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FRANCIS. Lowell Hydraulic Experiments, being a

selection from Experiments on Hydraulic Motors, on
the Flow of Water over Weirs, in Open Canals of
Uniform Rectangular Section, and through submerg-
ed Orifices and diverging Tubes. Made at Lowell,
Massachusetts. By James B. Francis, C. E. 2d
edition, revised and enlarged, with many new experi-
ments, and illustrated with twenty-three copperplate
engravings. I vol. 4to, cloth.

..$15 00 ROEBLING (J. A.) Long and Short Span Railway

Bridges. By John A. Řoebling, C. E. Illustrated
with large copperplate engravings of plans and views.
Imperial folio, cloth...

25 00 CLARKE (T. C.) Description of the Iron Railway

Bridge over the Mississippi River, at Quincy, Illi-
nois. Thomas Curtis Clarke, Chief Engineer.
Illustrated with 21 lithographed plans. I vol. 4to,
clotb ......

7 50 TUNNER (P.) A Treatise on Roll-Turning for the

Manufacture of Iron. By Peter Tunner. Trans-
lated and adapted by John B. Pearse, of the Penn-

$2 50

2 00

sylvania Steel Works, with numerous engravings
wood cuts and folio atlas of plates..

.$10 OC ISHERWOOD (B. F.) Engineering Precedents for

Steam Machinery. Arranged in the most practical
and useful manner for Engineers. By B. F. Isher-
wood, Civil Engineer, U. S. Navy. With Illustra-

tions. Two volumes in one. Svo, cloth. BAUERMAN. Treatise on the Metallurgy of Iron,

containing outlines of the History of Iron Manufac-
ture, methods of Assay, and analysis of Iron Ores,
processes of manufacture of Iron and Steel, etc., etc.
By H. Bauerman. First American edition. Revised
and enlarged, with an Appendix on the Martin Pro-
cess for making Steel, from the report of Abram S.
Hewitt. Illustrated with numerous wood engravings.

12mo, cloth...
CAMPIN on the Construction of Iron Roofs. By
Francis Campin. 8vo, with plates, cloth..

3 00 COLLINS. The Private Book of Useful Alloys and

Memoranda for Goldsmiths, Jewellers, &c. By
James E. Collins. 18mo, cloth..


GRAPHIC CODE, with Hogg's Improvements.
The most perfect secret code ever invented or dis-
covered. Impossible to read without the key. By
C. S. Larrabee.

18mo, cloth. COLBURN. The Gas Works of London.

By Zerah
Colburn, C. E. I vol 12mo, boards....

60 CRAIG (B. F.) Weights and Measures. An account

of the Decimal System, with Tables of Conversion
for Commercial and Scientific Uses. By B. F. Craig,
M.D. 1 vol. square 32mo, limp cloth....

50 NUGENT. Treatise on Optics; or, Light and Sight,

theoretically and practically treated; with the appli-
cation to Fine Art and Industrial Pursuits. By E.
Nugent. With one hundred and three illustrations.

12mo, cloth..
GLYNN (J.) Treatise on the Power of Water, as ap-

plied to drive Flour Mills, and to give motion to
Turbines and other Hydrostatic Engines. By Joseph

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2 00

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Glynn. Third edition, revised and enlarged, with

numerous illustrations. 12mo, cloth...
HUMBER. A Handy Book for the Calculation of

Strains in Girders and similar Structures, and their
Strength, consisting of Formulæ and corresponding
Diagrams, with numerous details for practical appli-
cation. By William Humber. 12mo, fully illus-

trated, cloth..
GRUNER. The Manufacture of Steel. By M. L,

Gruner. Translated from the French, by Lenox
Smith, with an appendix on the Bessamer process in
the United States, by the translator. Illustrated by

Lithographed drawings and wood cuts. 8vo, cloth..
AUCHINCLOSS. Link and Valve Motions Simplified.

Illustrated with 37 wond-cuts, and 21 lithographic
plates, together with a Travel Scale, and numerous

useful Tables. By W. S. Auchincloss. 8vo, cloth.. VAN BUREN. Investigations of Formulas, for the

strength of the Iron parts of Steam Machinery. By

J. D. Van Buren, Jr., C. E. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth.
JOYNSON. Designing and Construction of Machine

Gearing. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth...
GILLMORE. Coignet Beton and other Artificial Stone.

By Q. A. Gillmore, Major U. S. Corps Engineers.

9 plates, views, &c. 8vo, cloth.... SAELTZER. Treattse on Acoustics in connection with

Ventilation. By Alexander Saeltzer, Architect.

i amo, cloth.. THE EARTH'S CRUST. A handy Outline of Geo

logy. By David Page. Illustrated, 18mo, cloth.... DICTIONARY of Manufactures, Mining, Machinery,

and the Industrial Arts. By George Dodd. I2mo,

FRANCIS. On the Strength of Cast-Iron Pillars, with

Tables for the use of Engineers, Architects, and
Builders. By James B. Francis, Civil Engineer.
i vol. 8vo, cloth..

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3 00

GILLMORE (Gen. Q. A.) Treatise on Limes, Hy;

draulic Cements, and Mortars. Papers on Practical
Engineering, U. S. Engineer Department, No. 9,
containing Reports of numerous Experiments con-
ducted in New York City, during the years 1858 to
1861, inclusive. By Q. A. Gillmore, Bvt. Maj -Gen.,
U. S. A., Major, Corps of Engineers. With num-

erous illustrations. I vol, 8vo, cloth... HARRISON. The Mechanic's Tool Book, with Prac

tical Rules and Suggestions for Use of Machinists,
Iron Workers, and others. By W. B. Harrison,
associate editor of the “American Artisan.” Illus-
trated with 44 engravings. 12mo, cloth..

I 50 HENRICI (Olaus). Skeleton Structures, especially in

their application to the Building of Steel and Iron
Bridges. By Olaus Henrici. With folding plates

and diagrams. i vol. 8vo, cloth..
HEWSON (Wm.) Principles and Practice of Embank

ing Lands from River Floods, as applied to the Le-
vees of the Mississippi. By William Hewson, Civil

Engineer. I vol. 8vo, cloth...
HOLLEY (A. L.) Railway Practice. American and

European Railway Practice, in the economical Gen-
eration of Steam, including the Materials and Con-
struction of Coal-burning Boilers, Combustion, the
Variable Blast, Vaporization, Circulation, Superheat-
ing, Supplying and Heating Feed-water, etc., and
the Adaptation of Wood and Coke-burning. Engines
to Coal-burning; and in Permanent Way, including
Road-bed, Sleepers, Rails, Joint-fastenings, Street
Railways, etc., etc. By Alexander L. Holley, B. P.

With 77 lithographed plates. I vol. folio, cloth. ... 12 00 KING (W. H.) Lessons and Practical Notes on Steam,

the Steam Engine, Propellers, etc., etc., for Young
Marine Engineers, Students, and others. By the
late W. H. King, U. S. Navy. Revised by Chief
Engineer J. W. King, U. S. Navy. Twelfth edition,

enlarged. 8vo, cloth.
MINIFIE (Wm.) Mechanical Drawing. A Text-Book
of Geometrical. Drawing for the use of Mechanics

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2 00

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ana Schools, in which the Definitions and Rules of
Geometry are familiarly explained; the Practical
Problems are arranged, from the most simple to the
more complex, and in their description technicalities
are avoided as much as possible. With illustrations
for Drawing Plans, Sections, and Elevations of Rail-
ways and Machinery; an Introduction to Isometrical
Drawing, and an Essay on Linear Perspective and
Shadows. Illustrated with over 200 diagrams en-
graved on steel. By Wm. Minifie, Architect. Sev-
enth edition. With an Appendix on the Theory and
Application of Colors. I vol. 8vo, cloth..

$4 00 “ It is the best work on Drawing that we have ever seen, and 18 ospecially a text-book of Geometrical Drawing for the use of Mechanics and Schools. No young Mechanic, such as a Machinists, Engineer, Cabinet-maker, Millwright, or Carpenter, should be without it."-Scientino American.

Geometrical Drawing. Abridged from the octavo edition, for the use of Schools. Illustrated with 48 steel plates. Fifth edition.

I vol. 12mo,

cloth... STILLMAN (Paul.) Steam Engine Indicator, and the

Improved Manometer Steam and Vacuum Gauges-
their Utility and Application. By Paul Stillman.

New edition. I vol. 12mo, flexible cloth.....
SWEET (S. H.) Special Report on Coal; showing its

Distribution, Classification, and cost delivered over
different routes to various points in the State of New
York, and the principal cities on the Atlantic Coast.
By S. H. Sweet. With maps, 1 vol. 8vo, cloth.....

3 00 WALKER (W. H.) Screw Propulsion.

Notes on
Screw Propulsion : its Rise and History. By Capt.
W, H. Walker, U, S. Navy. I vol. 8vo, cloth...

75 WARD (J. H.) Steam for the Million. A popular

Treatise on Steam and Application to the Useful
Arts, especially to Navigation. By J. H. Ward,
Commander U. S. Navy. New and revised edition.

I vol. 8vo, cloth...
WEISBACH (Julius). Principles of the Mecharics of

Machinery and Engineering. By Dr. Julius Weis-
bach, of Freiburg. Translated from the last German
edition. · Vol. I., 8vo, cloth..

I 00

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10 00

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