Scottish historical and romantic ballads: chiefly ancient

John Finlay
Printed by J. Ballantyne & co. for J. Smith and son, Glasgow, 1808

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Página 68 - I sleep, but my heart waketh: it is the voice of my beloved that knocketh, saying: Open to me, my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled: for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night.
Página 160 - On we lap and awa we rade Till we came to yon bonny Green; We lighted down for to bait our horse And out there came a Lady fine.^ Four and twenty at her Back And they were a...
Página 85 - Gowden glist the yellow links That round her neck she'd twine ; Her een war o' the skyie blue, Her lips did mock the wine; The smile upon her bonnie cheek Was sweeter than the bee ; Her voice excelled the birdie's sang Upon the birchen tree.
Página 77 - Now live, now live, my dear Ladye, Now live but half an hour ; And there's no a leech in a' Scotland, But shall be in thy bower.
Página 40 - O come with me, my dearie ; For I vow and I swear by the hilt of my sword, That your lord shall nae mair come near ye.
Página 5 - When I rose up then in the morn, My goodly palace for to lea', I knocked at my lord's chamber door, But ne'er a word wad he speak to me.
Página 160 - And he flang't as far as I could see; Though I had been a Wallace wight, I couldna liften't to my knee. 'O wee wee man, but thou be strang! O tell me where thy dwelling be?' 'My dwelling's down at yon bonny bower, O will you go with me and see?
Página 18 - Leith in two coffines, and there lay diverse moneths unburied, their friends refusing to commit their bodies to the earth till the slaughter was punished. Nor did any man think himself so much interested in that fact as the Lord Ochiltry, * who had perswaded the Earl of Murray to come south, whereupon he * In the ballad of " Young Logic" this nobleman is sometimes by reciters given as the hero.
Página 21 - Open the gates and let him come in ; He is my brother Huntly, he'll do him nae harm.
Página 85 - neath a rock, sune, sune she rose, And stately on she swam, Stopped i' the midst, and becked and sang To him to stretch his han'. Gowden glist the yellow links That round her neck she'd twine; Her een war o...