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But pleased the State's just edicts to obey.

If this advice submissive you receive
Immortal and unblam'd your names shall live.
Envy to black Cocytus shall retire,
And howl with Furies in tormenting fire,
Approving Time shall consecrate your lays

And join the Patriot's to the Poet's praise." At the period of the Confederation, Georgia was the youngest amongst her sisters. She now beholds as many States succeeding her on the catalogue as there were originally united. Yet a large portion of her territory has been only lately placed in the hands of her citizens. Immense bodies of her finest soil are yet unbroken by the cultivator, her rivers are not cleared, noris her mineral wealth explored. We know that rich veins are concealed beneath her surface, but their value is scarcely appreciated, nor can the mind yet estimate their extent. The spirit of her sons and the wisdom of her councils have already made her the high road by which not only her own products and imports will be rapidly conveyed, but by which nations and their wealth must be transported, Let it be so with her literature. Let her University be generously sustained! Let her children devote their leisure hours to polite and scientific recreation! Her riches will be developed, the cultivation of her taste will decorate her amongst her sisters her hidden treasures will be explored; from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south, will she be visited, admired and enriched by contribution. And as she rises in the scale of political and commercial importance, 80 shall she be elevated in scientific and literary fame.

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