The Arians of the Fourth Century: Their Doctrine, Temper, and Conduct, Chiefly as Exhibited in the Councils of the Church, Between A.D. 325, & A.D. 381

Rivington, 1833 - 425 páginas

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Página 177 - in the bosom of the Father." In another place it is said that " the Son is in the Father and the Father in the Son.
Página 260 - was bestowed therein upon the Son of God ; who was designated as the Logos of God, God of God, Light of Light, Life of Life, the only-begotten Son, the First-born of the whole creation,
Página 56 - rule has been, as a matter of fact, for the Church to teach the truth, and then appeal to Scripture in vindication of its own teaching. And from the first, it has been the error of heretics to neglect the information provided for them, and to attempt of themselves a work to which they are
Página 89 - family of religious truths, originally from God, but sojourning without the sanction of miracle, or a definite home, as pilgrims up and down the world, and discernible and separable from the corrupt legends with which they are mixed, by the spiritual mind alone, may be called the dispensation of Paganism, after the example of the learned father already
Página 93 - in fact; but not necessarily so, from the very circumstance of their being heathen. And while he strenuously opposes all that is idolatrous, immoral, and profane, in their creed, he will profess to be leading them on to perfection, and recovering and purifying, rather than reversing the essential principles of their
Página 52 - are the divine notices given to those who desire an apostolical rule for dispensing the word of life; and as such, the ancient Fathers received them. They received them as the fulfilment of our Lord's command, not to give that which is holy to dogs, nor to cast pearls before swine; a text cited
Página 98 - more spiritual, which eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived, before they were made
Página 50 - the exact and fully developed doctrines of the Trinity and the Incarnation; and still more, the doctrine of the Atonement, as once made upon the cross, and commemorated and appropriated in the Eucharist, being the exclusive possession of the serious and practised Christian. On the other hand, the chief subjects of catechisings, as we learn from Cyril
Página 21 - Thou hither ?' The disciples, when Christ appeared to them in a far more strange and miraculous manner, moved no question, but rejoiced greatly in what they saw. . . . The one, because they enjoyed not, disputed; the other disputed not, because they
Página 178 - drawn out. In like manner there is Spirit from Spirit, and God from God. As when a light is kindled from another, the original light remains entire and undiminished, though you borrow from it many like itself; so That which proceeds from God, is called at once God, and the Son of God, and the Two are One

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