Reports of the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States...[1790-1828].


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Página 5 - Treasury to digest and prepare plans for the improvement and management of the revenue, and for the support of public credit...
Página 24 - And be it further enacted, That towards establishing an adequate revenue, to provide for the payment of the. expenses of government; for the punctual payment of the public debt, principal and interest, contracted and to be contracted...
Página 277 - Military service, including fortifications, ordnance, Indian department, revolutionary and military pensions, arming the militia, , and arrearages prior to...
Página 486 - ... citizens in most of the States, had produced the same forbearance among individuals. To demand specie of the banks, when it was known that they were unable to pay, was to destroy their own interests, by destroying the credit of the banks, in which the productive portion of their property, was invested, la favor of forbearance, was also added the influence of the great mass of bank debtors.
Página 488 - Community. The amount so added will, to the. same extent, diminish the quantity of articles which would otherwise be imported into the Country for domestic consumption, or for re-exportation. Ordinarily, the currency of one Country will not be exported to another, because its value in every Country is nearly the same. It will not, therefore, like other commodities, command a commercial profit upon exportation. It will be taken from one Country to another, only when the price of commodities in the...
Página 252 - ... to its reinvestment, would be most advantageous to the moneyed transactions of the community, it is presumed that it would be most acceptable to the holders. It is therefore respectfully proposed, that the commissioners of the sinking fund be authorized to purchase the seven per cent, stock, during the ensuing year, at the following rates above the principal sum purchased: 1st.
Página 446 - This capacity in the Treasury to apply the public funds at the proper moment, in every part of a country of such wide extent, has been essentially augmented by the Bank of the United States. The Department feels an obligation of duty to bear its testimony, founded on constant experience during the term in question, to the useful instrumentality of this institution, in all the most important fiscal operations of the nation.
Página 41 - Secretary of the Treasury, in his report in 1816. He says, "Whenever the emergency occurs that demands a change of system, it seems necessarily to follow, that the authority which was alone competent to establish the national coin is alone competent to create a national substitute.
Página 489 - ... national enterprise. Such an increase will be followed by a general rise in the value of all articles, especially of those which cannot be exported. The price of lands, houses, and public stock, will be augmented in a greater degree than if no such increase
Página 512 - As the transfers of the public money are made by the Bank of the United States, the excitement produced by the demand for specie, or funds that can be remitted, consequent upon such transfers, has been directed against that institution. All the evils which the community, in particular parts of the country, has suffered from the sudden decrease of the currency, as well as from its depreciation, have been ascribed to the Bank of the United States, which, in transferring the public funds, has been a...

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