that Canaan of ass's milk, a lady's regret, album! with its lunatic addresses to


Sir Andreu. Do not our lives consist of the fonr elements ?
Sir Toby. Faith, so they say ; but I rather think it consists of eating and drinking!
Sir Andrew. You are a scholar-Therefore let us eat and drink."

Twelfth Night.

- IN regarding the learned profes- and dignity of the members of the bar; sions, and observing the influence they and by assigning the true and only exercise respectively over the minds sources of its high and deserved disa of men, we may reasonably come to tinction, to raise it still more, if that the conclusion, that the religious pro- were possible, in the consideration and fession exercises what we may call a estimation of mankind. future influence, the medical profes. It is to the education of gentlemen sion a domestic influence, and the for the profession of the advocate, and legal profession a public and political to nothing else, that we are to attri. influence. It is a popular supposition, bute the influence he must command, ás vulgar as it is erroneous, that to the and the eminence he must attain intimate connexion that must ever it is to the pains taken by the venerable necessarily subsist between the law seniors of the several Inns of Court to maker and the expounder of the law, to adapt to their uninformed disciples the great public and personal interests that sort of food most nutritious in frequently confided to gentlemen of quality, most abundant in quantity, the long robe, as well as to the promi. and most easy of digestion as well as nent position in which their avoca- to the appetite of the disciples them. tions place them before the eyes of selves, that the world is permitted to men, this great public and political admirein so eminent a degree the overinfluence of the legal profession must whelming erudition, and inexhaustible be fairly attributable. While the elocution, of the men who are fated medical profession boasts only one in future times to browbeat witnesses, solitary representative in the Com. bully the bench, and badger their mons' House of Parliament, the mem. «learned friend” on the opposite side. bers of the bar are represented by Before I enter, however, upon an no less than fifty-six learned friends, exact detail of the system of national be-wigged and be-gowned, ready to education provided for gentlemen of scramble from the bar to the bench, to the law from time immemorial, it is fill offices simply political, and to take necessary that I should briefly describe care that no law shall ever be passed the seminaries in which that education in that House, detrimental to the inte. is conveyed; and therefore I must for rests of the profession to which they a few moments entreat the patience of have the honour to belong. In the the non-professional reader, while I Upper House, too, it is a well authen- notice with as much brevity as the ticated fact, that rather more than one importance of the subject will admit, third of the Peerage springs from the the several Inns of Court, or Colleges, successful talent of the bar; and that as I may properly style them, of legal the descendants of former Chancellors education. and Lord Chief-Justices of the Court The stranger in London passing of King's Bench now control, in their through Temple Bar, would hardly senatorial capacities, the march of re- suspect that to the right and left of volutionary destruction; and stand Fleet Street, lie hid, in perpetual between the throne, whose legitimate murkiness, towns (for towns they are) counsellors they are, and the ragamuf- exclusively appropriated to various fin levellers who would reduce throne grades of the legal profession, from and constitution to one chaotic mass the ministerial officers of the several of hopeless anarchy and confusion. courts of law down to the scriveners,

Our present purpose is to correct law stationers, and professional applethe vulgar errors, that, by assigning women; through the several grada. causes for the influence of the profes- tions of benchers, barristers, practi. sion of the law with which the pro- tioners under the bar, conveyancers, fession of the law has nothing to do, special pleaders, solicitors, articled tend materially to lower the character clerks, bed-women, laundresses, law. yers' clerks, porters, gate-keepers and convenience of space : to-day, the so forth. On entering one of these Lord High Chancellor presides here manufactories of discord, the stranger in his elevated chair, dispensing the feels his heart grow sad within him- equity of his court to the several sui. he looks around, thinking that he has tors ; to-morrow, a waiter, for greater straggled into a barrack, but the uni. convenience deposits therein a halfversal cobweb, muck, and dirt of the empty soup tureen, or a bundle of inbabitations speedily undeceive him. dirty knives and forks-or it may hapHe wanders from court to court, from pen that a party of half-cocked law lane to lane, and from alley to alley- students range themselves round the he sees lights at noon-day in every sacred seat with their bottles of wine, window-the windows here not being while some unholy wag is graciously intended to let in day-light-and he pleased to assume the Seals for the may haply observe one of the brief. nonce, and proceeds with great graless amusing himself, by writing the vity to mimic the tone and manner of word “fee” on the two-year-old dust the keeper of the Royal conscienceof his chamber window, with several awful profanation! misprision of treanotes of admiration at the end of that son at the very least, if not legal sacris rare and curious monosyllable. He lege itself! observes that the several sets of apart. It was my fate to hear no less than ments are approached by a common three solemn arguments in the great nuisance called a common stair, case of Small and Attwood thus burfrom which he is diverted by his lesqued, the parts of the eminent advoolfactory organ, and on either side of cates engaged therein being sustained the entrance to this stair, he observes by the requisite number of loquacatalogues of the occupants of the cious scamps, and judgment delivered several chambers from the cellar up by a rakish young barrister of six wards, names of gentlemen for whose weeks'standing, amidst cries of “order, individual occupation the present ex- order"_"hear him out"_“another cellent Lord Chancellor is merely glass of wine," while one extra-face. airing the woolsack, and who intend tious young lawyer gravely interrupt. to occupy it in the order of their ed the judgment of the Chancellor, seniority! The attics he will disco. amid shrieks of laughter, to request ver to be occupied, if he chooses to go that His Lordship would have the high enough, by that class of society goodness to cut his judgment as short for whose exclusive residence Grub as possible, because a gentleman Street was formerly appropriated, but within the bar was anxious to favour who reside here at present in conse- the company with a song!! quence of Grub Street having been It is not my intention to dilate pulled down, as well as for the benefit upon the judicial functions exercised of quiet, and a purer, not to say a in the several halls of the several Inns cheaper, air-in short, for reasons pre- of Court, they being merely occasional, cisely similar to those which influence and subordinate to the great gastrono, my own choice in residing in a garret. mic purposes of professional educas

As he wanders up and down, his cation for which these hospitable eye cannot fail to be attracted by a seminaries were first erected, and building having some external resem which they still continue faithfully to blance to a church, but which is in fulfil. fact the lecture-room or academy of The profession of the law is emiits respective society-the windows nently a gastronomic profession: it is being decorated with escutcheons, not, therefore, surprising that it should very much resembling in size and have become the profession that it is, shape transparent trenchers, of illus- and have expanded into a plethoric trious individuals who have greatly and almost apoplectic robustness. distinguished themselves in the pro. The judges are feasted by the mayors fessional exercises herein studiously of cities and boroughs, a particular observed.

banquet being peculiarly appropriated Nor, when we consider the uses to to them by the Lord Mayor of Lonwhich the several Halls of the Inns don, in the Egyptian Hall; they are of Court are applied, can we wonder banqueted as well by the nobility on that they have been erected with a due their several circuits--the members of regard to splendour of decoration, and the bar have general invitations to the

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