History of the Whig Ministry of 1830: To the Passing of the Reform Bill, Volume 2

J. W. Parker and son, 1852

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Página 439 - Monday following, when he shall openly break the seals thereon, and cast up the number of votes as they appear on the said several books, and shall openly declare the state of the poll, and shall make proclamation of the member or members chosen, not later than two o'clock in the afternoon of the said day.
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Página 325 - The King grants permission to Earl Grey, and to his Chancellor, Lord Brougham, to create such a number of peers as will be sufficient to ensure the passing of the Reform Bill, first calling peers' eldest sons. — Signed, WILLIAM R., Windsor, May 17, 1832.
Página 428 - Parliament, every Male Person of full Age, and not subject to any legal Incapacity, who shall occupy, within such City or Borough, or within any Place sharing in...
Página 439 - That all Laws, Statutes, and Usages now in force respecting the Election of Members to serve in Parliament for that Part of the United Kingdom called England and Wales shall be and remain, and are hereby declared to be and remain, in full Force...
Página 160 - I have availed myself of the earliest opportunity of resorting to your advice and assistance, after the dissolution of the late parliament. Having had recourse to that measure for the purpose of ascertaining the sense of my people on the expediency of a reform in the representation, I have now to recommend that important question to your earliest and most attentive consideration ; confident that, in any measures which you may...
Página 328 - Majesty's commands to acquaint your lordship that all difficulties to the arrangements in progress will be obviated by a declaration in the House to-night from a sufficient number of peers that, in consequence of the present state of affairs, they have come to the resolution of dropping their further opposition to the Reform Bill, so that it may pass without delay, and as nearly as possible in its present shape. I have the honour to be, Yours sincerely, HERBERT TAYLOR.

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