Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan

Morse & Bagg, printers to the Legislature, 1842
Includes extra sessions.

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Página 21 - ... oppression and ignominious servitude, by degrees, obtained a hold on the fountain of knowledge. The moral and political condition of a people depends, in the main, upon the degree of knowledge and amount of useful information diffused abroad among the mass.' Within our own recollection, other republics have risen and fallen, and the scenes of intestine commotion which they have constantly exhibited, and which, sooner or later, have caused their overthrow, resulted from a want of general education,...
Página 111 - State, not exceeding twelve in number, with six sections of land adjoining or as contiguous as may be to each...
Página 259 - All collecting and disbursing officers, all county and township treasurers, and all other public officers or agents, through whose hands public moneys pass, are hereby required to pay into the state, county, and township treasuries, as the case may be, or to state, county and township creditors, as the case may be, at the option of such creditors, or to civil and military officers entitled to compensation for public services, at the option of such officers, the same description of funds which they...
Página 112 - That no salt spring, the right whereof is now vested in any individual or individuals, or which may hereafter be confirmed or adjudged to any individual or individuals, shall, by this section, be granted to said State: And provided, also, That the General Assembly shall never sell or lease the same, at any one time, for a longer period than ten years, without the consent of Congress.
Página 25 - ... such alteration in the law on that subject, as will give to them the entire trust and management of the funds, and, in all other respects, the absolute control of the institution, subject and responsible only to the legislature, to which body they wish to make all reports of their proceedings. I respectfully recommend this proposition to your serious and attentive consideration. The high character of the regents, and their experience, derived from long exercise of the functions of their office,...
Página 217 - Resolved, That the governor be requested to forward a copy of this preamble and resolution to each of our senators and representative
Página 41 - ... forms of law, to possess himself of the productions of the industry of others ; renders employment uncertain, and paralizes all business of the country. It destroys confidence between man and his fellow-man, and tends to corrupt and undermine the public morals, to a greater extent than all other causes combined. The people are in no way benefitted by a suspension. The depreciation of the currency, which is always consequent upon it, results only in the benefit of banks, by enabling them to purchase...
Página 376 - Moore, have been appointed a committee of conference on the part of the Senate, on the disagreement between the two Houses on the bill entitled " A bill to organize the counties of Ionia and Van Buren.
Página 24 - The large and commodious buildings, that have been constructed with so much expense, will doubtless, at some future period, be wanted for occupation and use ; but the paucity of the university fund, and the present and prospective limitation of its availability, should have postponed their erection for many years. The whole expense incurred for cabinet and library, up to and including the year 1840, amounts to $9,777 42.
Página 65 - Resolved, That the Committee on Federal Relations be instructed to inquire into the expediency of providing for...

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