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DIEDRICH. The Theory of Strains, a Compendium

for the calculation and construction of Bridges, Roofs, and Cranes, with the application of Trigonometrical Notes, containing the most comprehensive information in regard to the Resulting strains for a permanent Load, as also for a combined (Permanent and Rolling) Load In two sections, adadted to the requirements of the present time. By John Diedrich, 0. E. Illustrated by numerous plates and diagrams, 8vo, cloth....

5 00 WILLIAMSON (R. S.) On the use of the Barometer on

Surveys and Reconnoissances. Part I. Meteorology
in its Connection with Hypsometry. Part II. Baro-
metric Hypsometry. By R. S. Wiliamson, But.
Lieut.-Col.' U. S. A., Major Corps of Engineers.
With Illustrative Tables and Engravings. Paper
No. 15, Professional Papers, Corps of Engineers.
i vol. 4to, cloth......

15 oo POOK (S. M.) Method of Comparing the Lines and

Draughting Vessels Propelled by Sail or Steam.
Including a chapter on Laying off on the Mould-
Loft Floor. By Samuel M. Pook, Naval Construc-
tor. i vol. 8vo, with illustrations, cloth.....

5 00 ALEXANDER (J. H.) Universal Dictionary of

Weights and Measures, Ancient and Modern, re-
duced to the standards of the United States of Ame-
rica. By J. H. Alexander. New edition, enlarged.
I vol. 8vo, cloth......

3 50 BROOKLYN WATER WORKS. Containing a De

scriptive Account of the Construction of the Works,
and also Reports on the Brooklyn, Hartford, Belle-
ville and Cambridge Pumping Engines. With illustra-

tions. I vol. folio, cloth.
RICHARDS' INDICATOR. A Treatise on the Rich-

ards Steam Engine Indicator, with an Appendix by
F. W. Bacon, M. E. 18mo, flexible, cloth...


$2 oo

POPE. Modern Practice of the Electric Telegraph. A

Hand Book for Electricians and operators. By Frank
L. Pope. Eighth edition, revised and enlarged, and
fully illlustrated. 8vo, cloth........

$2.00 “There is no other work of this kind in the English language that contains in so small a compass so much practical information in the application of galvanic electricity to telegraphy. It should be in the hands of every one interested in telegraphy, or the use of Batteries for other purposes." MORSE. Examination of the Telegraphic Apparatus

and the Processes in Telegraphy. By. Samuel F,
Morse, LL.D., U. S. Commissioner Paris Universal

Exposition, 1867. Illustrated, 8vo, cloth....
SABINE History and Progress of the Electric Tele-

graph, with descriptions of some of the apparatus.
By Robert Sabine, C. E Second edition, with ad-
ditions, izmo, cloth......

1 25 CULLEY. A Hand-Book of Practical Telegraphy. By

R. S. Culley, Engineer to the Electric and Interna-
tional Telegraph Company. Fourth edition, revised
and enlarged. Illustrated 8vo, cloth...

5 00 BENET. Electro-Ballistic Machines, and the Schultz

Chronoscope. By Lieut.-Col. S. V. Benet, Captain
of Ordnance, U. S. Army. Illustrated, second edi-
tion, 4to, cloth.....

3 00 MICHAELIS. The Le Boulenge Chronograph, with three Lithograph

folding plates of illustrations. By Brevet Captain 0. E. Michaelis, First Lieutenant

Ordnance Corps, U. S. Army, 4to, cloth.

Annual Register of Progress in Mechanical Engineer-
ing and Construction, for the years 1863, 64, 65, 66,
67, 68. Fully illustrated, 6 vols. 18mo, cloth, $2.50

per vol., each volume sold separately.. HAMILTON. Useful Information for Railway Men.

Compiled by W. G. Hamilton, Engineer. Fifth edi-
tion, revised and enlarged, 562 pages Pocket form.
Morocco, gilt...

3 oo

2 00

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STUART. The Civil and Military Engineers of Amer

ica. By Gen. C. B. Stuart. With 9 finely executed portraits of eminen: engineers, and illustrated by engravings of some of the most important works constructed in America. Svo, cloth.

$5 oo STONEY. The Theory of Strains in Girders and simi

lar structures, with observations on the application of Theory to Practice, and Tables of Strength and other properties of Materials. By Bindon B. Stoney, B. A. New and revised edition, enlarged, with numerous engravings on wood, by Oldham. Royal 8vo, 664 pages. Complete in one volume. 8vo, cloth.......

15 oo SHREVE. A Treatise on the Strength of Bridges and

Roofs. Comprising the determination of Algebraic formulas for strains in Horizontal, Inclined or Rafter, Triangular, Bowstring, Lenticular and other Trusses, from fixed and moving loads, with practical applicatioi and examples, for the use of Students and Engineers. By Samuel H. Shreve, A. M., Civil Engineer. 87 wood cut illustrations. 8vo, cloth......

5 00 MERRILL. Iron Truss Bridges for Railroads. The

method of calculating strains in Trusses, with a careful comparison of the most prominent Trusses, in reference to economy in combination, etc., etc. Ву Brevet. Col. William E. Merrill, U. S. A., Major Corps of Engineers, with nine lithographed plates of Illustrations. 4to, cloth...

5 00 WHIPPLE. An Elementary and Practical Treatise on

Bridge Building. An enlarged and improved edition of the author's original work. By S. Whipple, C. E. inventor of the Whipple Bridges, &c. *Illustrated

8vo, cloth...

of the Regimen of the Missouri River, and a descrip-
tion of the methods used for Founding in that River.
By 0. Chanute, Chief Engineer, and George Morri-
son, Assistant Engineer. Illustrated with five litho-
graphic views and twelve plates of plans. 4to, cloth, 600

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MAC CORD. A Practical Treatise on the Slide Valve

by Eccentrics, examining by methods the action of the
Eccentric upon the Slide Valve, and explaining the
Practical processes of laying out the movements,
adapting the valve for its various duties in the steam
engine For the use of Engineers, Draughtsmen,
Machinists, and Students of Valve Motions in gene-
ral. By C. W. Mac Cord, A. M., Professor of Me-
chanical Drawing, Stevens' Institute of Technology,
Hoboken, N. J. Illustrated by 8 full page copper-
plates. 4to, cloth..

$4 oo KIRKWOOD. Report on the Filtration of River

Waters, for the supply of cities, as practised in
Europe, made to the Board of Water Commissioners
of the City of St. Louis. By James P. Kirkwood.

Illustrated by 30 double plate engravings. 4to, cloth, 15 00 PLATTNER. Manual of Qualitative and Quantitative

Analysis with the Blow Pipe. From the last German
edition, revised and enlarged. By Prof. Th. Richter,
of the Royal Saxon Mining Academy. Translated
by Prof. H. B. Cornwall, Assistant in the Columbia
School of Mines, New York assisted by John H.
Caswell. Illustrated with 87 wood cuts, and one
lithographic plate. Second edition, revised, 560
pages, 8vo, cloth....

7 50 PLYMPTON. The Blow Pipe. A system of Instruc

tion in its practical use being a graduated course of
analysis for the use of students, and all those engaged
in the examination of metallic combinations. Second
edition, with an appendix and a copious index. By
Prof. Geo W. Plympton, of the Polytechnic Insti-

tute, Brooklyn, N, Y. iamo, cloth...
PYNCHON. Introduction to Chemical Physics, design-

ed for the use of Academies, Colleges and High
Schools. Illustrated with numerous engravings, and
containing copious experiments with directions for
preparing them. By Thomas Ruggles Pynchon,
M. A., Professor of Chemistry and the Natural Sci-
ences, Trinity College, Hartford. New edition, re-
vised and enlarged, and illustrated by 269 illustrations
on wood. Crown, 8vo. cloth......

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10 00

ELIOT AND STORER. A compendious Manual of

Qualitative Chemical Analysis. By Charles W.
Eliot and Frank H. Storer. Revised with the Co-
operation of the authors. By William R. Nichols,
Professor of Chemistry in the Massachusetts Insti-

tute of Technology illustrated, 12mo, cloth. ...... $1 50 RAMMELSBERG. Guide to a course of Quantitative

Chemical Analysis, especially of Minerals and Furnace Products. Illustrated by Examples By C. F. Rammelsberg. Translated by J. T'owler, M. D.

8vo, cloth... EGLESTON. Lectures on Descriptive Mineralogy, de

livered at the School of Mines, Columbia College. By Professor T. Egleston. Illustrated by 34 Lithographic Plates. 8vo, cloth..

4 50 MITCHELL. A Manual of Practical Assaying. By

John Mitchell. Third edition. Edited by William

Crookes, F. R. S. 8vo, cloth...
WATT'S Dictionary of Chemistry. New and Revised

edition complete in 6 vols. 8vo cloth, $62.00 Sup

plementary volume sold separately. Price, cloth... 900 RANDALL. Quartz Operators Hand-Book. By P. M.

Randall. New edition, revised and enlarged, fully illustrated.

12mo, cloth... SILVERSMITH. A Practical Hand-Book for Miners,

Metallurgists, and Assayers, comprising the most recent improvements in the disintegration, amalgamation, smelting, and parting of the Precious ores, with a comprehensive Digest of the Mining Laws. Greatly augmented, revised and corrected. By Julius Silversmith. Fourth edition. Profusely illustrated. 12mo, cloth..


including Ventilation, Mining Jurisprudence, and Metallurgic Chemistry employed in the conversion of Iron, Copper, Tin, Zinc, Antimony and Lead ores, with their applications to the Industrial Arts. By Scoffren, Truan, Clay. Oxland, Fairbairn, and others. Fifth edition, half calf..

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