The life of David Garrick, Volume 1


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Página 8 - He was of an advanced age, and I was only not a boy; yet he never received my notions with contempt. He was a Whig, with all the virulence and malevolence of his party; yet difference of opinion did not keep us apart. I honoured him, and he endured me.
Página 86 - Henry VI. The artful acquisition of the Crown by King Richard. The murder of young King Edward V. and his brother in the Tower. The landing of the Earl of Richmond ; and the death of King Richard in the memorable battle of Bosworth-field, being the last that was fought between the houses of York and Lancaster.
Página 357 - The exhibitions of the stage were improved to the most exquisite entertainment by the talents and management of Garrick, who greatly surpassed all his predecessors of this and perhaps 1760. every other nation, in his genius for acting ; in the sweetness and variety of his tones, the irresistible magic of his eye, the fire and vivacity of his action, the elegance of attitude, and the whole pathos of expression.
Página 85 - Theatre, in Goodman's Fields, this day, will be performed a Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music, divided into Two Parts. Tickets at three, two and one shilling. Places for the Boxes to be taken at the Fleece Tavern, next the Theatre.
Página 231 - the fellow wants me to make Mahomet run mad that he may have an opportunity of tossing his hands and kicking his heels.
Página 304 - Nay, my dear lady, this will never do. Poor David ! Smile with the simple ! — what folly is that ? And who would feed with the poor that can help it ? No, no ; let me smile with the wise, and feed with the rich.
Página 61 - For say what subject is more fit, Than to record the sparkling wit And bloom of lovely Peggy. The sun first rising in the morn, That paints the dew-bespangled thorn, Does not so much the day adorn As does my lovely Peggy. And when in Thetis...
Página 86 - UNMASK'D. The Part of Lucy by Miss HIPPISLEY. Both of which will be performed Gratis by Persons for their Diversion. The Concert will begin exactly at Six o'clock.
Página 59 - Forgive her one female error, and it might fairly be said of her, that she was adorned with every virtue : honour, truth, benevolence, and charity, were her distinguishing qualities.
Página 254 - But if an empty house, the actor's curse, Shews us our Lears, and Hamlets, lose their force; Unwilling, we must change the nobler scene, And, in our turn, present you Harlequin; Quit poets, and set carpenters to work, Shew gaudy scenes, or mount the vaulting Turk. For, tho...