The Law Reports. Queen's Bench Division, Volume 6

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales, 1881

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Página 611 - three in number. First, a positive obligation to "afford, according to their respective powers, all reasonable facilities for the receiving, and forwarding, and delivering of traffic upon and from the several railways and canals belonging to or worked by such companies respectively, and for the return of carriages, trucks, boats, and other vehicles.
Página 70 - a civil proceeding commenced by writ, or in such other manner as may be prescribed by Rules of Court." I find no Rule of Court prescribing the commencement of interpleader proceedings in any other manner. On the contrary, interpleader is treated by Order I., rule 2, as a proceeding in an action, and
Página 564 - certain, specific devises and bequests, devised and bequeathed all the residue of his real and personal estate to trustees, upon trust for sale and conversion, and as to the proceeds upon trust for his daughters equally for life, and afterwards amongst their children
Página 620 - this Act, or enjoining obedience to the same " (section 3). The matter material in this case which is enjoined by the Act is that "every railway company shall, according to its powers, afford all reasonable facilities for the receiving and forwarding and delivering of traffic upon and from the railway belonging to or worked by such company
Página 196 - party pleading relies; but not the evidence by which they are to be proved," and I have more than a doubt whether the facts in paragraph 4 are not merely evidence of facts, and I have great doubts whether they are " material facts.
Página 309 - duly registered under the Bills of Sale Act, 1878 (41 & 42 Viet. c. 31), and the question was whether the consideration for which it had been given was sufficiently set forth as required by s. 8 of that Act The circumstances under which it was given were the
Página 650 - debt from the date of such notice, and all legal and other remedies for the same within the meaning of that sub-section. In the course of the argument it was agreed that I should refer to the assignment itself, as if it had been set out in full in the statement of claim. The contention on the part of the
Página 186 - be ... a contract of service or a contract personally to execute any work or labour." The expression "court of summary jurisdiction" means (inter alia) a stipendiary magistrate:— Held, that a potter's printer, under a contract with his employers to do work in which
Página 326 - JFB Firth, for the defendant. Sect. 14 of the Act, enacting that if any person who shall attest the execution of a will shall, at the time of the execution or at any time afterwards, be incompetent to prove the execution, such will shall not on that account be
Página 20 - may procure at the place of delivery any sample of any milk in course of delivery to the purchaser or consignee in pursuance of any contract for the sale to such purchaser or consignee of such milk, and such officer, inspector, or constable, if he suspects the same to have

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