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An Account of the Reasons which induced Charles the Second, King of

England, to declare war against the States-General of the United Pro-

vinccs, in 1672. Printed in French at Paris, with the privilege of the

; French king, in 16^2. Licensed, March the 5th, 1689, by James Fra- .

ser. London, printed in 1689. Folio, containing fifteen pages . .

The last Confession, Prayers, and Meditations of Lieutenant John Stern,

delivered by him on the cart iminedintely before his execution, to Dr.

Burnet: together with the last Confession of George Borosky, signed-

by him in the prison, and sealed up in the lieutenant's pacquet. Writ-

ten by Gilbert Burnet, D. D. and Anthony Ilorneck, D. D. London:
printed for Richard Chiswell,at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul's
Church-yard, 16S2. Folio, containing twenty-eight pages . . • •

A short Account of the Siege of Bantam, and its surrender to the rebels

who were assisted by t!ie Dutch, and their fleet, in the Fast Indies.

London, printed for John Smith, 1683. Folio, containing two pages. 46

A brief Account of many memorable passagei of the Life and Death of
the Earl of Shaftesbury, sometime lord high-chancellor of England,
who departed this life the twenty-first day of.December, 1683. Print-

. ed for J. Conycrs, in Duck-Lane. Quarto, containing eight pages . IS

The Loyal Observator; or, Historical Memoirs of the Life and Actions »

of Roger the Fidler, alias, The Observator. London: printed for

W. Hammond, 1683. Quarto, containing twelve pages . . 64

An impartial and brief Description of the Plaza, or sumptuous Market-

place of Madrid, and the Bull-baiting there; together with the History

of the famous and much admired Placidns; as also a large scheme,

being the lively representation of the order ;uid ornament of this so- ,


lemnity. By Jamei Salgado, a Spaniard. London, printed by Francis

Clark, for the author, Anno Domini, 1683. Quarto, containingforty-

six pages . . . . . • • .80

Strange News from Plymouth; or, a wonderful and tragical Relation of

a Voyage from the Indies; with the miraculous preservation of George

Carpinger, an English seaman, and the Dutch merchant's wife, now a-

shorent Plymouth. In a letter to Mr. D. B. of London, merchant.

Quarto, containing eight pages. Printed at London for J. Conyen, at

the Black Raven, in Duck-Lane, 1684 . . . . 80

The She-Wedding; or, a mad Marriage, between Mary, a seaman's mis-

tress, and Margaret, a carpenter's wife, at Deptford. Being a full re-

lation of a cunning intrigue, carried on and managed by two women, to

hide the discovery of a great belly, &c. London, printed by George

Croom, at the sign of the Blue Ball in Thames-street, over-against

Baynard's Castle, 1684. Quarto, containing eight pages . 84

A Diary of the Siege of Luxembourg, by the French king's forces under

the command of the Marshal de Crequi; containing a full account of

all that passed in the siege and surrendry of the town. London, printed

by J. G. for D. Brown, at the Black Swan, without Temple-Bar; and

are to be sold by W. D. in Amen Corner, 1684. Quarto, containing

fifty-six pages . . . . . . . ,88

The Method of passing Bills in Parliament. Written by Henry Elsinge,

Cler. Pari. Now printed from the original manuscript. London,printed

by F.L. for Matt.Gillitlower, at the Spread Eagle and Crown in West-

minster-hall, 1685. Twelves, containing thirty-six pages

An Account of the Manner of taking the late Duke of Monmouth, &c.

By his Majesty's command. London, printed by B. G. for Samuel

Keehle, at the Turk's Head, over against Fetter-lane, in Fleet-street,

1685. Folio, containing four pages ..... 183

The Arraignment of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, before the Earl

of Shrewsbury, lord high-steward of England. Also a brief deriva-

tion of the most honourable family of the Howards. With an account

of what families they are related to by marriage. Transcribed out of

ancient manuscripts, never before published. Printed by Nathaniel

Thompson, at the entrance into Old Spring Garden, near Charing-

Cross, 1685. Quarto, containing thirty-four pages . . . 125

A true and perfect Account of the Earl of Argyle's landing in the North

of Scotland: with the particulars of that whole transaction. London,

printed, and are to be sold by Randal Taylor, near Stationers' Hall,

1685. Folio, containing two pages ..... 140

A Letter written to Dr. Burnet, giving an account of Cardinal Pool's

secret Powers; from which it appears, that it was never intended to

confirm the alienation that was made of the Abbey-lands. To which


are added Two Breves that Cardinal Pool brought over, and some other

of his letters, that were never before printed. London, printed for

Richard Baldwin, in the Old Bailey Corner, on Ludgate-hill, 1685.

Quarto, containing forty pages ...... 142

Copies of Two Papers, written by the late King Charles the Second, of

blessed memory. Folio, containing four pages . . . 159

The Designs of France against England.und Holland discovered; or, the

intrigues of that crown, for the utter ruin of both those nations laid

open. With allowance. Supposed to be printed anno 1686. Quarto,

containing twelve pages . . .... 164

A Philosophical and Medicinal Essay of the Waters of Tunbridge. Writ-

ten to a person of honour, by Pat. Madan, M. D. Quarto, containing

twenty-six pages, printed at London, for the author, in 1687 . . 116

A Scheme for the Foundation of a Royal Hospital, and raising a Revenue

of five or six thousand Pounds a Year, by, and for the Maintenance of

a Corporation of skilful Midwives, &c. By Mrs. Elisabeth Cellier, in

the month of June, 1687. Now first published from her own MS. Fo-

lio, containing nine pages ...... 191

The Prophecy of Bishop Usher. To which is added, Two Letters, one

from Sir William Boswell (ambassador at the Hague) to the most Re-

verend William Laud, late Archbishop of Canterbury; the other from

the Reverend John Bramhall, Bishop of Derry in Ireland, to the most

Reverend James Usher,late Archbishop of Armagh. London, printed

in the year 1687. Quarto, containing twelve pages . . . 193

An Enquiry into the Measures of Submission to the Supreme Authority;

and of the grounds upon which it may be lawful or necessary for sub-

jects to defend their religion, lives, and liberties, 1688. Quarto, con-

taining sixteen pages ....... 20S

The Expedition of his Highness the Prince of Orange for England. Giv-

ing an account of the most remarkable passages thereof, from the day

of his setting sail from Holland, to the first day of this instant Decem-

ber, 1688. Iu a letter to a person of quality. Quarto, 1688, containing

eight pages ........ 213

The Speech of the Prince of Orange to some principal Gentlemen of So-

mersetshire and Dorsetshire, on their coming to join his Highness at Ex-

eter, the fifteenth of November, 1688. Exeter, printed by J. B. 1688.

Folio, containing one page ...... 228

The Lord Churchill's Letter to King James II. . . . -221

Father La Chaise's Project for the Extirpation of Hereticks. In alerter

from him to Father P - - - rs, 1688. Quarto, containing four pages . 222

The Causes and Manner of deposing a Popish King in Sweden, truly de-

scribed. London, printed for R. Baldwin, in the Old Bailey, 1688.

Folio, containing two pages ... , , 225


The Last Will of George Fox, the Quakers' great Apostle, as it was all

written by his own hand, and is now lying in the Prerogative-office,

by Doctors'Commons, London. Printed on a broadside . . 228

The present State of Europe briefly examined, and found languishing;

occasioned by the greatness of the French monarchy. By Thomas

Manley, Esq. 1689. Quarto, containing thirty-two pages . .233

A Letter from his Holiness the Pope of Rome, to his Highness the Prince

of Orange: containing several proposals, and overtures of agreement

betwixt the church of England and the church of Rome. Quarto,

containing eight pages. With the Answer . . i .244

A brief History of the Succession of the Crown of England, &c. rol- ».lected out of the records, and the most authentick historians. Written

for the satisfaction of the nation, 1688-9. Folio, containing eighteen

pages i ...... 248,

A short Historical Collection, touching the succession of the crown.

Folio, containing two pages .-.... 271

The Great Bastard, Protector of the Little one. Done out of the French.

And for which a proclamation, with a reward of 5000 louis-d'ors, to discoverthe author, was published. Printed atCologne, 1689. Quarto,

containing thirty pages ....... 273

Killing no Murder; briefly discoursed in three questions. By William

Allen. Reprinted in the year 1689. Quarto, containing thirty pages 284

The Lord Chancellor's Discovery and Confession, made in the Time of

his sickness in the Tower. With allowance. London, printed for

R. Lee, without Bishopsgate, 1689. Folio, containing two pages . 307

Aphorisms relating to the Kingdom of Ireland, humbly submitted to

the most noble assembly of lords and commons at the great convention

at Westminster. London, printed for Joseph Watts, at the Angel in

St. Paul's Church-yard, 16S9. Quarto, containing eight pages .311

A true Copy of a Letter from the Right Honourable the Earl of Mul-

grave to Dr. Tillotson, Dean of Canterbury. Folio, containing four

pages .... .... 316

A Speech of a Fellow-Commoner of England, to his Fellow-Common-

ers of the Convention. Printed in the year 1689. Quarto, containing

eight pages ........ 318

A Treatise of Monarchy, containing two Parts: I. Concerning mo-

narchy in general. 11. Concerning this particular monarchy.

Wherein all the main questions, occurrent in both, are stated, dis-

puted, and determined. Done by an earnest clesirer of his country

peace. London, printed for, and sold by Richard Baldwin, in the

Old Bailey, 1689. Quarto, containing thirty-eight pages . . 321

Reasons for crowning the Prince and Princess of Orange King and

Queen jointly, and for placing the executive Power in ibePriuce

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