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$0 75

JOYNSON. The Metals used in construction, Iron,

Steel, Bessemer Metal, etc., etc. By F. H. Joynson.

Illustrated, 12mo, cloth.
VUN COTTA. Treatise on Ore Deposits. By Bern-

hard Von Cotta, Professor of Geology in the Royal
School of Mines, Freidberg, Saxony: Translated
from the second German edition, by. Frederick
Prime, Jr., Mining Engineer, and revised by the au-

thor, with numerous illustrations. 8vo, cloth....... 4 00 URE. Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines. By

Andrew Ure, M.D. Sixth edition, edited by Robert
Hunt, F. R. S., greatly enlarged and re-written.
London, 1872. 3 vols. 8vo, cloth, $25.00. Half

37 50 BELL Chemical Phenomena of Iron Smelting. An

experimental and practical examination of the cir-
cumstances which determine the capacity of the Blast
Furnace, The Temperature of the air, and the
proper condition of the Materials to bé operated
upon. By I. Lowthian Bell. 8vo, cloth...........

6 00 ROGERS. The Geology of Pennsylvania. A Govern

ment survey, with a general view of the Geology of
the United States, Essays on the Coal Formation and
its Fossils, and a description of the Coal Fields of
North America and Great Britain. By Henry Dar-
win Rogers, late State Geologist of Pennsylvania,
Splendidly illustrated with Plates and Engravings in

the text. 3 vols., 4to, cloth, with Portfolio of Maps. 30 00 BURGH. Modern Marine Engineering, . applied to

Paddle and Screw Propulsion. Consisting of 36
colored plates, 259 Practical Wood Cut Illustrations,
and 403 pages of descriptive matter, the whole being
an exposition of the present practice of James
Watt & Co., J. & G. Rennie, R. Napier & Sons,
and other celebrated firms, by N. P. Burgh, Engi-

neer, thick 4to, vol., cloth, $25.00 ; half mor........ 30 00 BARTOL. Treatise on the Marine Boilers of the United States. By B. H. Bartol. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth...

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6 oo

BOURNE. Treatise on the Steam Engine in its various

applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation,
Railways, and Agriculture, with the theoretical in-
vestigations respecting, the Motive Power of Heat,
and the proper proportions of steam engines. Elabo-
rate tables of the right dimensions of every part, and
Practical Instructions for the manufacture and man-
agement of every species of Engine in actual use.
By John Bouwne, being the ninth edition of "A
Treatise on the Steam Engine,” by the “Artizan
Club." Illustrated by 38 plates and 546 wood cuts.
4to, cloth...

..$15 00 STUART The Naval Dry Docks of the United

States. By Charles B. Stuart late Engineer-in-Chief of the U.'S. Navy. Illustrated with 24 engravings

on steel. Fourth edition, cloth.. EADS. System of Naval Defences. By James B.

Eads, C, E., with 10 illustrations, 4to, cloth....... 5 00 FOSTER. Submarine Blasting in Boston Harbor,

Massachusetts. Removal of Tower and Corwin
Rocks. By J. G. Foster, Lieut-Col. of Engineers,
U. S. Army. Illustrated with seven plates, 4to,

3 50 BARNES Submarine Warfare, offensive and defensive,

including a discussion of the offensive Torpedo Sys-
tem, its effects upon Iron Clad Ship Systems and in-
fluence upon future naval wars.By Lieut. -Com-
mander J. S. Barnes, U. S. N., with twenty litho-

graphic plates and many wood cuts. 8vo, cloth..... HOLLEY. A Treatise on Ordnance and Armor, em

bracing descriptions, discussions, and professional
opinions concerning the materials, fabrication, re-
quirements, capabilities, and endurance of European
and American Guns, for Naval, Sea Coast, and Iron
Clad Warfare, and their Rifling, Projectiles, and
Breech-Loading; also, results of experiments against
armor, from official records, with an appendix refer-
ring to Gun Cotton, Hooped Guns, etc., etc. By
Alexander L. Holley, B. P., 948 pages, 493 engrav-
ings, and 147 Tables of Results, etc., 8vo, half roan. 10 00

5 oo

SIMMS. A Treatise on the Principles and Practice of

Levelling, showing its application to purposes of
Railway Engineering and the Construction of Roads,
&c. By Frederick W. Simms, C. E. From the sth
London edition, revised and corrected, with the addi-
tion of Mr. Laws's Practical Examples for setting
out Railway Curves. Illustrated with three Litho-

graphic plates and numerous wood cuts. 8vo, cloth. $2 50 BURT. Key to the Solar Compass, aud Surveyor's

Companion; comprising all the rules necessary for
use in the field; also description of the Linear Sur-
veys and Public Land System of the United States,
Notes on the Barometer, suggestions for an outfit for
a survey of four months, etc. By W. A. Burt, U. S.
Deputy Surveyor. Second edition. Pocket book
form, tuck. ...........

3 50 THE PLANE TABLE. Its uses in Topographical

Surveying, from the Papers of the U. 8. Coast Sur-
vey. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth....

2 0 " This work gives a description of the Plane Table, employed at the U.S. Coast Survey office, and the manner of using it." JEFFER'S. Nautical Surveying. By W. N. Jeffers,

Captain U. S. Navy. Illustrated with 9 copperplates
and 31 wood cut iMustrations. Svo, cloth. .....

5 00 CHAUVENET. New method of correcting Lunar Dis

tances, and improved method of Finding the error
and rate of a chronometer, by equal altitudes. By

W. Chauvenet, LL. D. Svo, cloth..
BRUNNOW. Spherical Astronomy. By F. Brunnow,

Ph. Dr. Translated by the author from the second
German edition. 8vo, cloth....

6 50 PEIRCE. System of Analytic Mechanics. By Benjamin Peirce. 4to, cloth...

10 00 COFFIN. Navigation and Nautical Astronomy. Pre

pared for the use of the U. S. Naval Academy... By
Prof. J. H. C. Coffin. Fifth edition. 52 wood cut illus-
trations. izmo, cloth ...

3 5

2 00

$3 00



CLARK. Theoretical Navigation and Nautical Astron

omy. By Lieut. Lewis Clark, U. S. N. Illustrated

with 41 wood cuts, 8vo, cloth....... HASKINS. The Galvanometer and its Uses. A Man

ual for Electricians and Students. By C. H. Has

kins. izmo, pocket form, morocco. (In press)... GOUGE. New System of Ventilation, which has been

thoroughly tested, under the patronage of many dis-
tinguished persons. By Henry A. Gouge. With

many illustrations. Svo, cloth....
BECKWITH. Observations on the Materials and

Manufacture of Terra-Cotta, Stone Ware, Fire Prick,
Porcelain and Encaustic Tiles, with remarks on the
products exhibited at the London International Exhi-
bition, 1871. By Arthur Beckwith, 0. E.

MORFIT. A Practical Treatise on Pure Fertilizers, and

the chemical conversion of Rock Guano, Marlstones,
Coprolites, and the Crude Phosphates of Lime and
Alumina generally, into various valuable products.
By Campbell Morfi:, M.D., with 28 illustrative plates,

8vo, cloth.....
BARNARD. The Metric System of Weights and

Measures. An address delivered before the convoca-
tion of the University of the State of New York, at
Albany, August, 1871. By F. A. P. Barnard, LL D.,
President of Columbia College, New York. Second
edition from the revised edition, printed for the Trus-
tees of Columbia College. Tinted paper, 8vo, cloth

Report on Machinery and Processes on the In-
dustrial Arts and Apparatus of the Exact Sciences,
By F. A. P. Barnard, LL.D. Paris Universal Ex

position, 1867. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth...
BARLOW. Tables of Squares, Cubes, Square Roots,

Cube Roots, Reciprocals of all integer numbers up to
10,000. New edition, 12mo, cloth..


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2 50

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MYER. Manual of Signals, for the use of Signal officers

in the Field, and for Military and Naval Students,
Military Schools, etc. A new edition enlarged and
illustrated. By Brig. General Albert J. Myer, Chief
Signal Officer of the army, Colonel of the Signal
Corps during the War of the Rebellion.

12mo, 48
plates, full Roan.........
WILLIAMSON. Practical Tables in Meteorology and

Hypsometry, in connection with the use of the Bar-
ometer. By Col. R. S. Williamson, U. S. A. 4to,

2 50 THE YOUNG MECHANIC. Containing directions

for the use of all kinds of tools, and for the construc-
tion of Steam Engines and Mechanical Models, in-
cluding the Art of Turving in Wood and Metal. By
the author “The Lathe and its Uses," etc. From
the English edition with corrections. Illustrated,
12mo, cloth.........

I 75 PICKERT AND METCALF. The Art of Graining.

How Acquired and How Produced, with description
of colors, and their application. By Charles Pickert
and Abraham Metcalf

. Beautifully illustrated with
42 tinted plates of the various woods used in interior

finishing." Tinted paper, 4to, cloth........... HUNT. Designs for the Gateways of the Southern En

trances to the Central Park. By Richard M. Hunt.

With a description of the designs. 4to. cloth...... 500 LAZELLE. One Law in Nature. By Capt. H. M. Lazelle, U. S. A.

A new Corpuscular Theory, comprehending Unity of Force, Identity of Matter, and its Multiple Atom Constitution, applied to the Physi

cal Affections or Modes of Energy. 12mo, cloth... 150 PETERS. Notes on the Origin, Nature, Prevention,

and Treatment of Asiatic Cholera. By John C.
Peters, M. D. Second edition, with an Appendix.
12mo, cloth...

1 50

10 00

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