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Página 78 - The History of Great Britain, connected with the Chronology of Europe; with notes, &c. containing anecdotes of the times, lives of the learned, and specimens of their works, vol. I. from Caesar's invasion to the deposition and death of Richard II.
Página 80 - Inquiries into the Origin and Progress of the Science of Heraldry in England, with Explanatory Observations on Armorial Ensigns, by James Dallaway, AM 4to.
Página 81 - Topography, or an Hiftorical Account of what has been done for illuftrating the Topographical Antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland, 2 vols.
Página 79 - History of the Life of Henry II. and of the Age in which he lived. To which is prefixed A History of the Revolutions of England, from the death of Edward the Confessor, to the Birth of Henry II.
Página 101 - Divers Monumens Singuliers qui ont rapport a la Religion des plus Anciens Peuples, etc., par Dom.
Página 154 - Hiftory of England, from the earlieft times to the death of George II.
Página 99 - Les Heros de la Ligue , ou la Proceffion Monacale , conduite par Louis XIV. pour la converfion des Proteftans de fon Royaume. Paris, chez Pere Peters, a r enfeigne de Louis le Grand , 1 69 1 . in 4.° — Figures grotefques, en maniere noire. rei. boi. — Livre tres— rare. Voyez M...
Página 148 - Letters on the Concert of Princes, and the Difmemberment of Poland and France by a Calm Obferver, boards, 5« '795 3630 Lempriere's Clbffical Dinionary, ne<w and neat, gs 179* 3631 Latrcbe's Anecdotes of Frederic II.
Página 75 - Fergufon's Hiftory of the Progrefs and Termination of the Roman Republic, 3 vol.
Página 36 - Journals of the Houfe of Commons of Ireland, from 1613 to 1764, with Index and Appendix, 1 5 vol.

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