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Página 44 - Representatives be requested, to use their best exertions to procure the passage of a law of Congress donating to each state in the Union an amount of public lands not less in value than five hundred thousand dollars, for the liberal endowment of a system of Industrial Universities, one in each state in the Union, to co-operate with each other, and with the Smithsonian Institute at Washington, for the more liberal and practical education of our industrial classes and their teachers...
Página 44 - ... and industrial science ; and WHEREAS, it is impossible that our commerce and prosperity will continue to increase without calling into requisition all the elements of internal thrift arising from the labors of the farmer, the mechanic, and the manufacturer, by every fostering effort within the reach of the government; and WHEREAS, a system of Industrial Universities, liberally endowed in each state of the union, co-operative with each other, and with the Smithsonian...
Página 16 - That as the representatives of the industrial classes, including all cultivators of the soil, artisans, mechanics and merchants, we desire the same privileges and advantages for ourselves, our fellows and our posterity, in each of the several pursuits and callings, as our professional brethren enjoy in theirs ; and we admit that it is our own fault that we do not also enjoy them.
Página 46 - I would respectfully recommend that a sufficient portion of the proceeds of the next sale of lands for taxes be appropriated to the erection of an institution which shall stand as a lasting memorial of our munificence, and contribute to the diffusion of intelligence among the producing classes, during all future time.
Página 44 - Resolved, That our Senators in Congress be instructed, and our Representatives be requested, to use their best efforts to obtain the appointment of Mons.
Página 22 - To co-operate with this noble Institute, and enable the Industrial classes to realize its benefits in practical life, we need a University for the Industrial Classes in each of the States, with their consequent subordinate institutes, lyceums, and high schools, in each of the counties and towns.
Página 24 - It is believed by many intelligent men that from one third to one half the annual products of this State are annually lost from ignorance on the above topics. And it can scarcely be doubted that in a few years the entire cost of the whole institution would be annually saved to the State in the above interests alone, aside from all its other benefits, intellectual, moral, social, and pecuniary. "The apparatus required for such a work is obvious. There should be grounds devoted to a botanical and common...
Página 20 - ... appliances for educating and training them for months and years, for the peculiar profession which is to be the business of their life ; and they have already created, each class for its own use, a vast and voluminous literature, that would well nigh sink a whole navy of ships.
Página 45 - States, in furtherance of this idea. Whether that precise form of aid to the project is most judicious and likely to be effective, we will not here consider. Suffice it that the legislature of Illinois has taken a noble...
Página 21 - LITEaATURE, adapted to their professional wants, to raise up for them teachers and lecturers, for subordinate institutes, and to elevate them, their pursuits* and their posterity to that relative position in human society for which God designed them...

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