Reports of the Decisions of the Court of Appeals of the State of Colorado: 1891/1892, Band 1

Banks & Brothers, 1892
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Seite 32 - A valuable consideration, in the sense of the law, may consist either in some right, interest, profit, or benefit accruing to the one party, or some forbearance, detriment, loss or responsibility given, suffered, or undertaken by the other.
Seite 314 - Dividends (Sec. 5199). —The directors of any association may semiannually declare a dividend of so much of the net profits of the association as they shall judge expedient; but each association shall, before the declaration of a dividend, carry one-tenth part of its net profits of the preceding half year to its surplus fund until the same shall amount to twenty per centum of its capital stock.
Seite 360 - And when, in an action for the recovery of real or personal property, a person not a party to the action, but having an interest in the subject thereof, makes application to the court to be made a party, it may order him to be brought in by the proper amendment.
Seite 360 - The court may determine any controversy between parties before it, when it can be done without prejudice to the rights of others, or by saving their rights ; but when a complete determination of the controversy cannot be had without the presence of other parties, the court must order them to be brought in.
Seite 494 - The water of every natural stream, not heretofore appropriated, within the state of Colorado, is hereby declared to be the property of the public, and the same is dedicated to the use of the people of the state, subject to appropriation as hereinafter provided.
Seite 57 - That whenever by priority of possession rights to the use of water for mining, agricultural, manufacturing or other purposes have rested and accrued and the same are recognized and acknowledged by the local customs laws, and the decisions of courts, the possessors and owners of such vested rights shall be maintained and protected in the same...
Seite 162 - ... the right to pursue and obtain happiness and safety" and "to pursue any lawful business or vocation, in any manner not inconsistent with the equal rights of others...
Seite 286 - The causes must be grave and weighty, and such as show an absolute impossibility that the duties of the married life can be discharged. In a state of personal danger no duties can be discharged ; for the duty of self-preservation must take place before the duties of marriage, which are secondary both in commencement and in obligation ; but what falls short of this is with great caution to be admitted. The rule of per quod consortium amittitur...
Seite 496 - It is not the fountain of law, nor the incipient state of government. It Is not the cause, but consequence, of personal and political freedom. It grants no rights to the people, but Is the creature of their power, the instrument of their convenience. Designed for their protection in the enjoyment of the rights and powers which they possessed before the constitution was made, it is but the framework of the political government, and necessarily based upon the pre-existing condition of laws, rights,...
Seite 414 - States to be well established, that a party has no right to cross-examine any witness, except as to facts and circumstances connected with the matters stated in his direct examination...

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