Current Management of the Menopause

Christian Lauritzen, John W. W. Studd
Taylor & Francis, 22 de jun de 2005 - 480 páginas
In the next few decades, an estimated one billion women will reach menopause. They will depend on the preventative measures, management, and advice provided to them by their gynecologist or general practitioner. At a time when doubts and criticisms have been raised concerning the real benefit and the justification of peri- to postmenopausal estrogen-progestogen substitution, especially for long-term primary prevention, an authoritative resource summarizing the established facts and clarifying the lines of the debate will go a long way toward dispelling confusion and setting the standard for treatment.

The most up-to-date and comprehensive international work on menopause and postmenopause, Current Management of the Menopause defines the menopause and explores how it affects different systems in the body. Drawing on the expertise of an international panel, the editors include discussions of the non-medical aspects, such as women's reactions to making a transition into a new phase of life. The experts fully explain the medical issues, addressing controversies, such as the place of HRT in treatment of menopausal patients, head-on. They provide an analysis of the sometimes overwhelming amount of information available and explore how to transfer it into clinical practice.

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